Friday, August 26, 2011

Lesson 83: Accents are Cool

I have always said that I am a sucker for a guy in a uniform.  It could be anything ranging from a football jersey to dress blues and Mr. Handsome has already caught my attention.  It's the same for me with accents.  They fascinate me.  When I am speaking with someone with an accent, be it foreign or just a regional American one, I get lost in it.  I have to fight hard to concentrate on WHAT the person is saying, not HOW they are saying it.  We came across a clerk in a souvenir shop in Cook's Forest this summer with a heavy British accent---not one I was expecting.  She was pleasant and chatty and I found myself asking her questions just to keep her talking.  I had to fight the urge to crawl up in her lap and have her read me a fairy tale.

But this chick on the above video is unbelievable.  Seattle actress and singer Amy Walker is simply quite amazing.  Watch this video and if you are further intrigued, you can find her with an easy Internet search. You'll come across her Today Show interview with Matt and Meredith that is very entertaining.  One of my favorites though is another youtube post called Yes-Amy Walker.  This shows you what an excellent actress she is, however the comments below the youtube post aren't all appropriate for my younger readers.  Above school-aged people, check it out and read some of the comments below it.  Some praise her, some say she's scary, and a few made me laugh right out loud, which rarely happens.

Auf Widerhoren, (Goodbye in German)

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