Friday, November 1, 2013

Lesson 267: The Six Pack

The weather has turned frightful in northwestern, Pennsylvania!
sideways rain,

It's time to put your hood up and proceed with the weekend.

Eloise awoke to temperatures below freezing down in the Allegheny Forest last weekend.

Frost on everything.

The frost line is headed north soon.
I have to warn the ladybugs.  They were out in swarms this week.
I think they sense the change coming.

Here is your science lesson you didn't ask for this weekend:  Lady bugs aren't really bugs.  They are a type of beetle, and Bug Nerds prefer to call them Lady Bird Beetles.  Contrary to popular belief, you can not identify the sex of the beetle by the number of spots.  The females are larger than the males.  One sure fire way to tell is to catch them in the mating process.  The male is on the back.  The female is the one who looks disinterested.

And onto other dotted matters of the week, Jack-o-lanterns.
(notice the two Lady Birds on the stem--kid friendly, they are apart).

We tried the drill to carve the faces this year.  
They were done lickety-split!

Natalie even tried some different geometrics in her faces this year.
Her people have morphed into pumpkins!
Still got those same, big, Nataliesque smiles.

We didn't have the heart to carve into this one.
It was just way too warty-cool.
I think I'm turning it into a turkey.

We trick or treated for a record 36 minutes in high winds and rain.

Kenyan even took Erik around to a few houses.
Our family Dracula didn't even bite one single person.

Grandma got us started with the holiday spirit.
Never too old to scare someone, I suppose.

We gave Amy and Brad a Halloween Home Invasion,

and stumbled upon these two handsome fellows later.

The teenagers lasted longer than the little kids, 
but were more worried about their eyeliner smearing than wet feet.

Sam reveled in sorting his loot,

and then howled like a loon at It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown.
That story is a timeless tradition at the Lamp Post.

Another tradition at the Lamp Post is the fall camp trip.  Last weekend was the latest in the season that we've been there in years.  It was cold, but we had good company, 

beautiful scenery,

and lots to do.

We headed out to the Farmer's Inn to say goodbye to the goats,

and Eloise's favorite, the donkeys.

Lord knows I love the donkeys.  The gray one is blind in one eye.  I hug him and kiss him every time I'm there.  I think he recognizes me, one eye and all.  

I love looking at the cross on his back.  Every donkey has one.  
Interesting legend if you don't know it.  I post it every Christmas season.
I promise to in a month or so.  Curious?  Go ask Mr. Google and see for yourself.

The kids love it there.

Ellen was on the lookout for the Amish man who was responsible for killing my last camera.
Lo and behold, we came upon his Amish buggy in the parking lot.

I waited to tempt fate again, to see if photographing an Amish person really would kill my camera.  This new one was still under warranty, so I was willing to take the risk.  I waited, finger poised over the button, lens zoomed on the door of the barn.  Nothing.  After I few minutes I settled on the horse.  Apparently the buggy doesn't have the soul sucking power that a human does.  I snapped a picture or two and moved on.  

When I got about two cars lengths from where I was standing, I found Jedediah, standing between two cars, glaring at me.  And...he was holding a rope.  I did what any normal person would do...screamed and ran.  Never claimed to be a diplomat.

Ellen spotted him later.  We set up or fake photo bomb shot we attempted this summer.  That's him over her shoulder, in the back, with the snazzy hat.  Taking a photo of his backside didn't have the same effect, I guess.  The camera still works, but Ellen and I had similar nightmares involving the Amish, later that same night.  Nothing like passing along your fears to the next generation.

We were sad to leave at weekend's end.  
The hubby stopped to get a drink from the spring before we drove away.

This math teacher never was much of a reader.

My dauntless workout friends continued to brave the fall this week.  

I am hoping to entice a few of them to join me on my Winter Run Series this year.

Last year, my idea of Winery Runs became wildly popular.   
I decided to run to each winery on this sign posted in the Six Mile Cellars parking lot,
across the street from the Lamp Post.  It kept me focused and in good shape all winter long. 

This year Eloise decided to continue with the fun.
Series 2 is titled The Six Pack.
Eloise is a beer girl.

I'm drinking one of these as I write this blog, as is my typical Friday night tradition.
So this year, we are going to run to six different drinking establishments.
When Eloise rolls in after each jaunt, I'm bellying up the bar for one of these.

The Six Pack will consist of six different runs, beginning Thanksgiving weekend.  The runs are planned for Thanksgiving weekend, January, February, March, April, and May.  Each month distance will be added.  Those wanting to try to build running miles, or try a group run--this is what you want to do.

Most runs will leave from the Six Mile Cellars parking lot.  The destination points and approximate distances are as follows:
  • Park Tavern--3 miler, Thanksgiving weekend
  • Bootleggers--5 miler, January
  • Townline Tavern--6 miler, February
  • Pine Junction, meeting at Findley Lake,--8 miler, March
  • Speedez, North East, 10 miler, April
  • Tap House, Erie, PA, 12 miler, May
All are welcome.  There will be routes planned and posted prior to each run.  Contact Eloise for more information as the dates approach.  Prizes will be awarded for each run, and a grand prize will be given for those completing the entire Six Pack.  

If you aren't up to all of the miles, you can join us at a pick up point, and run for the latter part of journey.  It is a great option for newer runners.  

There is a run planned for December 7th that is not part of The Six Pack.  It is a group run, spun off of the Christmas Story Run in Cleveland.  We will plan the route in Erie.  There will be a $25 fee for the t-shirt.  We will donate the the shirt money beyond the printing cost to the charity Grady's Decision.  It is a local charity that assists families with babies born prematurely.  

A Christmas Story is the classic movie, usually played for 24 hours straight on Christmas Eve.
It's the one with the leg lamp,

Ralphie and his Red Rider BB Gun,

and the bunny suit.

Even though our group has designed a rockin' shirt for you to sport after the run, I plan on running the distance in a pink bunny suit.  Newer runners, no fear.  Eloise will create a diversion and you can slide into the Park Tavern under the radar.   Contact Eloise for more details.

If you think Ralphie looks cute in that bunny suit, wait until you see this baby!

I'm not going to spoil my favorite video clip of the week with a teaser photo.  

(aren't you glad you clicked it!)

You are going to have to follow a link to my video for the week, too (see bottom of post).  I couldn't get the video box to post this week for some reason, and I'm too tired tonight to mess with it.  

I set this week's pictures to Handsome's song Nashville Without You.  It is one of Tim McGraw's best songs from his last album.  I suspect it will be used at the upcoming Country Music Awards on November 6th.  Tune in to see if Eloise is right. 

Also check to see if Faith is still seated next to Tim.  The news out of the Country Music world is a little disheartening.  It seems as though there is trouble in paradise.

And think, all because I touched him at a concert last Memorial Day.

I almost feel guilty.  

For this week's photo video, CLICK HERE FOR HANDSOME'S SONG + ELOISE'S PHOTOS  
The link will take you directly to my youtube account.
If you missed a video, they appear down the right side.

Have a great weekend, Readers.  I hope the heavens part and a beam of light shines upon you this weekend.

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