Friday, October 21, 2016

Lesson 446: Raise the Bar

Good rainy evening to you, Readers.

The typical Erie rain has started to fall.
God bless us all.
We'll have dampness through next May.
My arthritic joints are already starting to throb in anticipation.

We are starting to think of moving our outdoor games,

to indoors.
Clark School had a Family Game night on Thursday.

Mrs. Eloise recommends Qwirkle

Giant UNO

and Rush Hour.

Speaking of driving,
Ellen Louise is coming along nicely
 in her required 65 hours of road experience.

The parking part is giving her grief.

The rains came off of a very beautiful week at the Lamp Post.

Beauty is found in all kinds of weather.

Erieites really appreciate a nice day, though.

Natalie and I got in a couple of jogs through the park.
She ain't afraid of no clowns!

Sam finally read a decent book!
Which one, Readers?

Sam placed second in his age group in our region
for the NFL Punt, Pass, & Kick Competition.

We went out to my alma mater last Saturday to see him compete.
I think Sam looks quite natural in front of that sign.
His current desire is to be a coach and a teacher.
Currently my nine year old son is deciding between an MLB contract
and attending Edinboro University.
Sam says it all depends on what is offered.

It was a fun afternoon for everyone.

Lesson learned from the PPK Competition:
Raise the bar!

Sam knew that he had made the first round of competition way back in the summer.  He's been practicing on the Little Gridders football field behind the Lamp Post for many weeks, punting, passing, and kicking that pigskin.   The Punt, Pass, and Kick is determined by total feet of the three events combined.  As Sam's Momma, I can honestly say that my boy has been giving it his all, practicing with his Dad in the evenings and on weekends, but in relative isolation.

We went to the competition, and Sam placed second out of 28 kids in the region.  We were pleased that he did very well.  His hard work paid off!   Sam is waiting to hear if his total feet is enough to move on to the next round at Heinz Field in November.  It all depends on the other competitions on the western side of the state.  

The interesting thing is that the first place kid beat Sam by a good 30 feet--just an ordinary kid from Corry, at least a head smaller than Sam--no extraordinary size of this boy.  Just seeing that score of the boy ahead of him, raised the bar for Sam.  He came home that very weekend and started booting the ball 10 yards further than he had previously.  Sam had not grown. Sam had not changed his diet. Sam did not get a personal trainer.   He simply saw some other kid his own age do something better than he did.  That was all it took.  Just seeing the bar raised.

That is exactly why I occasionally post my workout group photos and fitness event photos on this blog.  It is not to boast about my own accomplishments.  It is to hopefully motivate others to stay healthy by getting outside and moving around.  Stepping into the energy of positive, healthy people benefits not only you, but the community at large.

When you scan these photos,

do you see someone the same age as you?
Someone who sits next to you at PTO meetings?
In class?
At church?

If you do, 
your first thought should be
if she/he can do it, then I can do it.

Don't just live an average life.
Live an excellent one.

Speaking of excellence--
here is my favorite example of creativity discovered this week.
It was passed along to me from coworker Amy.
We discussed Van Gogh's Starry Night in class,
and she was kind enough to find this link and share it with me and the students in her class.
The creativity of the human mind never ceases to amaze me.


Have a great weekend.
Make it excellent!


Friday, October 14, 2016

Lesson 445: Close to Home

Fall has fallen on the Lamp Post, 
and the scenery close to home is breathtaking.

Curious if my local readers know 
the location of this shot,
close to home.
It's my favorite of the week.
I was so excited when that old Ford actually drove by me.

Mother Nature knows about complementary colors.

Purples and golds.

Reds and Greens.

Oranges and blues.

How about black and white?
Do those count?

Cows make the greatest additions to landscapes.

Team Red and Team Green 
of the Harborcreek Little Gridders 
have been complementing one another all year.
The well balanced teams have
resulted in about equal wins, losses, and even a tie game.

The little Huskies had some luck when they played their first away game last Sunday.

The big Huskies haven't had too much luck this season,
but I sure do love them running on the field with the American flag
at the start of every game.

Nothing more American than discussing politics
 25 days before the election.


10463012_979654428766280_5756050155177287975_n.jpg (720×960):

I spent a lot of time taking on line quizzes to see where 45 year old me resides--
Democratia or Republiland?

Pew Research Center - Do your views align more with Republicans, Democrats or Independents?  Answer 12 questions to find our where you fit on the political spectrum.  Explore how you compare to other Americans by age, gender, race and religion.:

Just as I was 27 years ago.
and 10,
and 5.

Eloise is straight down the middle,
with equal beliefs on both sides of the line.

Mike Rowe,
the guy from Dirty Jobs,
had some brilliant statements about American politics 
and voting.  
You can read it here.

Masses of uneducated voters,
treating this election as if they are electing an American Idol singer
based on likability and personality,
are part of the problem.

But in schools, 
we are taught to solve problems.

We teach the students that problems
are the best opportunities for growth.

Are you teaching your students about growth mindset? These books by Kobi Yamada…:

Mrs. Eloise has to explain the American political process 
through Snoopy this year.
I've had to shut down three political conversations in class this week
 because they've become too heated
and topics were turning too mature for elementary schoolers.

Vote for Snoopy in this 8x8 storybook just in time for the 2016 Presidential election season! Pigpen and Linus are running against each other for class president, and they each decide to get their pho

Rather than take a pass on this election,
instead Mrs. Eloise encourages you to focus on elections closer to home.
Start with your local races.
Do you know your supervisors?
and  Senators?

Who is on your school board?

Inform yourselves.
Pennsylvanians, did you know the 13 cyber charter schools
use your tax dollars to pay for television commercials?
19,298 commercials to be exact.

Did you know that the "tuition free" cyber schools actually cost
Pennsylvania tax payers $436.1 million dollars,
and not a single one received a passing score on the state's School Performance Profile?

Last year alone,
my school district paid out $560,000 in tuition to cyber schools,
with about $415,000 going to failing cyber charters.

Stick close to home.

Learn about who is making decisions about town,
policing your community,
and teaching your children.

Pay attention to the races closest to you,
and bite the bullet with this election.

I will miss the clever humor, though.


2016 U.S.Presidential candidates as Muppets:

15 Things That Just Look Like Donald Trump, Who Wore It Better?:

Humor is Contagious's photo.  Good question: Who's worse, Sarah Palin or Donald Trump?:

After all this exhausting political talk,
I'll stick close to home and
 flop on the couch for a bit.

Oh, yeah.
Thanks for the reminder, Sam.


I no longer have a couch,
and haven't started shopping for one yet, either.


Sighs aren't a good way to start a weekend.
Instead football team losses,
Presidential elections,
and couchless living rooms,
let's end this blog with some photos of baby animals.
Everyone likes baby animals.

aw!! Love!!:

Little lamb and duckling. <3:


Enjoy your weekend, Readers.

Here's my favorite Home song--
Phil Phillips, Home.
Great tune.
If you haven't heard it in awhile, 
give it a listen.