Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Lesson 72: Felt Good on My Lips

I need to follow up my dead cat blog (Lesson 71:  Ode to Amtrak) with something a little more upbeat.  I like to post songs that remind me of the season, and this Tim McGraw song is deemed my new summertime song.  Since I saw Tim McGraw in concert three weeks ago, his playlist has been running through my iPod ever since.  I've even got Sam singing Fly Away.  The concert was so good that I would actually go back for a second dose and take my girls if I could.  The August 6th date out in Salt Lake City, Utah is looking pretty good to me, but I don't think the hubby would be too keen on the girls and I ditching him and leaving him with Sam for some hot country guy.  Bummer.

If you can't make it out to Salt Lake City like me, you can at least watch this video.  It will give you some idea of what a Tim McGraw concert is like.  I honestly think our smaller crowd out in Darien Lake was much more lively than the one shown on this video.  I think that is me holding up the I Love Tim sign.  You can get a good look at his ichthys tattoo on his inner arm (wait----got to go look up the spelling of that i word----I'm a horrible speller---be right back-------------glad I checked---it can be spelled with a "ys" or "us"---I think I like the "us" ending because after all, He came for all of US).  Handsome also is wearing his famous black hat.

I like the lyrics to Felt Good on My Lips, too.  They are clever.  I like the part about the hand me down name in the first verse:
Said her name was a hand me down name 
From the side of a family that long ago came 
Over here on a boat from somewhere in Spain 
Sounded to me just a little bit strange, I guess. 
But I have to admit, it felt good on my lips. 

I like words and phrases that have multiple meanings and change within the context of how they are used.  Good Will Hunting is one of my favorite movies and the title is used in this way.  Felt Good on My Lips is a little story and  the line changes from a figurative expression to a literal one later in the song.  Listen to it a couple of times and you'll hear it.   All country songs tell stories.  I think that is why I am so fond of them.  Cowboys are good story tellers, I guess, and they seem to suck me in every time.  Especially handsome ones wearing black hats with ichthUS tattoos.  

Now how do you like them apples?
Enjoy your song.

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