Sunday, August 28, 2011

Lesson 85: Back to School

Here is a short little post for all parents.  It is one of my favorite commercials of all time.  I bet this is how some of you are feeling right now.

If I could find a way to cut and paste a sundress and cowgirl boots on this guy, he could pass for my sister, because I am sure that is about how she's feeling at the moment.  Yes, tonight Karen's a bit sad that summer has ended--even though it is her son's birthday.  The warmth of twelve candles on a birthday cake couldn't take away the coolness of the fall nights that are creeping toward us.  But come Monday, when both of her fellas head off to school, she'll be (and I quote this) "doing cartwheels in her front yard."  That may be mighty tricky on a hilly lot wearing cowgirl boots.  Be careful, Sis.  You can't be a good mom with a broken leg.

Welcome back to school, kids.  Mrs. Eloise can't wait to see you, and I mean that!  Forget January--tomorrow is really the first day of the new year.  Let's all resolve to make this the best one yet.

Work hard and learn lots,
Mrs. Eloise

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Anonymous said...

Loving it! It's time to get the girls back to work, and me!! KLN