Friday, July 15, 2011

Lesson 74: Hard to Say I'm Sorry

OK, OK, OK.  I am making my first public blog retraction.  74 posts since last August and nary a miswrite---until now.  I am retracting a statement I made in the prior blog post.  The Smokin' In the Boys Room song suggestion by my fake southern belle friend was NOT, I repeat, NOT, her suggestion for her theme song.  I forgot---it was part of a quiz she sent me.  She was trying to get me to guess whose song it should be.  I received her message in the form of a text and I was riding a train with my son Sam at the time, so I'll admit,  my brain was a bit fried.  South Carolinian is right.  I was wrong.  In no way shape or form should you think that this health nut friend of mine would put a cigarette in her mouth.

I needed to correct this fast, because she is coming home tomorrow, and I'll be the first to admit I am afraid of her.  All four feet, three of her  (OK, OK--second retraction, four feet, TEN--but I was just using literary licence to draw you all in).  I don't want to have to do the bob and weave moves that I've learned from watching all of my Rocky movies.  She's a bit a bit short in the bulk department, but she is long on the punch, man.  Don't underestimate the power of the height disadvantaged.  They pack a mean punch, too.  Did you ever watch Rudy?  It's another one of my favorite movies.

Why did I pick this video?  Well, first it's length--3:33---only good things come in threes like tricycles, and my birthday, and secret numbers on Rolling Rock bottles, and the Holy Trinity, and blog apology songs.  Secondly, for some odd reason that I cannot figure out, the video is about polar animals.  I don't get it.  If you do explain it to me-----but I thought she'd like to see the snow.   She forgot what it looked like living in sunny South Carolina and all.  It kind of looked like our last winter here, didn't it Erieites?  Thirdly, it is a Chicago song--a band from our high school era.  One who did Hard Habit to Break and You're the Inspiration.  Love those songs and always will.  Three reasons for a 3:33 apology song.  Perfect just like the triangle--the strongest shape.  Strong like the bond of friendship, right?

It really isn't hard to say I'm sorry when you are a blog writer though and you can do it in this fashion.  So, Sherlock, I AM SORRY!!!!!!!

See you in two days,
Your very special long time friend blood sister forever,

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