Friday, January 22, 2016

Lesson 401: A Peaceful Easy

Eloise has a peaceful, easy feeling tonight.

Maybe it's the snow.

It's so calming and pretty.

This is a shot of the Klein Elementary playground,
one of the schools I teach in.

Remnants of snowman bases litter the soccer field.
If we had a longer recess 
we could actually complete a whole snowman.

Speaking of Klein School,
my students are in a national contest to win a $10,000 prize.
No, it's not a billion and a half prize,
but ten grand sure could do an elementary school a whole lot of good!

Please vote for their Scotties Trees Rock video
to catapult us from 8th place to first.
You can vote once a day.
You read this ad free blog every week.
You owe me a click.
I'd love to be able to report back next week 
how we climbed the prize ladder,
all because of you loyal readers.

I know you won't let me down.

Here's the squirrel in my yard.
I named him Chuck.
I fed him before last weekends snow blast.
Chuck's usually in the trees,
but for this shot
he was 

already standing on the ground.

Peaceful and easy has been anything but
for Eloise's sports world.

Here we are after Aaron Rogers touchdown to take the Packers into OT,
only for their defense to blow it a few short minutes later.

The darn Steelers lost last weekend, too.
Now all that jacket is good for

is for blowing snow.

You can sport this jacket with pride tonight!
HTown gave us an exciting game.

Three Zero, my hero,
made the OT buzzer beating shot 

to give my beloved Huskies an OT win.

I found out a long time ago
what bowling can do to your soul.

Hubby is in the finals of Erie's largest bowling tournament.
Good luck this weekend, Louie!

We celebrated his win last week to make the cut 
with a dinner at Chopstix.

Sam got an adapted set,

and opted to eat a cheeseburger with them
over sticky rice.

Keep at it, Sam.
You'll get the hang of chopsticks someday.

I know you won't let me down.

I got a peaceful

easy feeling

that this weekend is going to be a good one.

Lessons for the week:
Live in the moment.
Cherish the day.

Thank you for coming to the light of the Lamp Post again this week.
Make use of today's lesson,
because you never know if there will be a tomorrow.

This voice keeps whispering in my other ear,
that you may never read this blog again.

Thanks, Heather Cass,
for this photo.
It has a special meaning for some Erieites this week
who lost another friend
much too soon.

To continue tonight's lesson about peace and easy living,
here's a few more snow pictures in memory of Glen Frey--
a true musical artist that passed away earlier this week.


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