Friday, December 8, 2017

Lesson 511: Season of Light

Erie got a December snow!
As much as we gripe and complain come the end of February,
there is something magical about the first snow of the season.

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Quotes we love: There is something magical about the first December snow - the way it dances in the air & ushers in the winter. | Nostalgia Diaries | Read more about the magic and wonder of the first December snow at

It was only 23 degrees this morning
and my lens fogged up.

My mother loves snow.
She says it looks fresh and clean.
I think this is her.
I'll have to find her a red hat.

larapaulussen: “ first snow of the year ”

My yard deer burned up in the barn fire this summer.
We got these new ones that light up.
I don't like them quite as much as the originals.
My hubby made the first set for me many years ago,
and Eloise is a sentimental girl.

These were a bit of a chore to put together,
and when he put them where the original ones used to be,
they just didn't look right.
So, I had him move them.
And move them again.
And move them again.
I think I got downgraded a Christmas gift in the process.

The new lights do look pretty.
We added an angel to the tree house.

At night she looks like she's flying.

We like to drive around and look at holiday lights.
It's one of our favorite things to do.

Some people just have a strong base for holiday decorating,
and then they get it just right on top of it.

Now this is the right way to light up a tree!

Getting a lighted path is of primo importance, too.

In Erie we luck out with snow opportunities such as this.

Lands alive!
What are these!?
(and where can I find them?)

I found a couple of funny ones, too.

Funny Christmas santa lighting - Top 46 Outdoor Christmas Lighting Ideas Illuminate The Holiday Spirit

I'm not complete with my decorating yet,
because I've been inspired by this picture.

Snoopy's doghouse reminds me of our new coop
given to us by our neighbors.
No feathered inhabitants yet,
just some stray cats,
but I would like to make it look nice for them.
I need suggestions.
I went to Walmart this evening in search of the just right thing.
Icicle lights?
A wreath?
Big colored bulbs?
My feral colony deserves a pretty Christmas, too.
Weekend homework:
Send Eloise some ideas!
It's like a blank canvas!

I should have asked my students.
They are never short on creative ideas.

I've been getting out for my mile walk every day,
but during the week,
I have to walk in the darkness.

I'm so glad I caught the Super Moon the other night!
It certainly lived up to its name.

On weekends I wait until dawn
so I can experience the sunrise.

As I rounded the bend on the park path last Saturday,
I noticed these two trees.

One is healthy

and the other looks to be celebrating its last season.

I decided to decorate the trees
for winter walkers to appreciate,
and asked the community to help me decorate them.

I added decorations to the dying tree, too,
because there is beauty in all stages of life.

I ran down for a quick peek on Sunday,
and I found some community members had added to the trees!
Eloise was so happy!

I haven't been back at all this week
because of the darkness.

But I am very excited to see if there are more.

I'm also excited to celebrate the true light of the world
in just 17 days!

This #Christmas season (and always), follow the example of #JesusChrist and #LIGHTtheWORLD. Watch the inspiring video and learn more #ShareGoodness

Have a great weekend, everyone!

 Bonus homework for the Erieites:
 if you come across any great light displays I need to see,
send me the location so I can check them out.
Ellen Louise needs winter driving practice,
so I'll be happy to ride around and check out
holiday decorations.


Saturday, December 2, 2017

The Christmas Story Run--Chapter 5: Will Run For... Erie DAWN

Since dawn's first light
we've been filled with Christmas spirit.

My large group of wellness friends
completed our fifth annual run for charity.

This year we chose Erie DAWN.

Here is some information about Erie DAWN,
taken directly from their facebook page.

Erie DAWN helps homeless women transition back into independence 
by helping them to acquire the tools and resources needed for self-sufficiency.

In 1995, the Sisters of Mercy, the Sisters of St. Joseph and the Benedictine Sisters came together to address a critical need in our community – transitional housing for homeless women and children.

Faced with problems like domestic abuse, catastrophic medical bills or loss of employment, these women need time to get back on their feet; yet the length of stay in most emergency shelters is limited to three or four months.

By offering a two-year program of subsidized housing, case management, mentoring and advocacy, Erie DAWN helps homeless women transition back into independence by helping them to acquire the tools and resources needed for self-sufficiency.

It is a beautiful organization 
run by the kindest of people.

Our group was more than glad to help.

A truck filled to the rim with household supplies

was unloaded by cheery Erieites,

more than glad to lend a hand.

The greatest of joys 
is found in giving to those in need.

If you are interested in learning more about Erie DAWN
or donating to this wonderful organization,

Other beneficiaries of Will Run For... generosity:

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What a beautiful morning we had helping Erie DAWN!
It's very fitting,
because in Eloise's opinion,
dawn is the prettiest part of each day.

If you are interested in joining our wellness movement,
contact Eloise or any Team Adrenaline member.

Thank you, Gina Fanzini Allison and those at Erie DAWN
for allowing us to help today.

Enjoy a photo story of our giving spirit today.