Sunday, October 15, 2017

Lesson 503: Come Together

What another gorgeous fall weekend, Readers!

The Erie area has been spoiled this year.

The grape harvest has about a week left.

The sunflowers are tired

and are crying their seeds.

I hope they land on the stink bugs.
They like to come together in big, crawly packs.
Ellen Louise collected 50 hanging out on her bedroom curtains!

This one hitched a ride with me to school!

I am going to miss coming home and having
a cup of coffee on my porch while watching the trucks come and go.

The barn has come together nicely.

The cement guys finished up this week.

Boy, do they work hard!

The new barn is now complete!

Buddha Kitty got dirty during the cement work
so we gave him a bath.

He's all clean and ready to go to the next house.

We extend many thanks to CJ Kelly and his construction crew.

We are all very happy with the new barn.
Especially Natalie.
She gets her workshop back!
My girl loves to paint and pound nails.

While Natalie will be pounding nails this fall,
Ellen Louise will be pounding the pages.

She has two AP classes this year 
and will be taking the SAT's this spring.

My brood does not get a weekly allowance,
but they can earn cash for extra jobs done around the house.
Money talks,
so Mother Eloise is paying Ellen Louise to study.
You can't play any game without knowing the rules of the game,
and attending practices.
Kids, you want to improve those SAT scores?
Get a practice book,
and set your phone timer for a hour a few times a week
and go through it.
Even if you just read the questions and look up the answers in the back--
it's greatly beneficial.
You will be shocked how it will all come together for you
with just a little bit of practice.
You'll never HAVE the time,
so you are going to have to MAKE the time to do it.

If you aren't up for reading a book as thick as Ellen Louise's SAT guide,
Mrs. Eloise recommends this one.

It's a Newberry Honor book from 2016,
set in rural western Pennsylvania.
It was a great story and if you read it,
you will see what held Eloise's attention.
Teachers--it's great to use to compare themes from the 1940's to today.
What was the same?
What was different?
Some issues are not "new"--
they are common to all time periods.

Here's something different!
Sam's Cleveland Browns defeated the Dallas Cowboys--
a team who beat them in three straight match-ups.

Never, ever doubt yourselves, boys!

You had the goods all along.

You just needed some time to put all the pieces together.

Sam was so happy with his win,
I let him wear his football jersey to a wedding reception in Ohio.
No one there seemed to mind.

Congratulations, Cousin Lindsey.
Welcome to the family, Todd.

You both looked lovely,
but the kids in your wedding party stole the show.

But the true scene-stealer was my nephew Erik 
and his first time on a dance floor.

There needs to be a name for this kind of shot:
and someone who gets the shot of people taking them.

I've titled this shot Come Together.

Have a great week, everyone.


Friday, October 6, 2017

Lesson 502: Full Moon

 It was a week of moon magic.

She was simply magnificent this week!

Although researchers have debunked moon-behavior theories for years

The most important things in life; the ones you love.

teachers think otherwise.

Teachers know when it's a full moon

I'm in big trouble...

It's not just teachers who blame the moon for the witnessed absurdity--

It's a full moon everyone; just take a deep breath and remember your craziness and bad luck are being induced by the extra gravitational pull.

anyone working with the public has similar claims--
law enforcement,
hotel management.

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100 Funniest Nursing Memes on Pinterest - Our Special Collection #Nursebuff #Nurse #Meme

The moon makes for really cool artwork.

full moon by Wawawiwa design, via Flickr

Eloise appreciates good art!

Magical By mbgrigby via Flickr

Here's the moon making an early evening appearance 
over neighbor Laura's barn.

Our barn rebuild is coming along nicely.
We're onto the cement phase!

:) #positivitynote #positivity #inspiration

After back to back natural disasters with the hurricanes,
and the shooting in Las Vegas,
Eloise feels a little numb.

So many people need help,
and care,
and love,
and I can't get to them.

That makes Eloise weary.
They say people with big hearts do carry the weight of the world.
Do you ever feel that way?

The Little Gridder version of the Cleveland Browns
are weary this season.
They are fighting hard with an injury plagued team.

The boys faces make for great emotion shots,

and their orange jerseys look great against the golden trees.

My team sporting the other orange jerseys are anything but weary.

The Huskies of Harbor Creek marched off the field with another win tonight

snagging a victory on Homecoming night.

I found this guy this week,
and I'm not telling the hunters where.
I have him a free night's stay at my animal refuge.

My favorite tree is starting to change its leaf color,

signaling the start of the slow jog through fall.

We are turning in a bit early as this girl has a big day tomorrow.
A big golf match 
and a Homecoming dance.
Thank you for all of your encouraging words
for Ellen Louise.
It truly does take a village to raise a child.

Good night everyone.
Sleep tight!


Have a nice night.