Sunday, June 5, 2011

Lesson 60: Do the 60's Like My Mother Does

Here is a special post today for a special person.  My Mother rolls the dice on June 6th and she gets a pair of 6's--her 66th birthday.  When your 66th birthday happens to fall on 6-6, you can't help but celebrate with something a little more than just the usual birthday card.  The above video is made from snapshots of my mother set to the tune Like My Mother Does, sung by one of my Idol season favorites, 2011 Runner-Up Lauren Alaina.  Eloise loves to find the perfect song to fit with my words, and this was no challenge.  The second I heard the song a few weeks ago, I knew just what I would do with it--send it to blogdom attached to my mother's pictures.

A friend told me once when I was in my early 20's that he thought I would have a ton of marriage proposals.  Flattered, I blushed and thanked him for the compliment, and asked him why he mentioned it.  He told me that he followed a formula when "checking out chicks".  My friend told me that you just couldn't look at the girl, you had to check out her mother.  If her mother was beautiful and in good shape, than chances were good that the girl would hold her youthful beauty as well.  He then threw a drunken arm over my shoulder and asked if I would like to go out with him sometime.  Readers, that was a resounding NO in case you were wondering---CREEPY.  However, I never forgot the nice, yet slightly inappropriate compliment that was to my mother.

Outer beauty aside, it is the inner beauty that you will see when you know my mother.  She enjoys life and is one of the most positive people you will ever meet.  She is selfless and kind, so much so that I have called her a "sap" on occasion throughout my life.  As the years have gone on I have realized what great strength it takes to be patient, loving, and strong throughout all of life's hills and valleys.  Devoted to my father for 44 years, never a day went by when she didn't get up with him in the morning, pack his lunch, and give him a kiss before seeing him off to GE.  That is a feat when the man worked day in and day out for 42 years.  Always our cheerleader, she was the biggest fan in the stands waving her white hat and calling our names while we marched around as cadets on football field.  Ever the disciplinarian, she would also be there body slamming us into a wall if we got mouthy as strong willed teenagers.  We hated her for it at the time, but with the wisdom gained with age, my sister and I appreciate her for it now.

Eloise loves a good quote and I felt my mother deserved a good one on this blog.  I searched through Bible verses, but none seemed right.  I then did a google search of quotes about mothers, and they all seemed so serious.  My mother is modern and funny.  She's up to snuff with the most current technology.  I just need to get her to stop calling me to tell me that she sent me a text.  That is getting rather annoying.  She loves music and can boogie like nobody's business.  My mom is a die hard Pittsburgh Steeler fan, loves her beer and cigarettes, and is a wicked good poker player, too.  See, melodrama and flowery verses just don't work for her.  Then I remembered one that I found several years ago, and I printed it out and framed it for her.  It sits on top of her roll top desk, amid all of the photographs of my sister and I and the grand kids.  This is the verse that so suits my mother perfectly:  Live your life in such a way that every morning when your feet hit the ground, Satan shudders and says, "Oh, shit!  She's awake!"

Writing on behalf of my sister as well, we agree that like the song lyrics, she is our rock, she is grace, she's an angel, she's our heart and soul, she does it all.  We feel truly blessed to be chosen by God to be her daughters and hope that Mom enjoys her birthday.  She's about to get a rockin' great present, too.  My sister and I are known for being really good gift givers.  This blog post is just part of the deal.   I'll let you know how she likes the second part of the gift on a future post.  I am sure you'll be waiting on baited breath, even in Slovenia.

Love always,
Daughter Eloise
Daughter Karen (who says, "Yeah, what she said" while pointing to me)


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Heather Cass said...

I JUST heard this song on the radio on the way to work today (Yeah...I've never seen American Idol) and I ended up bawling. I'm I'm going to have to redo my makeup!

This is so my mom, too. Funny how we women with strong, involved moms who didn't let us get away with anything turned out so well, eh? Hated it then...appreciate it now!

I can see both you & Karen in your mom, but Karen REALLY looks like your mom.

What a beautiful tribute! :)

Happy birthday to Mrs. Overdorff!

-- Heather C.