Friday, May 25, 2018

Lesson 537: Redefine

Happy Memorial Day weekend, Readers!
Here at the Lamp Post we are getting ready
for some picnics, fishing, baseball,

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and some beautiful weather!

Speaking of weather--
I want this t-shirt!

The blog title this week is Redefine,
in honor of the 2018 Harborian.
Ellen Louise and a small band of dedicated school chroniclers
worked hard on this book.

Does the Husky on the front remind you of anything?
This was Ellen on her first day of 8th grade,
holding her agenda book she won the cover design contest for.

Sometimes taking an old idea,
and redefining it,
makes for the best final product.

An old idea continually redefined 
is good old Memorial Day baseball games.

Eloise is always amazed at how detailed
and how precise the game has become.
Special bats,
swing and pitch analysis,
skill drills.

Hanging out at the little league field
most nights of the weeks gives you a great picture of today's kids.
Here are all the siblings playing in a dirt pile.
They played for hours,
and not one whined for a screen.
Redefine your play, kids.
Dirt is fun,

and flowers are pretty.
Don't miss a chance to experience either one.
Screens can't make your hands dirty or make you sneeze!

My hubby is redefining 49.
It's just a number--
not one last hurrah before he turns Old Man 50 next year.

Numbers are so meaningless,
he's always willing to use recycled birthday candles,
not to mention receiving all of his gifts
in recycled pink,
Birthday Girl bags.

We really don't think Louie's a zero--
it was part of Natalie's 20th birthday cake a few days prior.
The fully functioning zero seemed more appropriate 
than a half melted,

My school had the day off today,
so we went out to visit his second grade classroom.

We had to meet the children who all wrote him birthday cards,
and took up a class collection of things from their desks
 that they thought he would like.
The hair ties were my favorite!

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Natalie had a great birthday.

She's ready to embark on her next project--
the Redefine of the Happy People t-Shirts!

The first round was white.
The second batch was black.
What color will the new batch be?

You'll have to wait a few days for the reveal.
Our area experienced a power outage this afternoon 
when we were meeting with Phantom Graphics
and we couldn't get our order forms out today.

The small t-shirt company is taking a long weekend,
so look for the order forms to be posted on facebook early next week.
tank tops,
HOODIES (thanks to Cousin Bonnie's relentless nature),
and baby shirts
will be available.
All profits beyond the cost of the clothing 
will go back to the Barber National Institute
as part of Natalie's fundraising efforts for Beast on the Bay.

Sam and Tuck redefined outfield talk this week,
making for a fun facebook post
about a fifth grader's right of passage.

My favorite way to look at Redefine 
is by watching this video.

This man took his disability
and redefined it to an ability--
an ability to do stand up comedy without a voice.

This is special.
Please watch.

Enjoy the holiday weekend.
Here's a little lesson for tonight.
My students love info graphics.


Memorial Day

Friday, May 18, 2018

Lesson 536: Good People

It's a very good Friday, Readers!
Eloise is getting all excited for the royal wedding.
I cannot wait to see Megan's dress!
I'm wearing my fascinator all day tomorrow.
My mother has been hard at work making them all week.
I have 13 to choose from!

I picked the blue feather in honor of my resident robin.

4 eggs this year!

And once again,
she's annoyed with me.
Get used to it, Momma.
It's all good.

Eloise has been thinking a lot about goodness.
Goodness is a good word.
It's easy to spell.
Easy to pronounce.
It can't be misheard due to tonality interpretations like this fascination.

Goodness is one of the fruits of the holy spirit.

Scripture Wall ArtInspirational Print  Bible by MDesignCompany, $15.00

Some people claim that good people in this world are hard to find.
Eloise disagrees.
I think there are plenty of good people in this world
that far outnumber the bad.
The bad people are so dark,
and cast such a dark shadow,
that it seems all the earth will soon go dark.

The Pizza Bomber Netflix documentary about bizarre Erie murder cases
has been on the Lamp Post television set for a few days.
The most unnerving comment in the series was
the casual remark from Rothstein,
"I went to the store for a couple of tarps and a meat grinder..."

All you need to fight the creep of the dark shadows
is to simply shine some light on them.

Eloise agrees with country singer Luke Bryan
when he sings his most recent hit song,
People are Good.

I believe most people are good .svg and .png cut file for Kindness week

Chasing photos of my kids events
certainly has qualified me this month!

Eloise has been on the lookout for good things to share.

Spring Promenades

Hi-lightable quotes from good books

Surround yourself with good people

Speaking of good books,
lovers of the written word may want to check out the 
new STAR 104 Get Lit Book Club
hosted by Erie favorite morning DJ, Jessica Curry.

They will be held the third Monday of each month
at a local eating and drinking establishment.
Check out the STAR 104 page for more information.

The first book pick was from Jessica Curry herself--
It was very Lost-ish,
and it is a real page turner if you are looking for a great read!

Want to be a great at your sport?

Surround yourself with great players and coaches
and feed off of their energy.

Surround yourself with people that reflect who you want to be and how you want to feel. Energies are contagious…

Find a network of Good People 
to bring out the best in you.
My old boss. My sister and mom. My friend Emily peck. Lots of ppl in my life I surround myself with them because they make me a better person. Don't know what I'd do without those people.

My favorite workout group,
Team Adrenaline meets outside all summer long
on Tuesday and Thursday evenings,
and at the crack of dawn on Wednesday mornings.
It is really worth checking out.

Nature is always good.
it's more than good.
Nature is perfect.

Be good to people. Being good to people is a wonderful legacy to leave behind.  Be the reason someone believes in the goodness of people.  @chellyepic

A very good, good, good thing
is our precious Natalie is turning twenty on Saturday!

In honor of her 2 decades of life,
and our six years of participation in
Barber National Institute's
Beast on the Bay,
she will be fundraising this year.

Natalie's Happy People t-shirts will go on sale Memorial Day weekend
through the first two weeks in June.
All proceeds from the sale will be donated back 
to the agency that gave her such a good start in school.

Check the Lamp Post next week for information 
about how you can get your Happy People clothing item.

In honor of Natalie's birthday,
please enjoy this photo review of Natalie throughout her last year.
Notice the Good People surrounding her.