Friday, November 17, 2017

Lesson 508: Ash Kicking

Hello, Readers!
This week we find ourselves staring 
right into the heart of November.

I love the month of November
but this year it really kicked my ash!

On a normal year,
I'd be finishing up the 58 Day Challenge that I complete
with some members of my Team Adrenaline workout group.
For 58 days we ride through the fall
cutting down on 
or saying no to 
lots of the delectable delights of the season.

Inspired by our love of Fall's favorite coffee drink, this print is for the latte lover and pumpkin spice addict. We know there's almost nothing better than getting your hands around a mug full of cof

nikidrawsthings: “ All pumpkin everything ”

Everyone throws $50 into a pot
and the winners,
one male and one female,
take all!
The challenge is over the day before Thanksgiving,
and the cash prize in the thousands $$! is delivered that night!

This year I withdrew from the race unsure of
if my surgery would put me at an advantage
or disadvantage to win.

I couldn't have my normal fun 
of spreading the joy of 11th hour temptations 
with posts like these, 
hoping one of my teammates would cave
and I could stand a better chance at emerging 
as the dark horse winner.

You're going to love these amazing pumpkin snickerdoodles with a cheesecake surprise inside! Pumpkin Cheesecake Snickerdoodles Fall Treats Recipe | The Recipe Critic

Chocolate Turtle Apple Slices are thick slices of Fuji apples covered in melted chocolate, drizzled with caramel and topped with nuts. Find the recipe on

These Apple Fries with Caramel Cream Dip from Favorite Family Recipes are a must make this fall! The apples slices get lightly battered, fried and sprinkled with your favorites — cinnamon and sugar!

They probably would not have bent anyway.
here they are at the crack of dawn on a Saturday
for an ash kicking,
in the cold,

I mentioned the challenge in this blog
because I was surprised how many people who dropped off  food
after my surgery commented,
I know you are on the 58 Day Challenge, but I brought you these anyway....

Know that I had some of everything!
Food delivered in care and love is meant to be eaten,
and I enjoyed every single bite.

I think the 58 Day Challenge should really be called what it is:
58 Days of Learning to Love Vegetables.

Seriously, it's the secret to any diet's success.

And also drink more water.

Eloise has learned that if you do those two, simple things,
your belly doesn't have room for a whole lot more.
Keep that in mind throughout your holiday eating.

I returned to work this week and it kicked my ash!
We did not study this book though.
I think it's censored.

My Foot in Your Ass | Children's Book Cover Parodies | Know Your Meme

Instead we played some chess

Life Picture Quotes

and also this game.
Mrs. Eloise highly recommends it for your holiday gatherings.
Absolutely anyone can play.

Speech Therapy: Pictureka

We haven't studied Mark Twain yet,
but after finding these ash kicking quotes of his,
maybe I'll work him into my curriculum!

9: Ulysses served two terms.  Ulysses did not want to serve another term, because of the shadiness of politics. Ulysses

The biggest ash kicking of November 
were our ash trees!

They are getting brittle and broken

eaten away from the inside out

by these little buggers!

Emerald ash borers
The ash trees are being decimated by the invasive emerald ash borer beetle, which arrived in Michigan from Asia in the late 1990s in infested shipping pallets

Here is your weekend science homework
if you are interested in learning more about this plaguing problem:

If ash trees are going to become a rarity
I figured I may as well make stuff out of the wood while I can.

I'm working on custom fitted
Ash Stools!

Come to the Lamp Post and I'll measure how wide your ash is,
and I'll chip you out a campfire stool for your backyard fires.
I have a variety of sizes.
Let me know if I should set aside a big stump 
or a small stump for your ash.

Eloise always saves the very best for last,
so here is my favorite duo 
in their ash-kicking performances on the Today Show this morning!

Image result for Tim McGraw and faith hill today show

Tim McGraw and Faith Hill's 
songs and interviews
(there are several on this link)
are really worth the watch.

I love them 
and admire them
and want nothing more than to 
be their ride-along tour blogger 
during the month of July every year.
I'd mingle with the county fair crowds,
take candids,
and try on all of Tim's clothes.

Happy weekend!

Tim McGraw (@TheTimMcGraw) | Twitter

Friday, November 10, 2017

Lesson 507: Softly and Tenderly

Softly and tenderly is how I've ridden out the last two weeks.
I'm healing very well because of it,
and posted this rare full faced shot to prove it.

I'm a little tired,
but nowhere near as tired someone who serves our country.
Thank you, Veterans!

The fall in Erie can be harsh or soft,
and this season has been a tender one.

The robins

have made room

for the visiting Canadian geese.

Snow fell softly and gently this morning.

Cold temps and a dusting to remind us of what's ahead.

The change of seasons is nice and welcomed at the Lamp Post.

Time for more sedentary pastimes

like reading

and writing

and games.

Natalie loves to play Sorry!
I had to take a picture of tonight's historic game.
Sam won and I never even made it out of Start.

The fall and winter gives me time to plan for new adventures.

The Janiuk's coop and flooped its way to Firman Road.
More to come on this project in the spring.

Eloise enjoys watching the Country Music Association Awards each year.
I like all music, but country is my favorite
because it tells the best stories.

Humble and Kind Tim McGraw

This much I know is true, that God blessed the broken road, that led me straight to you

After over three years without a new studio album, Carrie Underwood returns with a new record this fall, Storyteller.

I cannot for the life of me figure out 
why Carrie Underwood didn't win Female Vocalist of the Year.
Miranda Lambert wins year after year!
I looked up the rules and thoroughly confused myself.

Carrie Underwood and Brad Paisley hosted the CMA's for the tenth straight year.
Carrie Underwood must be a stylists dream.

She had the most amazing performance of Softly and Tenderly--
and old hymn that I remembered Anne Murray singing on an old cassette tape
from my childhood years.

I challenge you all to try to find an image of Carrie in her full white gown,
or a full clip of the tribute to country music stars who passed this year,
ending with the 59 victims who died at the Jason Aldean concert on October 1st.
Copyright blocks everywhere.
I hope they release her version for purchase 
and the money goes to something very worthy.

This is the only image I could post to this blog page without a violation.

Image result for carrie underwood softly and tenderly

Here are the highlights of the show if you missed it.
I thought it was extremely well done--
one of my favorite shows ever.

I really liked Tim McGraw's duet with is wife Faith Hill,
The Rest of Our Life.
Great song.

Yes, I sat in my chair and took pictures of my TV screen.
What a gorgeous couple they are!

But you know what I like best about the McGraws?
They are aging naturally.
They both turned 50 recently and look better than they ever have!
That's what the song is about, too.

Each has lines and wrinkles,
well worn faces from smiles and stardom,
but also trip-ups and tears.
Married since 1995 with three beautiful daughters--
I'm sure rooting for them to stick together.

After five decades of life,
you should have crinkles around your eyes.
Smiles really bring them out,
so if I notice them on you,
or you on me, 
we both must be smiling a lot!

No one is aging more softly and tenderly than my old girl Josie.
At 13 years and then some,
she is more beautiful than ever.

Save room for some soft and tender moments this weekend.
Cherish them.


Softly and Tenderly    ***this is the "invitation" hymn that was being sung at a church revival in the summer of 1950, when I went forward to be "saved."***