Friday, May 2, 2014

Lesson 299: Cast of Characters

We've got a signal, Readers!
The Lamp Post was without Internet access most of this week.

These two took it the hardest,
but we survived.

There's not a lot of need for screen time these days with Little League starting up.
We had the season openers last Saturday.
Here is the biggest fan in the house.
Give her a lawn chair, a blanket, and an iPod--
Natalie will sit through a game in any weather.

Sam sent center field a smacker on his first at bat of the season......
and he also slid into first base.

He forgot---so he says.

The morning skies are very pretty this time of year.

I didn't have access to my photo editing this week.  
This picture is proof that nature doesn't need a bit of enhancement.

If you are looking for something to do Saturday night, 
check this high school play out.
North East High School has some outstanding talent this year.

It's a story about a little girl finding a hidden key.
Eloise digs keys.

Speaking of keys, that reminds me of my children's novel, The Key.
I received this letter on Thursday from Farmer Richter's wife. 
She completed my homework challenge offered last week.

Mrs. Farmer Richter was exactly right!
Did you find the error, too?
Eileen writes of my so-called infatuation with country music singer Tim McGraw.


I don't know.

That seems like a really strong word.

Hot like a flame.


A bit of stretch, dontcha think?

Like a lot, maybe.

Kinda dig him is probably a better expression.

I don't know what my mother is talking about.
She's one can short of a six pack.
Grandma can't be trusted.

My God, this chick is peculiar!
I heard you all through the screen.
Keep your voices down a bit.

What does her husband think?
Questions answered May 23rd.

What the heck goes on in that house?
Check out my daughter's blog:

Peculiar, I can be.
This I'll admit.

Forgive me though, 
because I come from a long line of peculiar people.
Not quite as peculiar as the ones Ransom Riggs writes about,
but peculiar just the same.

I'm already onto the second book.
Thank you Taylor J for the loaner!
I'll try not to drop it in the tub.

Farmer Richter's wife wrote that she is looking forward to my next book,
as did many of you.
The pressure is on!

Eloise works well with a little pressure.  
No goal or deadline leaves your favorite blogger stranded somewhere between
Fantasy Island and a Dharma Station on LOST.
That's not really a good place for me to be.

I decided my next publication will be the cookbook I am working on.  It's been a slow go because recipes have to be so exact.  It's also BORING.  Sorry, Leslie, but let's face it, cookbooks are lackluster.

Eloise thought of a way to spice things up.  "Blam!" as Emeril would say.  I'm going to rename my Food, Folklore, and Photos Cookbook.  It is now called The Cookwizardy of a Peculiar People, due out Summer 2014.  If you submitted a recipe, please know that it's been altered a tiny bit.

And while we're on the subject of peculiar,
there was a fine collection of peculiar people at the Autism Walk on Erie's Presque Isle last weekend.

And I wasn't referring to the autistics.

I meant them.
My team.

You can spot them in crowd quite easily.

They surprised me by showing up to the Autism walk.
It was great to see everyone.

They got to witness that I did correct my math, 
and made our Ribbon & Blue Run donations a more even split than I had originally figured.

Kenyan and I have been enjoying or rivalry, being on separate Beast on the Bay teams.

For as many commonalities as we share, we have equally that many opposite traits.

Running as a hobby for both of us is approached in entirely different ways.

Kenyan is a bit more hard core.

Eloise is slightly soft centered.  

It's nothing new.
Our differences have been pointed out since we were kids.

Kenyan likes to know her pace and always is out to beat her fastest time.
I don't even own a watch.

We fight during races,

but always make up in the end.

This poses to be an interesting battle come September 6th.
I'm armed and ready though.
I got my battle ax!
(Thanks, Tracy Southern!)

All is fair in love and war, so I made sure that Kenyan's team had one, too.

Grandma signed up with Kenyan.
We're Even Steven in the battle ax category.

In my circles,
The Barber Beast on the Bay will be known as the Blood vs Kool Aid Battle.

Grandma stuck with her favorite daughter.

Eloise drank the Kool Aid.

The Barber Beast on the Bay is a great cause.
Like I wrote last week, we're all on the same team, right?

But that was last week.
This week, it's a whole new chapter.

My team captain refused to be outdone though.
He added $3 to our envelope, ousting Kenyan's team by my favorite number.

Krauza's Krazies -1, Beauties & the Beasts - 0.

Where the heck did he come from?  I thought he was kidnapped?
I heard you all ask this through the screen.
I have to admit, I asked myself those very same questions.
Last we knew, Doc had been kidnapped.

Doc is known for being a bit of a loudmouth.
Even Eloise warned him to button his lip,
but the man could not be silenced.

I was not surprised at all when Doc went missing.

All fingers pointed towards Kenyan because of this photo,
but Eloise is not easily lead.

 I really don't think my sister did it.
I believe she was framed.
Readers, it seems as though we have another mystery on our hands.

For the summer of 2014, you can help me figure out
who really kidnapped Doc.

Over the next several months, you'll be introduced,
or reintroduced,
to the Cast of Characters.

Consider it the 2014 Erie version of Who Shot JR?

Was it:


The photographer?

Doc's wife?

The journalist?

Fionnula Flanigan herself?


You'll have to help me sort all this out this summer, Readers.

It will give you something to do while you are waiting for the Peculiar Cookbook.

I put a collection of crappily thrown together photos on this photo video for you.  I set it to Tim McGraw's newest song, Meanwhile Back at Mama's.  It's far better than Handsome's last single.  One more bad song like that Hansome, and you'll throw me into the arms of Harry.

We'll save that chapter for another night, though.

Have a great weekend!

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