Friday, June 15, 2018

Lesson 541: Summer Begins

It's the weekend, Readers!
A Friday in June is surely a sweet thing.

There is my updated facebook profile picture.

I changed it from this one.
Sorry, Sam.
It was just too good.
But, I only kept it for a week.

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My friend found this gem from the summer of 1991.
Mean Streak.
Cedar Point.
A mean ride,
and one I've never forgotten.
I totally get it Sam.
Let them all make fun of you.

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Those rides are for the birds!

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Speaking of birds...
A pair of bluebirds moved into our bluebird house!
They have a nest with four bluebird babies!

It was a good animal week.

This is Franklin.
He was one of the kittens I found on the Fourth of July last year.

This is Betsy.
Also a found kitten from summer 2017,
which I kept alive throughout the long, long winter.

So, what I didn't know
was that cats could reproduce within a year!

Here is one of the five cuties ready for a home in a few weeks.
Harbor Creek residents,
I am going to shamelessly put them in a wagon
and take them around door to door.
I'm starting with Foxwood.

We've been handling this set a lot,

making them good for outdoor lives or indoors.

It was a week of two college visits--
both known for great Speech Pathology programs.

Edinboro University was very impressive!

Natalie liked it, too!

Especially when they give recruits cool pens like this!

Natalie finagled herself a new pair of glasses.
She wore them on the college visit to Clarion University.

Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, people sitting, sunglasses and closeup

We happened to mention to Clarion
 that we had visited Edinboro earlier in the week,
and they gave us some cool glasses.

We left with more cool glasses
and a t-shirt!

Nephew Erik is growing up!

I'll let the pictures tell this story.

Here is a story very similar to ours.
Click on this video about brothers with autism.
Thanks for sharing it with us, Jayme.

Natalie is going to fund raise this summer for the cause, as well.

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The link to Happy People t-shirts 3.0 has arrived.
They aren't quite this blue,

Store Logo

but a beautiful blue, just the same!

You can purchase a unisex t-shirt,

Natalie's Happy People PosiCharge Competitor Tee

a women's tank top,

 Natalie's Happy People PosiCharge Competitor Racerback Tank

and to honor Cousin Bonnie's request--
a hoodie!

Natalie's Happy People Pullover Hoodie

All orders will be through Phantom Graphics online.
The order will be open until July 1st.
Place your order on-line and your clothing item will be delivered to you!
Even out of towners can order!

Eloise is excited for the Star 104 Book Club on Monday, June 18th.
Here is the registration in case you missed it.

I'm always in a good mood at the start of summertime.
I'll post one of my new favorite photos in honor of my inner cheer.


And here's my new favorite quote,
in case you made a rude comment about Tim McGraw and the koala.

Have a great week!

Change รขœ¨

Saturday, June 9, 2018

Lesson 540: Juvenile Lifer!

We are celebrating at the Lamp Post tonight.
School has officially ended for the 2017-18 school year,
and we are all coming home for summer 2018!

I made the cover of the Local Section
of the Erie newspaper!

Yes, that's me,
hugging a very wonderful student.
789 Accelerated Reader points kind of wonderful.

No, that is not a cigar in my mouth.
It's a noise maker.

The Best Little Elementary School on the hill,
Fred S. Clark Elementary,
gives our students a special summer send off.

Watch this youtube clip!

Not only was the mistaken cigar in my mouth sort of comical,
but the headline above my picture.
Juvenile Lifer confused a few people.

In a way, I am a Juvenile Lifer.
My life revolves around kids.
Always has.
Always will.

And kids have a way of burning you out come June.

Teacher at the beginning of the school year and teacher at the end of the school year.

You are worth every ounce of effort though, students!

Best of luck to the graduates--

from sixth grade

to the Seniors.

Image may contain: Jack Groshek, sitting and shoes

The halls will feel empty without you for awhile,

but they will soon be filled again with another crop for propagating.
We'll reproduce the same messages we've said before.

You are our future!

Make good choices.

Learn to cooperate and work with others.

Work as a team,
but never fear standing solo to be recognized
for your individual accomplishments.

 Move on to the next Big Thing.


Thank those who got you to where you are today.

Give off enough energy to create that one degree of extra heat.

Cross the line.

Reinvest in your community.

Go away for awhile to see what there is to see,
and return to live here--
or at least come back to visit.
Erie has some fabulous spaces and places.

Relive your childhood memories,
even if they involve some heckling from your friends.

Take some risks.

Seek a supportive group.

Lean on someone in your time of need.

Life can be wacky.

That's the beauty of it all.
In fact, we all see beauty in different ways.
That's what makes us all so unique.

This is my favorite project of Sam's.
He brought this home in his art portfolio.

I don't get the Snitog joke,
nor do I care to investigate.

As usual,
Sam's artwork carries a food theme.

And a cat theme.

We're going to have a few (many)
to give away.
Contact Eloise if you are in the market for a kitten or three.

My original selfie that Ellen used for her drawing came home in her portfolio.
Proof that I can take a serious photo,
without a camera in front of my face.

I flipped my phone around to check out my newly cut in bangs.
Hair is serious business.

For the next couple of months 
the Lamp Post will be lit with lots of sunshine.
School is out for the summer,
but the lessons always continue.
Learning never stops.

Check out a video compilation of assorted photos
from end of year activities,
including Harbor Creek High School's Community Day.
What a great way for the kids to give back!

The Juvenile Lifer