Friday, December 2, 2016

Lesson 452: Namaslay

Hello, Cyber Friends!

It's December in Erie,
and everything looks like this,
with no color adjustment.
This is our grayscape for the next many months.

We do our darndest to fight the winter blahs.
I like to get outside with my workout group a few times a week.
Come join us!
Don't worry about what you are wearing
because we can't see you well, anyway.

The kids at school are getting festive.
We had a door decorating contest.
My neighbor made this cool igloo for the Huskie pups.

My students have been making me smile
as they bring in their Rock Baby houses.
These are from brothers 
whom I like to call
Tweedle T

and Tweedle D.

Otto's space ship has a great view of the Super Moon
from the Mission Control panel.

Bonus points to Tweedle D.

I'm having so much fun lugging around this dumb,
two-headed, ugly sweater.

I knew it would be a hit with my workout group.

The counseling department thought it was cool.

I even stuffed the janitor in it.

My friends from Seattle bought one and sent me this!

It's so stupidly fun.
Stop me if you see me around during the next few weeks.
I'll probably have it with me.
Best holiday mood-lifter ever!

It's easy to get blown over by the holiday.

Erie experienced some really high winds this week
as winter is blowing itself into town.

And when the holidays blow in,
so comes the stress if you let it.

I found my new favorite stress reliever!
Yoga by Candace.

Candace is a 32 year old yoga teacher.
She has a large following on social media--
everything from 
to twitter
to facebook
to youtube
to instagram.

If you go to her website you'll find all kinds of really good stuff for free.

She wrote a book, too.
Because I use her website and youtube videos so often,
I bought the kindle version for $9.99.

Candace takes on yoga with a modern spin.
Namaslay is a twist on the term
Image result for namaslay by candace quotes

I read Namaslay cover to cover in just a couple of days.
where the cover would be 
to where the cover would be,
because I never touched paper.
I know print is dead in this cyber world,
but I still miss by hardcover books.

The most convenient piece to her yoga is her phone ap.

There are free links to a multitude of youtube videos.

She makes her money by offering exclusive content for $2 a month.
She also blogs about her favorites and is paid by her sponsors.

Candace had a setback in life with an unexpected,
life-threatening illness.
She recovered through a combination of medicine
and strict diet and exercise.
Her story is very inspiring 
and snippets of it are interspersed throughout her book.

Image result for namaslay by candace quotes

I really dig yoga--
the little I know about it.
I have lots to learn.

Image result for namaslay by candace quotes

Don't think it's weird,
but if you do,
that's ok, too.

Image result for namaslay by candace quotes

I'm learning that's how yoga followers handle things.

Enjoy the Christmas preparations, Readers.
Don't let the holidays get the best of you.
Give them the best of you 
and remember,

Image result for namaslay by candace quotes

Enjoy your weekend!


Friday, November 25, 2016

Lesson 451: Doubly Thankful

Happy Thanksgiving, 
from the Lamp Post!

Erie is getting ready to close out a beautiful fall.

We are soaking up every last bit of color

before the fall rains

take down the last of it

one icy droplet

at a time.

Blessings are bountiful this year.

Family & friends.
Good heath & good fortune.

Those always top the list each holiday.

But it is also the small things that we are thankful for, too.

Surprise mail.

The moon.

Hills to climb up.

Hills to run down.

4th Grade Thanksgiving plays.

Babies on the way.

Thanksgiving is always ripe for picture taking.

I always have to take two group shots because 
someone isn't looking.

Finger points go toward Erik and Natalie.

My heart doubled in size when Sam 
wore his Daniel Boone costume to Thanksgiving dinner
without complaint.

He also wrote us each a Thanksgiving card
and included some of his tooth fairy stash
to add to our pocketbooks for holiday shopping.

No matter how you spent Thanksgiving,
at home,
away from home,
or at play,
Eloise hopes that you stopped and reflected
and gave thanks for the best things in your life.
My guess is that those best things,
aren't things at all.

No holiday is complete without laughter.
Eloise is doubly excited about my new ugly Christmas sweater.
It has two head holes!

I'll have this lucky find with me
 at all times during the next month.

I'm making a new photo album for Natalie
because she has enjoyed her People Pictures so much 
over the last two years.

Now it's time some more.
Here are some of Natalie's real, live people
having fun,
and being good sports.

It's such a silly little thing,
this double-headed sweater.
But after you put it on,
you just can't help but laugh.
A giggle can lift a spirit,
lighten a mood,
and change the energy of a room instantly.

If you see me this holiday season, 
flag me down.
I'll probably have the elf sweater with me
and you can add yourself and a friend to Natalie's Album 2016.

And if the double-headed sweater photos weren't enough to make you laugh, 
here's something almost impossible to keep a straight face through.

If you like this one,
there are several parts you can find on YouTube.
Nothing funnier than authentic kid-fails
captured right in the moment.

YouTube:  Try Not to Laugh or Grin
Funny Kid-Fails 2016

Many thanks to all of you, Readers.
You keep me inspired every week with your stories and photos.

With gratitude,