Thursday, December 23, 2010

Lesson 28: Listen to Linus, He's the Smart One

Charles Schultz has always been one of the writers I admire most.  His creation of the Charlie Brown characters are one of the literary world's greatest masterpieces in my opinion.  He had a writing style that I admire:  simple, poignant, and humorous. 

I make references to Linus a lot on this blog as I always compare him to Sam--because of the blanket only.  Sam does not have the gentle nature of Linus.  My friend Beth and my sister have always compared me to Lucy.  They claim that I like to give out psychiatric advice, am bossy, and enjoy tormenting people like when Lucy pulls away the football from Charlie Brown every single time.  Yes, I give out advice quite often, but I am asked for it and I don't charge 5 cents.  Bossy?  No way.  Someone has to take the reigns of this family.  I am the only one brave enough to step up to the plate.  For that I should be commended, not condemned.  And if Karen is dumb enough to fall for the football trick over and over again in life, than that is her problem.  Live and learn, sister, live and learn.

The above post is my favorite part of Charlie Brown Christmas.  Natalie refers to it in her flat, monotone voice as "Brown's Christmas."  Can you just hear her?    For those of you not familiar with chapter and verse, I'll be your guide.  Dust off your Bible, one of the best books you'll ever read.  You can find these words in Luke, Chapter 2, verses 8-14.   See your yourself, and you will take the first step in becoming a changed person because of it.

The angels and Eloise wish you glad tidings of great joy this holiday season.  Merry Christmas from the Lamp Post.

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