Friday, November 18, 2016

Lesson 450: A Day Like Today

Welcome, Readers to blog 400 and a half!
450 times I've sat at this computer
in my loft writing station in the Lamp Post,
and blogged about my week.

Big numbers that end in zeros are always good  on a Day Like Today.

Erie, PA enjoyed some unseasonably gorgeous weather.

It was nice all week!
It was nice enough to run in shirtsleeves.

Let it be known that this week marked the first week
in history that my sister, 
the ever speedy Kenyan, was chasing ME through the wooded trails.
I think she needs to train a little more.

It was also nice enough to head down to the beach.

Lots of people beat feet to the shoreline before sunset,
now at 4:55!

I had to collect some rocks for a student project.

The students earned a Rock Baby 
by taking a test to identify 57 rocks and minerals.
Not all rocks were perfect upon a random-draw, adoption process.
Some were blind,
others deaf,
some had been crippled in accidents,
a few were naughty,
and I always put in one or two howlers.

The students had to design houses for their babies
and make accommodations to their home environments if needed.
These students added lights!

One house added a second floor day-spa.

If you have a child,
go down to the beach and grab a Sharpie.
Hours of fun!

Days Like Today often are birthed from
Nights Like Past Nights this week.

Earthlings got to enjoy a Super Moon.

Sister Kenyan added to the fun 
by challenging me
(and fellow shutterbug Robb)
to a Moon Off.

I had to explain to Sam that no drawers needed to be dropped.
This was simply a camera contest awarding the best photo, 
based on popularity.

All Hillary's voters stuck with me,
and I won this contest, pants down.

Ellen dropped her drawers, also.

Her roadside find will be up for grabs 
after some finishing touches this weekend.

My old mailbox will be up for grabs as well.

Grandma told me it was the ugliest mailbox on Firman Road.
I can't wait until I'm in my 70's 
and can say anything I want.
My mother did have a point, though.
It was a bit lackluster for such a creative household.

A Day Like Today 
was perfect for replacing a mailbox.

Grandpa is content to advise and instruct now,
and lets my hubby do the grunt work of any job.

Natalie approved of the new mailbox.
She loves to get the mail!
She especially loves to GET mail.
Send her something, Readers.  

What is so special about a black, 
combo newspaper/mailbox?

Let Eloise show you!

It has a Lamp Post!

It was Grandma's idea,
and she made the project happen,
start to finish,

She seems to be pleased with it.
The old gal gets quite excited about things like this.

It was cool watching my husband and my dad work together
to make something that I loved.

It's a memory from a Day Like Today,
that I'll carry with me for the rest of my life.

Glad I made the most of the good weather.
Reality is about to set in.

If you want to watch a great video,
for an even greater song,
check out Brad Paisely's Today.
If you are a fan of raw, human emotion,
captured in moments of
and proposals
and baby births
and military homecomings,
then please watch this.
You'll love it.

Enjoy your day, Readers.

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