Friday, February 5, 2016

Lesson 403: Right Here Tonight

Well hello there, Readers.
Eloise here,
reporting live from my northwestern Pennsylvania burrow.
I'm pleased to announce that the winter is soon to come to an abrupt end!

Good Morning! ☀:

It was an unexpected Groundhog's Day this year,
with Punxatawney Phil' prediction of an early spring.
The skies were bright blue, and sunny here in Erie

and also in Punxatawney.

A shadowless day?
Conspiracy theories are circulating among the rodent populations.
WasPhil bought off by the squirrels?

an early spring would add some color to the drab world I'm living in.

Whether we let a rodent predict our weather or not,
is beside the point.

Poor Phil, such high expectations.:

The point is, rodent weather forecasting belongs to the Pennsylvanians.
As citizens of the finest state in the land
we need to oust Staten Island Chuck.

He's a Punxatawney Phil Wannabe.

He bit Michael Bloomburg in 2009.

Chuck was replaced in later years by his granddaughter Charlotte.
They dropped Charlotte,
who later died.
Major Miss, New York.

Leave the friggin' forecasting to Pennsylvania, New Yorkers.
Put a stop to your senseless whistle pig killings.

The Lamp Post dwellers burrow down deep every February.
Despite our healthy lifestyles, 
someone always comes down with a bug for a day or two.

The first to fall this season was Sam.

He set up camp for a day on the couch

and the living room floor.

A day of rest and my boy is on the mend.

We're riding out the end of winter, 
looking forward to that early-promised Spring.

Ellen dug out the bat bag and headed to Open Gym.
I've been rubbing her sore shoulders for two days.

Natalie has been making Valentines.
She's got a special someone in mind this year.

Her sweetheart Ryan comes to visit every so often.

We had a game night and invited a few friends over to play Pictionary.

Can you guess what Natalie drew?

When you play Autism version 2.0,
you get to pick what you want to draw, 
and the rest of the crowd guesses.

It turns out

that Ryan draws Happy People, too!

the resident South Paw,
loves to have the chance to draw.

what was this?

It was the Easter Bunny.
That was the tail.

Hubby's drawing was not so innocent.

The kids were mortified when they figured out,

it was a butt.

Grandma brightened our home with a bouquet of flowers this week.

It is true what they say,
fresh flowers in a home brighten your mood.
Thanks, Grandma!

Not much else to report from the Lamp Post.
We venture out occasionally to the grocery store or a basketball game.

I've been catching up on all my favorite TV shows:

NOTE for future bragging:
I pick Mackenzie Bourg as the winner of Idol's final season.

We watch lots of TV,
and I'm looking forward to the Super Bowl on Sunday,
mainly for the commercials.

Here is my favorite of all commercials airing right now:

Have a super Super Bowl.
Whether you follow football or not,
it's an excuse to make a good dip.

Enjoy some more winter scenes from the Lamp Post burrow,
set to Tim McGraw's new song Here Tonight,
recorded with his oldest daughter Gracie.

Enjoy your weekend!

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