Friday, March 27, 2015

Lesson 352: Beautiful Boy

It's not just another spring day in Erie.
It's extra special.

It's my son Sam's birthday.
The human tornado turns 8 today.

From the day of his entry into this world

to the present,
Sam has been been a force of nature.

Here are a few photos from my archives, 
prior to the start of my blog in 2010.

Thank you, Sam
for the joy you've brought into our lives for



 I hope your wish comes true.
(It must have been a good one from the looks of him).

 Mother Eloise never says no to books or music,
so Sam added a few more of these to his reading stack today.

His surprise favorite was this one.

It's a journal type book that gives the reader space to write in.

I found this from our budding young writer.

Thanks family and friends for making Sam's day extra special.

Grandma and Grandpa got him a bike
(to ride on an icy driveway).

 We punctuated his big day with a bedtime reading.

This was the piece for tonight,
Sam's birthday.

Sam reads the stories aloud.
Look at Ellen's reaction when she heard the title.

It was about Jesus, Ellen---
not Sam.
We may need to brush up your reading comprehension a little this weekend
if you don't stop with the eye rolling.

Kenyan and I had a contest to see whose feet were uglier.
In comparison, I was actually pleased.
My feet are the one thing on my body skinnier than my sister's.

Tell me this is not one ugly foot!
This is one contest I'd be happy to lose.

I'm looking to put my feet to work this spring and summer again 
by participating in Challenge Erie.
I'm still looking for a partner or partners.
I need multiple sources of energy to draw from 
in order to stay motivated and healthy.

Contact me if you want a partner.
Sign ups are going on now.

 Nurturing your creativity is just as important as physical fitness.
My family attended Clark School PTO's Huskie Hues.

It was a painting evening with Harbor Creek Art Teacher 
and Master Painter, Jan Pearson-Weber.

Rough and tumble Sam was a bit apprehensive at first,

but he even enjoyed the evening!

Natalie loves to paint!

This was her interpretation of Van Gogh's tree.

It looks very elementary at first glance,
but Natalie has a very keen eye for detail.
She often hones in on the tiniest of details.
I could see her really listening 
when the instructor was discussing the dry brush technique.
Look closely at Natalie's flowers.
I think they are spectacular.

Ellen Louise was in her element,

and enjoyed the time spent with her elementary school principal.

This trio of Great Works is proudly displayed in the Lamp Post.

More Huskie Hues are in the planning stages for the future,
and are open to the public.
Contact Eloise if you are interested, 
and I will forward you the information.

My friend Karen B shared a really inspirational piece
about the world's oldest female body builder.
It's worth the 8 minute investment.
Check it out.

Thank you John Lennon for these perfect words
to pair with a mid week, March sunrise.

Thank you again, John Lennon for your song
Beautiful Boy written for your son Sean.

I stole it for Sam's photo video this week.
Enjoy taking a peek at Sam's last 12 months.

Have a great weekend.
See you in APRIL--
which is next week!


Friday, March 20, 2015

Lesson 351: Oh, Happy Day!

It's the weekend, Readers!

Oh Happy Day!     - music arrangement of an 18th century hymn. Recorded by the Edwin Hawkins Singers, it became an international hit in 1969

We are jumping for joy because Spring finally arrived at 6:45 pm today.

March 20th is also the International Day of Happiness.

Eloise is going to do her part to change the world for the better,
and share this information with you.

The International Day of Happiness was designated by the United Nations in 2012,
aiming to make happiness a fundamental human goal.

The International Day of Happiness Resolution 65/309 was the result of the effort the Kingdom of Bhutan and its Gross National Happiness Initiative. [2]

Bhutan?  Where in the hell is Bhutan?
If you asked yourself this question, 
Eloise has the answer at the ready:

More on Bhutan from Wikipedia:


The initiative to declare a day of happiness came from Bhutan – a country whose citizens are considered to be some of the happiest people in the world. The Himalayan Kingdom has championed an alternative measure of national and societal prosperity, called the Gross National Happiness Index (GNH). The GNH rejects the sole use of economic and material wealth as an indicator of development, and instead adopts a more holistic outlook, where spiritual well being of citizens and communities is given as much importance as their material well being.

The Happiness idea is not new.  
It took 40 years of crabbyassness to finally catch on.  
Bhutan proposed the Happiness Initiative way back in 1972, 
when I was making art in my playpen.

