Friday, January 16, 2015

Lesson 342: Break Out of Your Funk

We're into the heart of January, Readers?
Are you in a depths of the winter funk?
Eloise is here to remind you to bust out of it!

The best way for me to do that is to get out and move around.
Go somewhere.
Do something.
Find some ice.
Examine it.
It's pretty!

The Fab Five were out and about last weekend.
Sam took part in his first Pinewood Derby with his Cub Scout Pack.

He also started basketball practice.
Can you spot Bigfoot amongst the other seven year olds?

My hubby rolled some high scores to place 18th in the first round
of the Erie Times News bowling tournament.
He'll be back at it this weekend.

For indoor entertainment, I look forward to my favorite TV show.
I love to spot talent.

One really interesting contestant is this blind country singer.

Check out his audition below.

This little cutie made J-Lo and I tear up at the same time.

For a smile, click the link below.

My iTunes account has been rectified 
after unauthorized purchases were made on my account in December.

Trivia Crack is back in business,
and I've been talking smack on facebook all night.

My all knowing 8th grader is the most fun to beat.

Here I am with my my team, The Triple Threat.
Natalie's the spinner.
I answer the questions.
The ones I don't know Sam guesses.
We're dauntless.
Bring it!

The biggest funk buster of my week was receiving this reward package
from a fitness challenge I pledged to complete in December.
1,133 sit ups
1,133 push ups
1023 burpees
and 43 miles running.

I got behind early in the month with the holiday prep,
and that left old Eloise with the bulk of the work to complete
during the LAST two weeks of December.
I felt like quitting and called out to my wellness friends for encouragement.

Wellness Coach, Jennifer Greenwood Taylor, from Taylor Made Wellness
responded to my call and promised me a prize of epic proportions if I 
made good on the promise I made to myself.

It was exactly what I needed to push through the final shallow push ups,
and geriatric center burpees at 9:59 on New Year's Eve

The box arrived this week.

I promised my friends that I would reveal the contents.
What would a Wellness Coach reward her cyber friend with?

A perfect card filled with personal encouragement,
written in the large, curvy script of 
a woman who loves life.

Epsom salts for Eloise's barking dogs.

A literal STACK of great reads and views.

A notebook

This was the bomb dot com of all almond butters.

And more food and drink items I've never tasted before.

Jennifer Greenwood Taylor, Taylor Made a bonus prize for me,
if I promised to throw in 100 extra burpees.
If you've ever done one burpee, you know how much they suck.

bahaha o.m.g. i hate burpees..

I felt bad unwrapping the gifts
 because I called her a potty word when I read her post.

My guilt was short lived, however,
as she had me at the ribbon.

This peeked out at me from underneath the wrapping.

Then this.

And finally, the anchor beneath the stack--

A writing journal for my many joys!
Bible verses appear at the bottom of every gold edged page.

I cried.

Anyone can make you smile, many people can make you cry, but it takes someone really special to make you smile with tears in your eyes.

And then I turned around to see this.

Again I was at a loss for words.
Hubby found the Passion tea
and the Naked Kale chips.

Nothing can bust you out of a midwinter funk
 like passionately eating naked kale chips.

Hubby extends his thank you,
and says Jennifer Taylor is his favorite friend of mine that he's never met.

Curious about Naked Kale Chips, Readers?
I was, too.
They are really good!
I promise you though, 
I ate them clothed.

I dared my kids to try them.
No kid bows out on a dare from their Momma.

Tepid reception from Ellen Louise.

Natalie, who cannot tell a lie,
kept her eyes downcast when I asked her if she liked them.

I even threw an Abe Lincoln on the counter and told Sam
he could have it if he ate just one leaf.


Thank you again, Jennifer Greenwood Taylor
for the wellness package Taylor Made just for me!

Another way to bust a winter funk is to
bust a move to this funky song.
The photos from the week are set to Uptown Funk
by Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars.
The photo video appears at the end of this blog post.

There is no such thing as too much funk.

Enjoy your weekend,

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