Friday, January 7, 2011

Lesson 32: Word Travels Fast

 I have to extend a nice thank you to my hometown newspaper, The Erie Times News for running the name of my blog along with my story about reading aloud to my son Sam.  It was included in a features piece written by Heather Cass about spending quality time with children. 

By the time I got home from work on Thursday, January 6th, the day the story ran, the blog had already 50 pageviews.  I received six comments from anonymous readers, stating  that they enjoyed the blog, the music, the stories, and words of inspiration.  That made me feel beyond good knowing that I touched strangers in my hometown.  A feature on Blogger allows a writer to view the number of pageviews per day, week, month, and all time.  Since my first post this past August, Lessons From the Lamp Post has been read by many people in the US and other countries.  The Times article attention pushed the pageviews over the 3,000 mark on Thursday.  I've had hits from the US, Canada, Russia, China, Japan, Denmark, Croatia, and Slovenia.  Not to cause an international incident or anything, but I must look up where Slovenia actually is.  Sorry.  I mean "zal" for you Slovenian followers.  Thanks for reading everyone, and keep doing so because I have lots of stories to tell. 

 If you read my New Year's Day blog post you should be a changed person.  I have full confidence in making this bold statement knowing that if the How Great Is Our God song is in your heart, you are well on your way.  I advised you all to bag the resolutions this year and just try to make a lasting change within by listening to Christian music.  We already do that in our house as a CD is always in the kitchen player.  Therefore we have to make some attempt to resolve some of the nagging problems in our household.  Here are some things I plan on attacking in 2011:

#1--Get to the bottom of the mystery track.  I posted the top shot on my facebook page and circulated the picture around my 'hood and my parents' New Year's Eve party.  I found this track in the woods on December 30th while walking the dog.  It looks like a bear print to me.  I was so convinced that I ran the whole way back home (uphill-and took the "shortcut" through knee deep snow) to grab my camera to capture the shot.  Any ideas, anyone?  The responses were 50-50.  The
biggest surprise was not the mixed reaction but that no one was really all that concerned with my safety.  They kind of skimmed right over that.  The only cause for alarm was raised by my fashionista
sister over the very unstylish, flame orange mitten.  The mittens came to me in the pocket of my father's hunting coat he gave me when I moved to my house 13 years ago.  I enjoy walking through the woods, and he was convinced I was going to get shot.  The zipper has since ripped on the original coat, and I have replaced it with a newer, better fitting version, but I kept the mittens.  They are my favorite.  They keep my fingers nice and toasty.  As an added bonus, they have the tops that flip off to free your fingers.  I am sure the design is for shooting, but since I cannot kill anything, the feature will have to make shooting photos of nature at its finest with my camera easier for me.  Sorry Karen, the mittens are here to stay.  I promise not to wear them in public.

#2--Find a way to make January and February more fun:  Eloise tends to get that cagey, cooped up feeling in January and February.  I don't have a trust fund I am siphoning off of, so traveling to an island all-inclusive resort to beat the winter blahs is not on my roster.  I do enjoy the outdoors, but with lack of available sunlight during the week, leaves me and the family looking out the window most weekdays.  On the weekends, if the temperatures are not sub zero or we are experiencing snow measured in feet not inches, then sometimes we can brave the elements and sled ride or build an occasional snowman.  We usually make a yearly excursion to Peek n Peak for tubing with cousins Kayla and Morgan in tow.  That always proves to be a good time, especially if you ride down the icy hill connected to Kayla.  Let's just say the decent is mighty fast and mighty loud.   I was so desperate for fun last year that we celebrated Elmo's birthday.  He turns three every February 3rd.  I got balloons, made a red velvet cake, and our collection of overpriced Sesame Street stuffed animals were invited to the table to have some cake.  I am looking to continue my wintertime creativity by developing some "theme weekends".  I have a Chinese night planned, a Mexican fiesta, and a Casino Night.  Call me if you're bored.  Don't forget your fortune cookies, sombrero, and spare change. 

#3--Ride out the "Terrible Three's and enter into the Fantastic Four's:   The third year of Sam's life has proved to be, well, 'er, um.....let's just say a bit of a challenge.  I am writing to the publisher of What to Expect the Toddler Years and tell them that the 3's are way worse than the touted "terrible 2's."  I want to try to find a way to tame the temper, subdue the stubborn, and just flat out make Sam more likable.  Wiping "the look" from his face is a good starting point.  If you aren't familiar with it, take a peek at the posted photo.  This is when Sam was supposed to be participating in his preschool sing along, welcoming Santa to Milestones Early Learning Center.  All the kids were jingling and ho-ho-hoing on the carpet, and Sam was frowning between our legs.  He's had some past issues with Santa, and I think he had that nagging fear that Santa does, in fact, hold grudges.  He had the opportunity to see about sixteen Santas this year so his issues were resolved for the time being.  We will have to see what the fourth year of his life brings, beginning on March 27th.  Prayers, well wishes, and alcoholic beverages are welcomed.  Send them my way.

#4--Find Slovenia on the World Map:  Eloise wouldn't want to cause an international incident, now would she? 

Do naslednjic (Until next time),

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Barbara said...

Agree, the 3's are much worse than 2's...not sure how people get rich writing how bad the 2's are.