Here is the timeline swiped from wikipedia,
which if you recall, I told you not to trust a few weeks ago.

Nevertheless, here it is---
with Eloise's commentary inserted in RED.
From Wikipedia:

History of Happiness Development Initiatives[edit]

The following historical timeline lists happiness development milestones and international happiness initiatives.
  • 1972
    • Bhutan's King introduced the Gross National Happiness (GNH) philosophy and its four development pillars at an international conference. [4]
  • Because any Joe Schmo can insert what they want on Wikipedia, I'll interject that the idea went over like a lead balloon.  
  • Fast forward to 33 years later.............
  • 2005
    • International Institute of Management introduced second generation GNH (GNH 2.0), the first GNH Index and the first Global GNH Index Survey[5]   Copycatters
    • 2006 - The International Institute of Management published a policy white paper calling for the implementation of GNH philosophy in the US and inviting scholars to build upon the GNH Index framework. [7]
  • 2007
    • Thailand releases Green and Happiness Index (GHI).[8]
    • Yeah for Thailand!
  • 2009
    • In the United States, the Gallup poll system launched the happiness survey collecting data on national scale.[9] The Gallup Well-Being Index was modeled after the GNH Index framework of 2005. The Well-Being Index score is an average of six sub-indexes that measures life evaluation, emotional health, work environment, physical health, healthy behaviors , and access to basic necessities. In October 2009, the USA scored 66.1/100.  WTF?  Leave it to the US to complicate things.
  • 2010
    • The Center for Bhutan Studies further defined the original four pillars with greater specificity into eight general contributors to happiness—physical, mental and spiritual health; time-balance; social and community vitality; cultural vitality; education; living standards; good governance; and ecological vitality. The Bhutan GNH Index. [10]
    • Eloise suggests a 9th contributor--Sex--they left out good sex.  

  • 2011
    • UN General Assembly Resolution 65/309, titled "Happiness: towards a holistic approach to development" [12]
    • The United Nations released the World Happiness Report
  • Here is the World Happiness Report:   We are 17th, crabbily sandwiched between Mexico and Ireland

2013 ranking (2010-12 surveys)[edit]

