Friday, September 6, 2013

Lesson 258: Forever & Ever

It's been a hectic week, Readers.
Former US President Franklin Pierce is on a tight time table tonight.
The 42 year old female, Dead President has an event tomorrow.
I have to slay the Barber Beast.

Eloise, Kenyan, and friends are participating in Erie's premier obstacle course event.

This obstacle course was designed by a former Navy Seal.  It takes place from Waldameer Park, through the tip of our unique natural peninsula and back, totaling over 15 miles of sand and surf, Erie style.  The proceeds from the race fund programs for our community's mentally and physically challenged individuals.

This special place, founded by the late Gertrude Barber, offers hope to those who are viewed as hopeless.  My daughter Natalie and nephew Erik have benefited greatly from the programs available to children and families.  Saturday, Kenyan, myself, and teams of supporters are going to battle the Beast on the Bay.

To settle my jumpiness, I am having a glass of 6 Mile Cellars new Old Snapper Hard Cider.  
Old Snapper is a box turtle that has been living for a long time in the little creek that runs along the winery and the Lamp Post.  I see Old Snapper from time to time.  I understand turtles live for many years, and I assume it is the same one I've seen since my childhood.  Good job, Bart!  Eloise gives this drink and A Plus!

Forgive the post tonight if it seems a bit jumpy.  That's how Eloise's brain is at the moment.  To help you out, I'll tell you the unifying theme of this post, rather than have you hunt for and underline the main idea like we do in school.  All of the following things in mention are my forever loves:

My Huskies football team played this evening.  

We just returned from the game two hours ago.  

They played 'neath a beautiful sky.  
Unfortunately things did not work out in our favor.
I won't zoom in on the scoreboard at the half....
and it only got worse the third and fourth quarters.

The kids turned out in droves and stuck around to support their team as they always do for the first home game of the year.  Look closely in this picture.  Let's play Where's Waldo, but instead, let's call the game Where's Ellen?  Locals, can you also find:
* a Fitzgerald
* a Hess       
* a Harayda  
* a Skinner    

Speaking of Ellen, my New-To-Junior-High-Almost-Teenaged-Daughter:  she's surviving.  Tired, but loving Junior High School.

I love my students!  One of my high school students, Jake P, repainted the football locker room for his senior project.  Eloise got a grand tour this past week.  It will be open for viewing next Thursday evening as well.  This is the original artwork Jake painted on the wall.  The number 14 represents his graduation year.  Nice job, Jake.

And take some advice from your artistic teammate:

You'll have another shot at winning next week.

When I got my locker room tour, I found it funny that several football players use pink towels.

Jake is number 9.  That is a good number.
Eloise loves numbers, and I sometimes see them in unusual ways.

Our vehicles are getting up there in age.  My van gets the most use in a five mile radius from my house.  I run the wheels off of it, zooming the kids here and there, to the grocery store, and all the other fun places moms have to go throughout the week.  When I looked at the odometer earlier this week, I saw this number.

Most people would say, one hundred eleven thousand, fifty one miles.  
My eye saw it as 3 (three ones) and 51.  351 is my favorite number.  
It has popped up my whole life from my old telephone number, my dorm room number, and even a winning set of lottery numbers that I played on a whim ($300!).  
I also so my age---42.  
Had to pull over for this one.  Good thing I always have a camera at the ready.

Imagine my excitement when I found I only had a few miles to go to reach this cool number!  It clicked over to all ones on Thursday evening as I pulled into the Lamp Post after a very long day.  

I love the fall skies!  
The clear blue sky of the summer is beautiful, 

but the low, heavy clouds of the fall make for some beautiful snapshots.

I love messing with my dinky little garden.  
Remember these green tomatoes from last week?

Look at them this week!  They finally are beginning to ripen!
Proof that some things just take a little time.

Something that is going to take a little time is Eloise mastering her mean face.

I just can't seem to get it right.  Meanness is not in my nature I guess.

If I can't scare away the damn beast, maybe I'll try to kill him with kindness instead.

Wish me the luck of the Irish tomorrow!  Time to go see what all the hype is about......again.  Eloise the Adventurous is saying that a lot lately.  The ability for me to do that is in large part because of the encouragement of my family

and friends.

It is you I love most of all!
I couldn't do this without you.

I found the perfect song to go along with the photos for the week.  I've been listening to the Zac Brown Band a lot because he is coming to Erie on December 13th.  I found this great duet with Randy Travis.  This goes to prove that everyone sounds good singing with Zac Brown, including me, at the top of my lungs as I put 111,111 miles on my van.  Click on the link below to take you to my youtube account Forever & Ever.


Check the Lamp Post on Sunday for a Beast Recap.  If I haven't posted by Sunday afternoon, assume that I am in traction and send balloons and flower arrangements to my room at Hamot Hospital.  Note:  my favorite flower is the daisy.


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