Thursday, June 16, 2016

Lesson 424: Numbers vs. Plumbers

It's nearly the weekend 
(unless you work one of those four, ten-our-day-M-thru-Th workweeks),
it's nearly summer 
(from a meteorological standpoint),
and Eloise is nearly bursting at the seams with excitement
(except for the seams of my pants, I'm trying not to eat so many pretzels).

It's been a rather upsetting news week.
Weeks like this leave me feeling there that the bad
and the unpredictable are starting to gain the upper hand.

A friend of mine posted this on facebook, which I thought was very good advice.
(well, except for the turkey farm thing--
she doesn't live in Erie anymore--
but I must admit, I am intrigued.....)

So many experts in the world today. People seem to know all there is to know about gorillas, alligators,parenting, the environmental impact of turkey farms (that's a local one). 
I get being opinionated, I certainly am, but geez maybe listen or consider before you judge. People just wear me out.

And from another friend,
who also moved away to Arizona--
posted these words of encouragement: 

For all of you feeling down with so much bad news going on right now, I found the following website: full of only positive news stories that will make you cry happy tears. Thought it was worth sharing 

Here's the direct link to the Good News Network:

I got some bad news for you though, Arizona--
I looked up your weather report for $h!ts and giggles and found this:

I guess this weather from last week's game doesn't seem quite so bad.
At least we weren't on fire or anything.
I'd rather be cold than on fire, I suppose.

My Arizona friend was also the inspiration for daughter Ellen Louise's recent interest in painting.
Ellen's a good artist, but wanted to paint something beyond canvases.

She said to me--
"Mom, I want to paint something useful--not just a decoration."

Chairs are useful, Ellen.
You are off to a good start!

Speaking of paint--
I figured out how to use the paint overlay on
the free, on-line photo editing I use for my snapshots.
It makes pictures look cool like this:

This one is paint:

This one is sky:
(Look closely--sunrise on the lower left, blue sky in my hat)

This one is bubbles:

Very cool.
Check it out for yourselves,
and it really is free!

Another friend shared with me something that always makes me happy\--
neat numbers!

Palindromes in numbers or in word form are really cool.
They are words or numbers that read the same backwards or forwards.

Names like Bob and Anna.
Words like Mom and wow!

And even cooler phrases like these:
A nut for a jar of tuna.
A man.  A plan.  A canal.  Panama!
(go ahead, read it backwards, I did!)

It just so happens that blog post 4-2-4 is a palindrome, too!

Palindromes make me happier than A Santa at Nasa!

I felt like Santa Claus this week when I received this photo:

It's my friend Deanna's granddaughters receiving 
some books from the Lamp Post.
Every kid should receive books in a Straub beer box.

Hey, my mom delivers soup in Margarita buckets,
so why shouldn't my dad jump into the container game, too?

When you give, 
you receive.

I got a new, beater camera!

My stats show that I've had three of these cameras in 3 years--
they aren't exactly
bounce proof
water proof
shock proof as they claim--
but they do the job while they last and do take a pretty good beating.

I'm off to a little league playoff game in a few minutes--
a friend of mine named the match-up

Plumbers vs Numbers

Luden's Financial Services vs Concord Plumbing!

Sam's team only was able to pull out wins twice during regular season play,
then came back to beat an undefeated team in the first round of the playoffs.

Here is Sam, #6 celebrating their win,
as he smashes his friend in the face with his glove.
Gotta love boys.

Play hard, boys!
Play even harder, Readers!

Enjoy your week!

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Love it!!! Go Sam!