RankCountryHappinessChange in happiness
from 2005-07
1 Denmark7.693Decrease -0.233
2 Norway7.655Increase 0.263
3  Switzerland7.650Increase 0.303
4 Netherlands7.512Increase 0.054
5 Sweden7.480Increase 0.171
6 Canada7.477Increase 0.032
7 Finland7.389Decrease -0.283
8 Austria7.369Increase 0.247
9 Iceland7.355N/A
10 Australia7.350Increase 0.040
11 Israel7.301Increase 0.293
12 Costa Rica7.257Steady 0.000
13 New Zealand7.221Decrease -0.210
14 United Arab Emirates7.144Increase 0.410
15 Panama7.143Increase 0.633
16 Mexico7.088Increase 0.535
17 United States7.082Decrease -0.283
18 Ireland7.076Decrease -0.068
19 Luxembourg7.054N/A
20 Venezuela7.039Increase 0.192
21 Belgium6.967Decrease -0.274
22 United Kingdom6.883Decrease -0.003
23 Oman6.853N/A
24 Brazil6.849Increase 0.371
25 France6.764Decrease -0.049
26 Germany6.672Increase 0.163
27 Qatar6.666N/A
28 Chile6.587Increase 0.708
29 Argentina6.562Increase 0.369
30 Singapore6.546Decrease -0.094
31 Trinidad and Tobago6.519Increase 0.687
32 Kuwait6.515Increase 0.440
33 Saudi Arabia6.480Decrease -0.692
34 Cyprus6.466Increase 0.228
35 Colombia6.416Increase 0.334
36 Thailand6.371Increase 0.527
37 Uruguay6.355Increase 0.615
38 Spain6.322Decrease -0.750
39 Czech Republic6.290Decrease -0.180
40 Suriname6.269N/A
41 South Korea6.267Increase 0.728
42 Taiwan6.221Increase 0.032
43 Japan6.064Decrease -0.303
44 Slovenia6.060Increase 0.249
45 Italy6.021Decrease -0.691
46 Slovakia5.969Increase 0.705
47 Guatemala5.965Decrease -0.148
48 Malta5.964N/A
49 Ecuador5.865Increase 0.855
50 Bolivia5.857Increase 0.357
51 Poland5.822Increase 0.085
52 El Salvador5.809Increase 0.313
53 Moldova5.791Increase 0.852
54 Paraguay5.779Increase 0.777
55 Peru5.776Increase 0.763
56 Malaysia5.760Decrease -0.377
57 Kazakhstan5.671Increase 0.074
58 Croatia5.661Decrease -0.160
59 Turkmenistan5.628N/A
60 Uzbekistan5.623Increase 0.390
61 Angola5.589Increase 1.438
62 Albania5.550Increase 0.915
63 Vietnam5.533Increase 0.173
64 Hong Kong5.523Increase 0.012
65 Nicaragua5.507Increase 0.800
66 Belarus5.504Decrease -0.133
67 Mauritius5.477N/A
68 Russia5.464Increase 0.346
69 North Cyprus5.463N/A
70 Greece5.435Decrease -0.891
71 Lithuania5.426Decrease -0.456
72 Estonia5.426Increase 0.074
73 Algeria5.422N/A
74 Jordan5.414Decrease -0.528
75 Jamaica5.374Decrease -0.833
76 Indonesia5.348Increase 0.329
77 Turkey5.344Increase 0.171
78 Libya5.340N/A
79 Bahrain5.312N/A
80 Montenegro5.299Increase 0.103
81 Pakistan5.292Decrease -0.214
82 Nigeria5.248Increase 0.448
83 Kosovo5.222Increase 0.118
84 Honduras5.142Decrease -0.103
85 Portugal5.101Decrease -0.305
  • 2012
    • Meanwhile, back in the US...... A report prepared for the US Congressman Hansen Clarke, R, Researchers Ben, Beachy and Juston Zorn, at John F. Kennedy School of Government in Harvard University, recommended that "the Congress should prescribe the broad parameters of new, carefully designed supplemental national indicators; it should launch a bipartisan commission of experts to address unresolved methodological issues, and include alternative indicators." Oh, for Pete's sake! They proposed that the government can use the survey results to see which well-being dimensions are least satisfied and which districts and demographic groups are most deficient, so as to allocate resources accordingly. The report list the Gross National Happiness Index and its seven measurement area as one of the main frameworks to consider.[15]
    • South Korea launched Happiness Index citing the GNH Index framework.  Not a bad idea when you have those neighbors to the north.

    • The city of Seattle in Washington, launched its own happiness index initiative, emphasizing measures similar to the GNH Index.  I move Erie, Pennsylvania is next to launch and Eloise is leading the initiative.


  • Each year since the day's inception the charity has coordinated an international campaign to coincide with day, bringing together a coalition of over 60 organisations[20] to promote positive social action to help create a happier and more caring world. In 2015 their campaign, titled 'YOUR HAPPINESS IS PART OF SOMETHING BIGGER', focuses on the importance of human connection in the context of the epidemic of loneliness and isolation in modern societies.   Big, red thumbs up.  Eloise likes this! As well as running the official website they have organised happiness flash-mobs in 12 cities across the world[21] and promote the sharing of positive messages on social media on the hash tag #internationaldayofhappiness.  Whaaat?!?!?!?!  A happiness flash mob!  12 cities in the world?!??  Make room for Erie, Pennsylvania!  We are about to become the lucky 13th.  I'm thinking steps of the Dobbins Landing observation deck.
  • Once again, is offering two free workbooks to all visitors: last year's International Day of Happiness workbook, "One Day of Fluent Happiness" and this year's workbook, "Happiness in the Workplace Every Day," acknowledging that unhappy workers cost companies more than $350 Billion a year in lost productivity and seeking solutions to counter that.    Sorry, Teacher Peeps.  Eloise knows kids can wear a person down faster than any fascist dictator---but if this workbook finds it way into your school mailbox, it is meant to help change the world, not wound your ego.
  • Happy Newcomer Inc. in association with The Bolivian Center for Research in Positive Psychology have organized a campaign for the International Day of happiness by developing a web portal where people can share events and activities planned for this day.  I'm right behind you, Bolivia.  I made my own facebook page Finding Joy.  Don't forget to join it, Readers.[24]
  • Happiness International is encouraging people to make a "Happiness Day Resolution" by choosing one action supporting their happiness to continue developing over the coming year. To help people select the best action to match their needs for happiness, they are offering free access to their science-based online Happiness Planner™.   Well, doesn't that kinda suck the fun right out of it?  What ever happened to the joy of Spontaneity?  [25]
It's for realz!  I found the link.  Crap, I said last week how much I hate secret facebook groups and now look what I've done.  Had myself I nice slice of Crow Pie.  I JOINED!

