Friday, March 18, 2011

Lesson 43: What Words Can Be Worth

Wow!  Wow! Bing, boom, bam!  Two posts in a row for Eloise.  But let me tell you, readers, this one is really worth the review.

Eloise is a huge American Idol fan.  In keeping with family tradition, I too am a lover of music and look forward to the live performances and variety of music the show offers.  What I really enjoy about American Idol, however, is a good Cinderella story.  I love to see young adults plucked out of obscurity and brought into our living rooms each week.

This season there was a very touching story of a man named Chris Medina.  Most will remember him as the young man whose fiancee was hurt in an accident and left brain damaged with what doctors deem "permanently disabled".  Despite her injuries, Chris continues to stand by her, care for her, and love her as he did before the accident.  Unfortunately Chris did not make the Top 24 and was eliminated from the competition.  It brought judge Jennifer Lopez to tears.  I was sad to see him leave, as I loved his singing and wanted to continue to follow his story for some reason.  Eloise found herself really pulling and praying for these strangers she never met.

Today I was shopping on iTunes beefing up my Idol 2011 collection of songs.  At the very bottom of the idol offerings was a single by Chris Medina.  I have never seen a song released as a single on iTunes under American Idol from a contestant eliminated so early in the competition.  You can find it by scrolling all the way down to the bottom and it is on the left side.  Invest in it. It will be the best buck twenty nine you ever spent.

The Cinderella stories on Idol are meant to be about the singer.  The real Cinderella in this case is Medina's fiancee. She has found her handsome prince, her knight in shining armor, a man noble enough to live up to his word---a very rare find today.  That is what this song is about.  It is called What Are Words. 

Words are certainly important when you stand by them, as in this case.  I write lots and lots of words on this blog and I try to stay true to them, but it is hard.  But I remind myself that I am perfectly imperfect and to give it my best shot every day.  When I am weary and defeated, I will listen to this song and watch this video and be reminded of what words can really be worth. 

Apparently someone in the business was also touched by the story and wrote a song for Chris to sing.  A day after the elimination he was contacted, and a day after that he was in the sound booth recording the above posted song. 

To the fiancee from Eloise:  He's a keeper, beautiful stranger.  Best wishes and I will continue to pray for the two of you.  God certainly works in beautiful ways, doesn't he?


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