Thursday, June 2, 2011

Lesson 59: Are Diamonds Really a Girl's Best Friend?

What was that I was saying on my last blog about being done with stone rings? ---- That I was too hard on them and that I preferred gold bands and crosses around my neck.  Remember that?  Well, take a looky at what Eloise got for a late Mother's Day present---the Royal Replica Ring.  Delivered straight to my door via the good old, US mail.

My daughter Ellen and I followed the royal wedding closely this spring and got up early to watch the nuptials happen in real time.  She happened to see an advertisement for a royal ring and decided I needed to have one for Mother's Day.  A few weeks ago, I opened a ring box with a note inside that said in Ellen's little fourth grade printing, "A surprise is on its way!" 

"Please don't tell me that a stork is bringing us a playmate for Sam!" I exclaimed.  Eloise would be no more.  I'd jump in my van and head west, never to be found again. 

Much to my surprise, the ring arrived this week.  I've been wearing it to school and I was floored as to the number of children who noticed it on my finger (really, how could you miss it?) and knew what it was.  Never underestimate the mind of an elementary schooler. 

What pleased me the most was the gift and the thought that went into it.  Ellen is going to inherit my family trait of being good gift givers.  You don't necessarily have to spend a lot of money on the perfect present, it truly is the thought that goes into it that matters.  Ellen beamed when she handed me the blue velvet box as my trio circled me.   When the lid snapped back she said, "We each pitched in $10 for it.  It was really only $19.99 but we sprung for the extra $10 to get an extra shiny one.  Sam paid for that."  ( From the grief he gives me, Sam should have forked over the whole wad, but that is beside the point).

Real or replica; it doesn't matter in the least to me.  They say diamonds are a girl's best friend, but diamonds are not people.  Best friends are your best friends, and loving children are loving children.  Kate's ring is worth half a million dollars, but mine is worth far more than that.  It is priceless because I know special thought and consideration went into its purchase, and for this reason, it will be my most cherished piece of jewelry. 

I said on an earlier blog that I like to keep my identity a secret, but you could spot me from the cross that I always wore around my neck.  Now you will have another clue.  Look for the light from the Lamp Post glinting off my bling. If the light catches me just right, you will see sparkles reflecting in every direction.  Recall that earlier post about God's light:  We are not the light, merely a reflection of it.  Don't forget that.  Teachers always remind you to remember important things.  That's important.  How nice my children will now give me a daily reminder as I look down at my left hand.   As the above photo shows, it may look a bit out of place on my long, bony hands (worn thin from all of this typing, for sure), but it will never be out of place in my heart. 

This post wouldn't be complete without a song, of course.  I chose the Marry You song from Bruno Mars.  This was played as background music for commercials in preparation for the Royal Wedding broadcasts on TLC, the channel my girls and I watch all of the time.  Funny too, how Bruno Mars is his stage name, not his birth name.  It just seems that Peter Gene Hernandez doesn't have quite the same flow to it as Bruno Mars.  Good choice, Petey--we dig it just like we dig your Hawaiian influenced groove. 

Enjoy the song and always remember, it's not the size of rock that matters, it's the thought that goes into choosing it that does.


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