Here is one of the Secret Society of Happy People's shares.

Eckhart Tolle would definitely approve.

Here are some more links to connect to if you are interested in the Happiness Movement.

In short, after all of your clicking and research on Happy,
Eloise's advice summarized is this:

Day 1 - This is going to be the best year of my life because I get to spend it with the most amazing girl ever<3 Jade Adaline<3 @The Pinterest Princess

Here are some things that made Eloise happy this week:

 I happily added to my Finding Joy facebook page,
open to the public.

My Joy Dare on March 14th was 3 Gifts Found in Silence.

A Holy Experience – 15 Happy Ways to Teach Kids to be Grateful. It sounded like it would work for any age.
At the Lamp Post?
What's that?

This was the only way I could make it happen.

March 14th was also the official,
once in a lifetime,
Pi Day.


March 14th--3-14
at 9:26 in the morning

Pi makes Eloise happy.
This kind of pi.
Without the sugar.


I made my students memorize out to the first 33,
and many memorized digits beyond that.

Take a moment to look up pi's significance to the universe.
You, too, will see its beauty.

Eloise found happiness in the Disney Live Action Version of Cinderella last weekend!

If you are a hopeless romantic like Eloise,
and believe that with diligence, hope, and patience,
good things will come to you---
this movie is a must see!

"Where there is kindness, there is goodness. Where there is goodness, there is magic." - Cinderella

Even Sweet Brown thinks so.

cinderella shoes Oakley sunglasses for your fashion style! Just $24.88!!!

My recent running shoe deals brought me extreme happiness this week.
I am thrilled that white and light colored Mizunos didn't sell.
They are at the discounters, and I found TWO pair,
for less than half the price of one.

I'm set for a year.
Time to help me dirty these up, Team!

If you want to make your Shoe Mudding Assistance official,
sign up for the sixth offering of Challenge Erie--
a Wellness Program offered by Erie Chiropractor Dr. Steven Krauza.
Sign ups are open now.
Check out the Challenge Erie page on facebook or call his office for more information.

Eloise is IN for #6!
Join me for the most fun you will ever have getting well.


I had a happy Saint Patrick's Day.

I found out through some family research compiled by Cousin Jan,
that I do have a distant relative that resided in County Cork, Ireland.
There is a wee bit o' Irish in Eloise after all!

I suggested to my running group that we have our own St. Patty's Day run next year.
It will be a team competition--Irish descent versus the non-Irish.
I want to name the run the Erin-Go-Braless,
and the Irish team has to run sans the sports bras.

$5 admission for the male spectators,
and the girls could have ourselves quite a night on the town afterwards.

Seemed like a great idea until I found about Distant Cousin Twice Removed Seamus.

Gotta love the Irish.
They have the best sayings.

Irish saying about learning

Irish Blessing...for the back of an Irish quilt

OK, a few need some revisions...

it was more like- If you don't stop sliding down the banister, you will have splinters from the paddle....LOL jfb! : )
This is probably my favorite.

May the Road  pinterest pinterest quotes irish saint patrick's day st. patrick's day quotes irish prayer

I made a set of photos for my Tuesday workout based on this pretty verse.

Maybe the Irish have it right.
I'm putting in a call to the CDC.

Jameson Irish Whiskey Flu Shot. Might need some ;)

My trio was sure happy on Free Cone Day.
If you missed it, 
the Ultra Organized can mark your calendars for next year.

In the remaining hours of this International Day of Happiness,
you have a choice, Readers.

Choose to be happy,
and find the beauty around you,
and all throughout this world.

Here's a link to help you out.

Beautiful people of the world

If you choose the alternative,
and live in a world of gossip, untruth, and negativity,
this one is for you.

Too funny! ( Not on P.I.N.T.E.R.E.S.T....Of COURSE! But, some other places! ;))

Eloise encourages you to:

have courage and be kind - Google Search

and always look for the first star to make a wish on.

Have the happiest of weekends, My Readers.