Friday, April 6, 2012

Lesson 139: A Second Helping

I was a glutton, Readers.  I must admit my sins on this Good Friday.  I went back for more, a second helping of the Hunger Games.  Once was not enough.  A friend at work told me that sometimes avid readers need to see the movie version of their favorite book twice, because the first time through all you do is compare the movie to the book.  Where's this part?  Why did they shorten that?  Rue is black?  I left the first viewing of the movie still hungry, so I went back to fill my plate again on Tuesday evening.

If you have yet to read the books or see the movie, the above youtube post won't make much sense.  I'd skip watching it altogether.  But if you are like me and have read the books and seen the movie, you will appreciate the artistry in this piece.  The voices sound as though older teenagers or perhaps early college students found the time to put this together.  My tech teacher friend Amy passed this along to us (note--it is always a good thing to have the tech teacher for a friend--they are the first to find all the good stuff).

For those of you who don't know, Beanie Babies were the rage about a dozen years ago--collectible little beanbag toys made in the shape of animals.  Natalie had lots of them and I still have a few she just can't part with.  Beanie Babies soon gave way to Webkinz for Ellen's generation a decade ago.  I have a small fortune invested in them.  So much so they are still taking up space in my house because of the sheer money invested in them.  At least the Webkinz and Beanie Babies are cuter than Sam's collection of WWE Wrestlers.  The Undertaker totally creeps me out.  I hide him in the bottom of the toy box whenever I get the chance.  Nevertheless, this movie made clever use of the toys.  Natalie still has Effie the Elephant, HG fans.

This is Sam in front of his new soccer net.  Kenyan Karen followers should take notice of his pose.  I didn't notice it myself until just now.  Somethings run in families I guess.  Genetics are strong.  Sam is unfamiliar with the game soccer.  It was just the two of us playing in the yard the other Sunday, so I was standing in as goalie, telling Sam how to try to run and kick the ball in the net.  The conversation went a little like this:
Me:  Come on, Sam!  Run and kick the ball at the same time, and when you get close to the net, try kick it in.
Sam:  Yaaaahhhhh!   Sam runs at me, punches me in the stomach, kicks the ball in the net, then tries to take me down to the ground.
Me:  NO, SAM!  You can't do that!  Tackling is not allowed in soccer.  You can only use your feet.  No punching!
Sam:  looking bewildered  I can only use my feet?
Me:  Yes.
Sam:  Well that's dumb.
Me:  Here, you be goalie.  Goalies get to use their hands.  I'll try to kick it in and you can use your hands or your feet to try to stop it.  I back up and begin to ever so athletically bring the ball down the driveway.
Sam:  Yaaaaahhhhhh!  Sam runs at me, grabs me around the waist, and tries to take me down.
Me:  SAM!  You cannot tackle people like that when you are goalie!
Sam:  I thought you said I could use my hands to stop you!
Me:  I did, but you can do it that way.
Sam:  pauses and looks bewildered This is a dumb game.

I told you I think he's destined to be a lineman someday.  Check back in a few years.

This is Ellen after I passed the torch, er the soccer ball, to her to try to teach her brother to play by the rules.  She is wearing her Hunger Games t-shirt.  Ellen is a fan.

 So much so that she's been wearing her hair in a Katniss braid ever since.

 The odds were in favor of Ellen inheriting my head of hair.  You can really see it in this photo.  Genetics are strong.

While we were outside playing, I set up the dart board.  You can see it in the photo below, behind Natalie.  I told the girls that after seeing the movie, I thought I needed to help them hone some skills.  "Why?" Ellen asked.  "Because if the Canadians ever invade, we're screwed.  We'll be the first POW's if they come across the lake."

I got out the dart board and told the girls to get practicing.  As Ellen was eyeing up the bulls eye, she said to me, "We're tough mom.  We'd survive like the people of District 12 if we had to."

"Tough?  You think you're tough, Ellen?  You were crying the other night because I bought the wrong bubble bath," I said.

"Oh," was her reply.

Natalie will mimic anything Ellen does.  If Ellen puts on a sweatshirt, Natalie puts on a sweatshirt.  If Ellen cracks open a can of allowable weekend Coca Cola, so does Natalie, even though Natalie actually prefers Sprite.  After the movie, Ellen came home and painted this symbol of the mocking jay with the quote:  May the odds be ever in your favor. 

 Ellen and I ran over to the high school that evening to see The Music Man.  When we came home, we found Natalie had gotten into Ellen's paint set and made this.

 Ellen and I both got a little teary.  "She loves you, Ellen," I said to her.  "I love her like Katniss loved Prim," said Ellen back.  Genetics are strong.  I grabbed her and gave her a big kiss on the forehead, brushing away the few wavy hairs that had strayed from her braid.  "May the odds be ever in your favor," I returned.  

I think if the Canadians do invade, the odds will be in my favor.  I got Sam on my team.  He's wicked good with a slingshot and likes to tackle people.  Come to the Lamp Post if an imminent invasion of the Canadians is upon us.  We'll keep you safe.

Stay safe and sound,

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