Friday, October 2, 2015

Lesson 381: Rocktober

Ladies and Gentlemen,
Eloise pulled out the skull cap tonight.

The leaves have changed here in northwestern PA.

It's October.

I love October. mine and my husbands birthday month, the month we started dating, the month are baby boy is due, the prettiest month of the year, &pumpkin everything is out <3:

We're only two days in,
and it's already been a rocking good time.
I've renamed the month Rocktober.

My hometown high school celebrated its Homecoming tonight.
This was a very popular photo of the west end of the home bleachers
from last week's game.
It got lots of likes!

This week
I shot the east end where all the cool kids sit--
the band.

Cool teachers, too, apparently.

You know where the best seats in the house are,
don't you, Mr. Humes?

The Homecoming King and Queen were crowned.

And afterwards, instead of fireworks,
t-shirts were shot off from the t-shirt cannon.

The Robotics team is as cool as the band.
Someone is going to make your bionic eye someday.

The class of 2019's doughnut stand was a Rocktober success.

George and Jane called Elroy Jetson home for dinner and he missed the photo.

Sam got his face painted,
and the home team got a victory.
Life is good.

The most Roctober thing I discovered so far was this fantastic idea,
sported by fellow Mom-Fan-Shutterbug WChwatty.

It's called a Smoozi!

And Eloise NEEDS one!

Natalie and her date Ryan had a Roctober good time at Seneca's Homecoming last week.
And they didn't care in the least that it was still September.

Sam Rocktobered it at the end of September, too, with his first win last week.


I'd typically celebrate all of this Rocktober fun with a pumpkin cookie or two,
but those are no-no's now that I'm a participant in Dr. Krauza's 58 Day Challenge.
This will be the fourth fall in a row that I have participated in a Wellness Challenge.
It is the single best thing to keep you on track during apple pie
and pumpkin spiced latte season.
The challenge ends the Wednesday before Thanksgiving.

The challenge suggests refraining from sugar, wheat products, and dairy,
but encourages whole foods eating which encompasses a wide array of foods.

When searching for an after school snack today,
I checked out the label of the Gibble's Potato Chip bag.
During the 58 Day challenge, you learn to read labels
if you do turn to processed and packaged foods.
I thought I was within the guidelines for this one,

until I got to the prime lard.
Not so friendly on the hips, I suppose.

I'll rock off a couple of chips at my outdoor workouts.
Keeping up with them four years strong!
Come join in on the Rocktober fun!

My motivation for following the 58 Day Challenge this year
is all due to my nephew.

I'm learning to eat like Jack eats,
and all other people who suffer with Crohn's disease.

Crohn's disease is truly a pain in the gut.

Crohn's Disease. This is the best thing I've ever seen!:

The disease has become branded and claimed its colors of blue and orange.

A walk to benefit research efforts was held on Erie's Presque Isle last weekend.

Even Superman showed up
(with is camera!).

Aunt Eloise purchased three cookbooks and I've been making messes in the kitchen ever since.
I've read accounts of natural diets,
full of whole foods, 
and free of chemicals and inflammatory foods
can throw the disease into remission.

Knowing this,
it seemed strange that the walk organizers would pass out Cheetos
for finishers.
To me, Cheetos look like inflamed intestines.
Eloise ain't ever been to medical school,
but common sense tells me to stay away from these kinds of foods
even if they do match the disease's claimed colors.

When I find some good recipes over the next 58 Days,
I'll post them on this blog for you all to try.

Mystery of the past few weeks solved!
My good Biolage shampoo and conditioner had been disappearing at an alarming rate.
That stuff is expensive and we've been blaming poor Natalie for using too much of it.
I happened to peek in the tub the other night after Sam's football practice,
He poured himself a bubble bath with the shampoo
and lathered his skin with my conditioner!
"It was in a squeezy bottle, Mom!  I thought it was soap!"

I apologized to Natalie and sent her to bed wearing her People t-shirt.
They make people happy--
all over the US--
Natalie's shirts have rocked it from

to Florida

to Chicago!

If you missed your chance for one of the shirts,
we will do a short re-order.
Check the facebook walls of my mother, sister, husband, daughter, and myself.
All will have a google document to request a shirt.
All orders must be pre-paid by October 20th to be ordered.

Eloise and family wish you a Rocktober start to your month!
See you next week,

Friday, September 25, 2015

Lesson 380: Famous Fifteen

It's Friday night and it's late.
My Heartbreak Huskies suffered an overtime loss tonight,
and the game went long.

My team has not lost its # 1 fan,
but you may lose your favorite Friday Night Bloggerto sleeping on the job 
if I don't get this blog written quickly.

Eloise is TIRED.

Here are the week's top 15 photos,
coming to you in the next 15 minutes,
so each has its literal 15 minutes of fame.

#1--Ellen Louise turned 15 this week.

Happy birthday to my middle child.

#2--We bid farewell to summer on Ellen's birthday--
September 22nd

Goodbye, summer.
Welcome, fall.

Thank you for the photos, Brenda From the Lake.

#'s 3, 4, 5, and 6--
Natalie's People t-shirts are still on the move.

Elk Creek

Holiday Valley



If you missed your chance to have one,
there will be a two week sale beginning October 1st.
$20 donation to Natalie's Feed the People t-shirt sale.
The money raised will be given to the food donation agencies
where Natalie volunteers. 

This fun group of guys is on the move, too.
Congratulations to nephew Jack and his cross country team.
They are having a great season.


Once upon a time, 
Little Red Riding Hood set out to deliver wine to her granny 
and ran into some trouble along the way.

Little Blue Riding Hood IS Granny.
She drinks beer and causes trouble,
but is a fan like no other.

Early season football weather is the best!

I spend most of my time

trying to figure out

which butt belongs to my kid.

Fall skies are the best to photograph.

and the daytime moon isn't too bad of a subject either.

We went to camp, hoping to find Sasquatch.

We didn't find Big Foot,
but did find lots of signs of fall instead.

The stuttering comedian on America's Got Talent came in second place.
What a story!
If you missed it, click the link below.

It's been 15 years since the first Survivor aired on CBS.
This season's contestants are past participants,
selected by viewer votes.

This is Kelly from Season 1.
She lost one million dollars to Richard Hatch fifteen years ago.
She's back for another chance.

15 years goes by quicker than you might think.

No time to make a photo video this week,
so I borrowed Taylor Swift's.
Fifteen--if you've forgotten the song.
It's a good one.

Have a great weekend,

FIFTEEN song for Ellen