Thursday, December 22, 2011

Lesson 111: White Christmas?

Here is the Erie weather forecast, Readers.  A white Christmas looks iffy. Just in case we have mud instead of snow this year, here is a nice Rascal Flatts rendition of White Christmas with a picture scroll of some pretty winter scenes to keep you pacified until the inevitable is upon us---snow, snow, and more snow.

  • Dec 22

    Mostly cloudy and cooler46°Lo 31°
  • Tomorrow

    Dec 23

    Colder with snow showers32°Lo 29°
  • Saturday

    Dec 24

    Partly sunny38°Lo 30°
  • Sunday

    Dec 25

    Mostly cloudy with flurries44°Lo 29°

Two days away until Santa arrives and Sam is about as excited as a kid could be.  Do you remember the Christmas when you were four?  Sam and Santa have had kind of a sordid history.  He's never really been a fan---never wanted to sit on his lap at the mall and asked me last year if the elves could bring his presents instead.  Here is one of my favorites from a few years ago:

 This is a classic.

 This is Sam this year, looking all grown up and serious having a heart to heart with Santa at a family party.
We found this Santa in The Middle of Nowhere, PA at a hidden little hideaway in the woods.  When we entered his workshop, Santa had a fire going in the wood stove with a pot of hot cocoa warming on top.  Santa scooped out the sweet treat with a ladle  and gave out cinnamon rolls to eat.  Sam had an extra opportunity to tell what was on his list this year--unfortunately WWE wrestling action figures and boxing gloves topped it (Lord, help me).

The girls thought they were too cool to sit on Santa's lap this year, but I made them anyway.  They asked for "presents" (guess who) and "world peace" again.  They are happy to have some time off school and have the opportunity to sleep in--a 'tween and teens joy.

On the way down the stairs a couple of morning's ago, a slitty-eyed Sam asked in a voice still thick with the previous night's sleep, "Mom, what really happens to kids on the Naughty List?"  I have a terrible habit of answering a question with a question, but I couldn't resist in this instance.  I replied, "Why, Sam?  Do you think you are on the Naughty List?"  "No," he said, "just wonderin'."

Here's my favorite rendering of Santa checking his list created by the legendary Norman Rockwell.  I love all the faces of the children in the background.  I took a peek and thankfully Natalie, Ellen, and Sam are on the Good List this year.

Green or white, I am looking forward to a good Christmas and I hope you are too.

Ho, Ho, Ho!

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