Friday, November 16, 2012

Lesson 194: It's the Little Things

Hello, Readers! 

I'm recovering from my illness that was the topic of last weekend's blog, The Agony of Defeat.  Eloise is operating at about 75% capacity now, and getting better every day.  The steroids I was given must have accelerated leg growth along with healing as you can see in this photo.  To all of you who extended well wishes, I say this:

Give thanks.

Once the searing pain of the shingles along my trigeminal nerve subsided, the headache came on.....and lingered......for days.  It rendered poor Eloise useless.  I was under advisement to rest, both physically and mentally.  No exercise.  No reading.  No computer, music, or watching TV.  I said my doc, "What am I supposed to do?  Sit there and watch the birds out the window?"  The doc replied to an exasperated Eloise, "Basically, yes."

I was well enough to return to work this week, only to slog in the door at the end of the day.  I'd take a nose dive into the couch and stay there for the rest of the evening.  Twice this week my family ate convenience food for dinner.  "How many vegetables do we have to eat?" my children asked me out of habit.  "There aren't any," I'd yell from the couch.  "Potato chips are close enough this week."  Did I mention my delirium, too?

I couldn't take many photos again this week, but I did snap this one the other morning while following doctor's orders.  Out the window, the sun was rising over the frosted vineyard across the street from The Lamp Post.

 Pretty, isn't it?

That perfect combination of light and shadow,

which is often at its prettiest as the sun rises.

Eloise was thankful that I got to see the morning sun, had a camera good enough to capture the light, and a means to share it with you.  Instead of wallowing in my misery, I decided to change my attitude.  It was time to do this:

Give thanks.

And that I did.  Gave thanks for all the good things in my life, and I began to feel better.  This next message is a good reminder for all of you during this holiday season.  Consider this your weekend homework assignment:

Give Thanks

Do this before you fall asleep tonight.  Thank the Good Lord for all you have.  I'm going to ask you if you did when I see you next.  Teachers always know when their students don't do their assignments.  No excuses.  Do your homework.

Eloise does not like idle time.  I'm always thinking about someone or something, it seems.  It's hard to stop the freight train of my brain, so made my own adaptation.  I decided that I would still think this week while I rested, but I'd put myself on a thinking diet.  I'd Think Lite. So instead of thinking of ways to bridge the divide in our government, or figure out ways to help clean up the east coast as quickly as possible, I'd try to think of the little things.  Because you know what they say about the little things:

... the LITTLE things ...

Eloise has compiled a list for you.  This list:

little things :)

I put this phrase into the search box on pinterest and hundreds of pins popped up.  If you have a pinterest account, do this happy exercise.  It will make you smile.  I have posted my favorites below.

I went back to school this week, so I got many of these.

Just Little Things

I told you we ate fast food this week.

little things<3

The kids ate a lot of this, too.

the little things :)

True:  Carrie Underwood is coming up for us November 27th.
False:  Kenyan went to see Madonna and it was a big disappointment.

little things

Speaking of music......

Just Little Things

...and this one is for you, Leanne!

Just Little Things

It's Christmas shopping time!

Just Little Things

It's getting cold out.

Just Little Things

This NEVER happens at the Lamp Post.

Just Little Things

Nor does this for poor Eloise.

just little things

But sometimes this does, and it is the best!

just little things

I've spent a lot of time in these the past two weeks.

 ... the-little-things

Always a favorite.

the little things

Thanks, Book Woman.   Awesome capture.  You have talent, too.

 Birthdays are always nice.

the little things

But this is the absolute best!

Just Little Things

Someone remembered what color shirt I wore on the first day of Seventh Grade.

The Little Things

Or recall your name after meeting you just once.

Just Little Things

Eloise has a nose like a bloodhound and never forgets a scent.

little things

I never forget a good hug either,

Just Little Things

especially when the person doesn't want to let go.

Just Little Things

This includes people, as well as things.

just little things

Always a nice feeling to know you aren't crazy.

little things<3

Hugging is good, but kissing is better.

Little things

Mental telepathy--even better yet.

Just Little Things

And a salute to schadenfreude from last week's post.  There's always someone......

Grandmas telling stories can cure all that inner yucky.

Just Little Things

Well, except for my children's Grandma, that is.  She's not much for reading stories.
Grandma brought over a case of wine glasses this afternoon and told Ellen to "paint 'em up."
Looks like we're having a fun holiday here at the Lamp Post this year.

And this is the very best.  Eloise loves her tunes.

little things

The band below is not really new, but Eloise did discover just how good they are together.  One Direction has released their Sophomore album.  Posted below is their song Little Things, as performed on the X-Factor recently.  It gets a big HUGE WOW from me.

Simon Cowell can really pick 'em.  If you aren't familiar with One Direction's rise to stardom, you must have been living under a rock for the last year.  Ask any teenage girl and you will get the full story, along with each boy's birth date, favorite color, and last time each visited the bathroom.  They've got quite a following.

Ladies, enjoy Harry, Niall, Zayn, Louis, and Liam in perfect harmony.  The song hi-lights each voice in just the right way to make any girl swoon.  Harry is my favorite.  He's deep and raspy.  You can hear English accent in Liam when he sings.  Zayn bears a striking resemblance to my niece Cora.  I want to live next door to the only Irishman in the group, Niall.  He's very boyish and charming.  I married Louis, but I assure you---not this one.

Guys, you should pay attention.  Don't pass up a listen on this song.  Chicks dig 'em. If you can't sing, then download the song and play it for your girl.  Listen to the words and find the little things you love about her and tell her once in awhile.   It will cement your relationship.  These boys are charming in interviews, too.  If you don't have a personality, then go to K-Mart and buy yourself one.  No girl likes a dud.

So far these boys are holding it together and I am pulling for them.  I hope they don't lose their talent to the ills of such widespread fame.  They are young enough to be my own sons.  I always think of their mothers.  How hard that must be to lose your child to instant celebrity.  I hope their mums are trying to keep them grounded and healthy, more focused on others than on themselves.  Best wishes, Chaps.  I'd like to hear more music from you from across the pond.  Stay clean.

Enjoy the song (video below).  Listen for Harry.  He comes in at 1:45.  And most of all:

little things brookhart12

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