Friday, April 18, 2014

Lesson 297: Ten Thousand Reasons

It's a good, Good Friday, Readers!

The sun is shining on the Lamp Post,
which is #1 of ten thousand reasons I am thankful today.

The sun wasn't shining so brightly earlier this week, though.

We felt the pressure of Tax Day in more ways than one.

But, because we Erieites are tough as nails, 
we carried on with business as usual.

Oh, how I love peculiar people!
("It takes one to know one"----I heard you through the screen).

It figures that would be the day I'd invite some new friends to try an outdoor workout.

They called me names and waved their fists at me,
but they were smiling by the end of the hour.
Reason #3,363 to be thankful.

Some silliness,

and the Bokeh Colorburst Texture was the remedy.

And within a few days, it was warm again.
Signs of spring were everywhere.

Track meets.

Baseball practice.

A growing fleet, gassed and ready to go.

Kenyan running half nude.

Bicycles with two wheels instead of four!

Yes, Sam did it.
He looks like a Zem Zem shiner on a mini motorcycle,
but my boy's got BALANCE!

We'll work on transitioning to that bigger bike in a few weeks.
For now, I'm content to look at this simile of accomplishment.

Reason # 3,271 my heart is glad.

The moon sure was pretty this week!
Reason #4561 to be happy.

I found some daffodils had popped up, despite the snow.
Reason #6,247 is a cheery yellow.

I got to run with some friends this morning--
Reason #7,387 I jump for joy.

But with the good, sometimes comes the bad.
A friend is moving away, and Eloise is sad to see him go.
Still, the sadness I feel is a good reminder of Reason # 8,341 
--making connections with people is important.

This guy helped motivate me to stay fit and help correct my chicken-like running form.

While we're on the topic of running, 
Eloise and sister are having a little Fun Run on Saturday, April 19th.

If you live in the area, and would like to stop by, please do!

You can venture over to Six Mile Cellars for some wine tasting at the finish.
We've also got some refreshments for you at the end

Grandma helped out with that.

Most grandmas knit their grand kids scarves and $h!t.
 This grandma buys booze.

I broke from my Friday night, green bottle tradition,
and tried some Blue.



Way prettier empty.
And not a bad cap, either.
I collect those, too!

The run benefits autism. 
Kenyan and I will be taking donations to the Erie Walk for Autism on Presque Isle
on Saturday, April 26th.
 Save the date.

 My school will be represented with a team.

Show your support for families 
raising some of the most peculiar children you'll ever meet.

Speaking of peculiar, that reminds me of some books I'm digging.

Ransom Riggs wrote them.

Eloise thinks Ransom is quite handsome!

These books are different--and I have a draw to All Things Unusual.

How Ransom turned his casual hobby into something spectacular
is Reason #9451 why I love creative people!

Ransom took a photo like this one,

and developed a story around it.

This was my favorite photo:

Here is Ransom's background on it:

 I agree with you Ransom:  
This is the ultimate creepy department store Santa.
He looks like he clawed his way up from Hell.

And while we are on the topic of Hell on Easter weekend---

Sam announced to my friend that he had just been to see the movie
Hell is for Real.

I think Sam meant to say this one:

We took the kids yesterday to see it.
In Siskel and Ebert fashion, Eloise gives two thumbs up!

The movie, based on a true story, is about a four year old boy's account of heaven.
You can see the real family interviewed on the Today Show, here:

An offshoot interest of mine, stemming from this book and movie
is the artwork of Akiane Kramarik.
She is a child prodigy who paints.
She painted this picture of Jesus at age 8.

Eloise hates to assign homework on a holiday weekend, 
so I'll make this one an extra credit assignment.

If you'd like to know more about Akiane and how she relates to Colton Burpo's story, 
click the links below.

The best song I could choose for Easter weekend is 10,000 Reasons, by Matt Redman.  My friend Tracy Southern sent it to me for my birthday, and it has been playing at the Lamp Post ever since.  My heart can find 10,000 reasons to love the Lord, but I highlighted just a few of them, in the best way I know how--captured them in a photograph.

Enjoy the photo journey through the eye of my lens.

Happy Easter,

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