Friday, April 20, 2018

Lesson 532: Say Goodbye to Old Man Winter

Hello, Readers!
Eloise has her eagle eye on you this weekend.
She's making sure winter is leaving town for good.

It was a good week for birds.
My workout group found this injured eagle in Liberty Park.
A gentleman put a call in to the Tamarack Wildlife Rehabilitation
to come and help him.

If you like eagles
you can follow the hatch in Decorah, Iowa.
The first link offers some more information
and how to find the live camera.

This is a video of the eagles guarding their eaglets 
during the Iowa snowstorm a few days ago.
It was amazing to watch the teamwork of both parents.

This cute little woodpecker not only taps on my tree,
he pounds on the sap bucket!
He almost has a hole through it.

It was terribly cold and windy this week
and the seagulls landed on the soccer field.
The photos are blurry because I was so far away,
but I think that's a baby seagull.
I've never seen one.

And here is the sweet, spring robin.
A mighty fat one, at that!

Robin is such a beautiful name.
I considered it for both of my daughters,
but I have a first cousin by that name already.

A sweet little girl,
long departed from this earth,
Robin Bush,
reemerged in the news this week.
Natalie's class discussed the passing of Barbara Bush, too.

I was teary the whole way to work when I saw this political cartoonists rendering
of Barbara reuniting with her young daughter,
lost years and years ago to leukemia.

It made the Bush family seem more real for some reason.
Not just a political dynasty.
Real people.
Real pain.

Image result for robin bush political cartoon

The robins were so confused this week after another spring snow dump on Erie.
To avoid the snow covered grass,
they all flocked to the roadsides.
They don't get out of the way that fast, either.
If you heard me honking my horn all the way down
Firman Road,
that was why.

With snow dominating the Lamp Post blog topics
for six solid months,
we still just fell under the 200 inch mark.
Eloise was rooting for another inch and a half 
to bring our 198.5 to the ripe, round 200,
but no such luck.
The Midwest storm that blanketed the Decorah eagles
with 10 inches of snow on their nest,
petered out by the time it reached our region.
We'll have to order our 198.5 window decals for our cars
in spite of it.

Since Eloise is saying goodbye to Old Man Winter tonight,
I'll send him off with a song.
Tim McGraw has a perfect song for every occasion.
Click the link below to play Comin' Home to listen 
while you scroll down through what hopefully will be the last of my winter shots.
This is from one of Tim's older albums, Let It Go.
Look-backs are neat to see how things change.
I think Mr. McGraw looks even better now.

Say goodbye to old man winter,

Say hello to sweet springtime,

'Cause I'm coming out of hiding,
I'm gonna get it right this time

After so long being frozen

It took awhile to thaw me out

I spent too long not knowing

What love is supposed to be about

Now I'm find out 

It's a lot coming home

from a long time walking in the snow...

...thanks Tim McGraw. 

This morning the sun came up
and the birds sang
and the world felt fresh and clean.

Goodbye Old Man Winter.
We are tired of you,
and you've long worn out your welcome.
Miss Spring has finally arrived.

One thing we haven't tired of at the Lamp Post is this show.

It's been on my TV since Sam
received the deluxe,
5 season set
of all episodes.

I could see his surprised expression as he tore open the gift wrap.
Sam had no idea what the show was.
You're going to love it, Sam!
said Mother Eloise.

What I was not prepared for was the contempt they voiced over Cindy Brady.
They hate her!
They call her a baby,
a whiner,
and a little brat!

I always thought she was kind of cute.

The thing that shocked me was watching Alice.
Ann B. Davis.
Born in nearby New York,
she appeared on the Brady Bunch during all 5 seasons,
from 1969 through 1974.

Google image the blue dress and white aproned 
housekeeper with the sensible shoes.
Her hair never changed style,
but it grew progressively grayer throughout the five years.

Now, Ladies.
Realize Alice was 43 through 47 years old.
Old Maid Alice.

Ahh, how times have changed.

It's hard to see change happen when your spinning in it.
It's best viewed in a look-back.

While we survived a white April,
I tried to recall what other mid-Aprils looked like.
That's one nice thing of writing a blog.
It's like a personal timeline.

Here are some past mid-Aprils
while this Lamp Post light has been lit.

Enjoy the look-back.

April 2017

April 2016

April 2015

April 2014

April 2013

2012 and 2011

Check the archives.
Even Eloise has changed her writing style.
Back then,
more words,
fewer photos.
Photos were always in the form of videos.

Goodbye Old Man Winter.
See you next season--
I request not until Christmas Eve about 7:00 pm.
That's just about the perfect time to arrive.


Friday, April 13, 2018

Lesson 531: Friday the 13th

Hello, Readers.
It's a special Friday--
Friday the 13th.

I experienced Friday twice this week,
as this actually happened to me:

What color and shape is the number 13? #humor #Friday13 #autism #synesthesia #math

Friday the 13th wasn't too bad for our #13.

She finally got to play a game,

and scored the tying run in the JV game.

She swung at this one and missed,
then scolded me for posting it.


I got the ball in the glove, Ellen Louise!
And look at the umpire's face!

She was unimpressed.

I always try to capture all parts of the game, 

from the unscripted moments of joy

to the mental regroup after a swing and a miss.

Softball and baseball are good reminders
that you have to play through the tough stuff
(like the cold wind)
to experience the warmth.

Sam and the gang played indoors last weekend at Gannon's beautiful facility.

Boys little league is just starting practices.

There was an outdoor practice this week
on a "nice" evening,
that really wasn't all that nice,
but we took it.

Nothing to be superstitious about here.
Natalie is all ready for ball season with her new orange and black shirt--

People with autism range in intellectual ability
as much as the rest of the population.
They just have unique ways of taking in and spitting out information.
Their abilities are just only beginning to be understood.

Image result for autism quotes

I am looking for help from the Good Readers of this blog
to help circulate an education conference I've been trying to help organize.

We have long awaited a group focusing on gifted education
to begin in our area, as one never seemed to appear.
So, some like minded individuals put together a local affiliate
Pennsylvania Association of Gifted Education--
and started a group for ourselves.

We would really like a May 11th mini-conference at the Tom Ridge Center
to happen,
but we need 5 more registrants.

Please share this blog or the link and information below
if you know of any teacher, administrator, or parent who would be interested in attending.
We must meet our quota of pre-registrations by Friday, April 20th.
Please share with any interested individuals.
It's going to be great!

Thanks for your help!


A special mini-conference event for parents, teachers and administrators hosted by the Northwest PAGE Affiliate with contributions from PAGE. Each session will last 45-60 minutes. The mini-conference includes a networking lunch that follows the sessions, along with other educational activities for teachers, parents and families (Presque Isle State Park, Erie Zoo, etc.) available in the local area.

Tentative session topics include:

  • Social emotional needs of gifted learners

  • Meeting the needs of gifted learners at home and in the classroom

  • State policies and advocacy efforts

  • Early college acceptance, coursework during high school and other options for students

  • Fundraising and organizational management/development for your Affiliate group

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