Friday, March 27, 2015

Lesson 352: Beautiful Boy

It's not just another spring day in Erie.
It's extra special.

It's my son Sam's birthday.
The human tornado turns 8 today.

From the day of his entry into this world

to the present,
Sam has been been a force of nature.

Here are a few photos from my archives, 
prior to the start of my blog in 2010.

Thank you, Sam
for the joy you've brought into our lives for



 I hope your wish comes true.
(It must have been a good one from the looks of him).

 Mother Eloise never says no to books or music,
so Sam added a few more of these to his reading stack today.

His surprise favorite was this one.

It's a journal type book that gives the reader space to write in.

I found this from our budding young writer.

Thanks family and friends for making Sam's day extra special.

Grandma and Grandpa got him a bike
(to ride on an icy driveway).

 We punctuated his big day with a bedtime reading.

This was the piece for tonight,
Sam's birthday.

Sam reads the stories aloud.
Look at Ellen's reaction when she heard the title.

It was about Jesus, Ellen---
not Sam.
We may need to brush up your reading comprehension a little this weekend
if you don't stop with the eye rolling.

Kenyan and I had a contest to see whose feet were uglier.
In comparison, I was actually pleased.
My feet are the one thing on my body skinnier than my sister's.

Tell me this is not one ugly foot!
This is one contest I'd be happy to lose.

I'm looking to put my feet to work this spring and summer again 
by participating in Challenge Erie.
I'm still looking for a partner or partners.
I need multiple sources of energy to draw from 
in order to stay motivated and healthy.

Contact me if you want a partner.
Sign ups are going on now.

 Nurturing your creativity is just as important as physical fitness.
My family attended Clark School PTO's Huskie Hues.

It was a painting evening with Harbor Creek Art Teacher 
and Master Painter, Jan Pearson-Weber.

Rough and tumble Sam was a bit apprehensive at first,

but he even enjoyed the evening!

Natalie loves to paint!

This was her interpretation of Van Gogh's tree.

It looks very elementary at first glance,
but Natalie has a very keen eye for detail.
She often hones in on the tiniest of details.
I could see her really listening 
when the instructor was discussing the dry brush technique.
Look closely at Natalie's flowers.
I think they are spectacular.

Ellen Louise was in her element,

and enjoyed the time spent with her elementary school principal.

This trio of Great Works is proudly displayed in the Lamp Post.

More Huskie Hues are in the planning stages for the future,
and are open to the public.
Contact Eloise if you are interested, 
and I will forward you the information.

My friend Karen B shared a really inspirational piece
about the world's oldest female body builder.
It's worth the 8 minute investment.
Check it out.

Thank you John Lennon for these perfect words
to pair with a mid week, March sunrise.

Thank you again, John Lennon for your song
Beautiful Boy written for your son Sean.

I stole it for Sam's photo video this week.
Enjoy taking a peek at Sam's last 12 months.

Have a great weekend.
See you in APRIL--
which is next week!


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