Friday, February 23, 2018

Lesson 523: Push the Message

Winter's winding down, everyone.
It's past Valentine's Day.
The Winter Olympics are wrapping up.
I'm pretty much over the snow.
I'm here tonight to Push the Message--
Winter--I'm done.

So are my parents' snowmen.

No basketball this weekend,

So I'm going to take down the winter decorations

and put up some spring ones.

If you want to add a little spring to your decor and love peonies as much as I do then you will love these free printable spring peony art in four quotes.

That always makes the house feel lighter and cleaner
even when you look out the window at a cold, rainy mud pit.

Maybe I'll frame and display
the rainbow shot I took on the way to work Monday.
Rainbows have a way to Push the Message of hope.

Image may contain: sky, outdoor and nature

Image may contain: sky, outdoor and nature

Ellen's been adding some color to our lives though this new hobby--

while Pushing the Message

of the world's greatest messenger.

Bible Journaling.
Ellen saw it on Pinterest, was interested,
so I got her a wide margined Bible
 some supplies for Valentine's Day.
As my one friend said,
"What a keepsake!"

My colorful gal chose a white Prom dress.
I think it was the perfect choice.
She looks lovely in it.

Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, standing and wedding

Hubby stood quietly
swallowed hard,
and blinked a few times
 when he heard the price of a dress for one evening.
(Honestly, it was a steal).
His solution is that she has to wear it to both her Junior and Senior Proms
and also get married in it.

He's Pushing this Message to anyone who will lend a sympathetic ear--
How it feels raising a daughter

Here is a video clip of someone who is growing up very nicely
in spite of the tragic loss of his daddy--
a man I really enjoyed and admired--
Steve Irwin, the Crocodile Hunter.
Thank you, Wendy, 
for sending me this story.

Steve Irwin's son Robert brings wildlife onto 'The Tonight Show'  Steve Irwin's son Robert Irwin stopped by The Tonight Show onThursday alongside a collection of furry friends to share his love of animals.  #TheCrocodileHunter #BindiIrwin #JimmyFallon #SteveIrwin #TheTonightShow @TheCrocodileHunter

Robert Irwin,
the late Crocodile Hunter's 13 year old son,
appeared on the Tonight Show recently.
The video is at the bottom of this blog.
Please watch it.

There are a few celebrities that have passed on that I truly miss--
and I miss Steve.
His genuine smile,

Steve Irwin (The Crocodile Hunter) was such a wonderful human being. Take a look at his legacy through this photo gallery.

and sparking eyes,

Steve Irwin: Because of the work he did to benefit the animal kingdom, and his enthusiasm for his job.

were windows to his soul.
He truly lived out his life doing what he loved.

STEVE IRWIN saved wildlife... And so should YOU, everyone has a reason for being on this Earth.... What's your reason? In memory of him, please join the all new group board on my page Wildlife Earth.

I had to look up when he died--
2006 from a sting ray injury to his heart.

And you know what? He died telling the story of the ocean and what we could do to help save it.....

I enjoyed this man so much 
 even though we never met.
We connected.

good quote.

I'll continue to push your message,
Education is my mission,
and I also am living out what I've been put on earth to do.
There is no better job in the world 
than being a teacher.

Enjoy the video, Readers.
It's wonderful.

Find your passion this weekend,
and go Push the Message.


Friday, February 16, 2018

Lesson 522:

It's the weekend, Readers--
and no,
I did not forget the Lesson 522 blog title.

We're just leaving the title blank tonight,
because that's about how I feel.

I had some other plans for this blog-
but with the Valentine's Day shooting in a Florida high school,
none seem appropriate.

We did lots of fun things this week,
but all seem like a distant memory since the tragedy.


Ball games

The Winter Olympics

Peanuts Studio Blog

Valentine's Day

I think I speak for most of us when I state
that my thoughts drift to Florida--
scared students,
terrified teachers,
parents in absolute agony.

It's time to work together to solve the problem.
It really doesn't

When I find myself restless in thought,
and aching of heart,
I always turn to my go-to--

I love scrolling through Pinterest,
I have so many interests that the perfectly varied nature
of it just takes my mind off my concerns,
and fills in some of the blankness 
with love.

I think I'd like to go here--
it's in Yosemite.

Christmas in Yosemite Valley Chapel, Yosemite National Park, California

I determined this week that I really do like animals
more than I like people.

Mini Donkey for the farm Visit our page here:

Beautiful creatures. It's a dark world that would cause these creatures such suffering.

Quietly watching I #fortheloveofdog

I also like music a lot.
I found a really great song about women
by Dierks Bentley--
Woman, Amen.

Check out the video at the bottom of this blog.
It's a great tune.

Life is short,
no matter how many days you have here--
so find the woman in your life that means something to you--
your significant other,

your sister,

your Momma,

next door neighbor,

Find that special person and tell them you love them.
Fill in your blank spots with love.

Wake Me In The Spring

Goodnight, Readers--
turning in early tonight to surf some more Pinterest.


Saturday, February 10, 2018

Lesson 521: God Bless the NFL

Good evening, Readers.

We had a special night here in northwestern Pennsylvania.

The snow piles are still high

from our record breaking snow season.

This winter

has been one of a kind.

One of the things we do to pass the time in the snow belt
is to watch football.

NFL viewing in our parts is strong

no matter what he tweets.

lock arms,
or wait it out in the locker room--

whatever the case, 
people still love their football.

The Lamp Posters sure do love one of its former players--
Tim Tebow.

Made famous for his Bible verse eye black

and his pointing up

and kneeling down
to honor God-
brought Christianity visibly to the gridiron.

The Tim Tebow foundation sponsored a Prom in which 
and all of their friends attended tonight.

It was their night to shine.

They had a wonderful time!

The night was so inspiring,
I came home and purchased this on my Kindle.
I can't wait to read it this weekend.

I've got some more reads lined up, too.

If the post thus far has not inspired you to seek something more in written form,
perhaps a video will entice you.

Pastor Keith showed us this one last week
at South Haborcreek United Methodist.

If that wasn't enough,
check out this one.

and here's one more about failure.

Tim Tebow's book is grand,
and the videos are great,
but this next video clip is the real show stopper of the weekend.
I'm posting this especially for my brother in law way up north--
This one's for you, Bruce.
A Lego animated version of the Minnesota Vikings miracle catch.

God bless the NFL!