Friday, May 26, 2017

Lesson 481: Stars & Stripes

Happy Memorial Day, Readers!
Here's a holiday weekend peek at the past week.

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We certainly have earned our stripes this school year.

The kids have worked hard this year and there are many things to be celebrated.  

Natalie is finishing up her first year of her Community Based program
and has had great success.

My dog loving daughter turned 19.

She got an iPad for her birthday.
I snapped this photo of her playing with it,

and I couldn't help but think how much it reminded
of this photo I snapped of Ellen.

Ellen earned her stripes out on the softball field this year.
The Lady Huskies continue into the playoffs on Saturday morning.

I earned my stripes at WLD Ranch last Saturday
as Challenge Erie 8 participants attended a team building session
on the ropes course.

Hubby added a 48th stripe to his sleeve.

We will be spending lots of time with family this weekend,

starry-eyed from homecomings,

 a wedding,

and meeting new family.

Mrs. Eloise has stars in her eyes over this fantastic classroom idea.
Striped ball cap is tipped to the Clark School 4th grade teachers
for their take on Star of the Week.

Each student gets a full week to be the star.
They fill out their Favorites page,

that is followed by a handwritten note from the teacher.

Family is asked to send in letters of encouragement in sealed envelopes.

The letters are opened by the teacher and read aloud before the class.

The students in the class each pen a note to the star,
including a drawn picture.

It's funny how girls measure themselves against 
how soon they get to wear a training bra
and boys glorify the boy who is first to reach 5 feet tall.

Best news of the week:
Harborcreekers, ice cream is coming our way!
Weekend homework:
Can you figure out where?

Thanks, Becky for allowing them to park in your lot!
Becky, by the way,
has been responsible for taming this mane for twenty years!

photo IfYouWantToThank10x24_zps2f0aa8c2.jpg:

The video of this week is dedicated to my nephew, Jack.
He earned his Eagle Scout Ranking and we attended the ceremony earlier this week.
Aunt Eloise encourages all boys to take part in scouting,
at least for one year.  
Sam thoroughly enjoyed his short stint with Pack 151.
He brought his basketball to each meeting,
and counted the minutes until he could shoot hoops after it was over.
Still, the lessons learned from the building of the car
and the birdhouse remain with him.
It truly is an awesome adventure for boys.

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Earning an Eagle Scout rank is truly worthy of praise and recognition.

Congratulations, Jack,
on this accomplishment and the many more to come.

Aunt Eloise

Friday, May 19, 2017

Lesson 480: Golden Girl

Today our oldest daughter Natalie 
celebrated her Golden Birthday.
Also known as a Grand Birthday,
Lucky Birthday,
Champagne Birthday,
or Star Birthday--
it is the birthday when a person turns 
the age of their birth date.

Natalie turned 19 on the 19th.

Why not celebrate with three birthday cakes,

and lots of family and friends.

She truly is a golden girl.

As pretty as a golden sunset,


and a goldfinch.

Natalie is one of a kind.
Her uniqueness is hard to describe, 
but Mother Eloise will give it her best shot on her Golden Birthday night.

It's like looking out into a great big field.

and one blade of grass looks like the next,
making the world a sea of green.

But if one looks a little closer,
there is a break in the sameness.

One tiny spot of color that demands to be seen,
in its own quiet way.

Some may see it as a weed,
a nuisance,
a pest.

Others see its beauty,
and value.

The dandelion
has purposes that God intended for it,
for which we are just beginning to understand.

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God has purposes set for Natalie,
to which we are just beginning to understand.
Knowing Natalie makes us all better people.

More patient.
More understanding.
More protective.
More kind.

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Enjoy this photo story made up of
Golden Moments of Natalie's last year,
set to the song Golden, by Lady Antebellum.

Love you, Natalie.
We all do.