Saturday, December 31, 2011

Lesson 114: Biggest News Stories of 2011

..........and one of them is, My Dad Turned 67!  ...........and this is my failed attempt at a Seuss-style rhyme.  We're about to shut out the lights on 2011, but before we do we must do two things:
#1--Wish my Dear Old Dad, Political Analyst, Mister Fix It, Soap Box Speaker, Tree Cutter, Inventor--Happy 67th Birthday!
#2--Take a minute (or four) to look back at the biggest news stories of the year.

I love these year end wrap ups and try to catch the Today Show one every year.  The people who put those clips together must have the most interesting of jobs--trying to choose stories that paint a picture of our world as it unfolded around us.   I think this one did a pretty good job.  It's been a year of political uprising and unrest all over the world.  Storms of great intensity tested our faith both here and abroad.  And we mourned the passing of Steve Jobs, the man that essentially made blogging from my living room possible.  Take a few minutes to enjoy a look back as well as a few snapshots from my dad's 67th birthday gathering at our favorite place for chicken wings--The Fiddle Inn.

Eloise used to like her wings mild, but over the years my tastes have changed.  I like Cajun style now and have advanced to medium hots.  Slovenians, if you are ever out my way, I highly recommend the Everything Wing--a blend of zippy spices with Parmesan cheese and garlic.  I had several of that variety tonight, so be glad that I can't breathe on you through this blog.  Only Steve Jobs himself could have made that possible.

Here is Grandpa with Sam, a 63 year span of stubborn between them.

 Here is Grandpa giving my son some advice on how to live a long, healthy life--work hard, don't worry over every little thing, and when you're old enough, drink beer.

Speaking of beer drinking, here is the card I got my Dad.  When the card is opened it plays the Hallelujah Chorus from Handel's Messiah.

Yes, a birthday is a good time to count your blessings.  Among them are a dedicated wife, two loving daughters, and five grandchildren.  He also got two Red Lobster gift cards (my sister and I chose the same gift for him), a Handy Hose Holder, and a six pack of Rolling Rock.  After all, the card did read, "You rock."

Here are two of the fab five.  Jack drew the short straw and had to sit next to Sam.  Luckily Sam spilled his pop while Jack was watching. Because Jack's a basketball player, he had lightning quick speed to dodge the drips.  I asked Sam to "smile" and this is what I get.
I always try to capture the sky on special days like birthdays and holidays.  This was the sky tonight on the way to the restaurant.  It is the setting sun peering over the tops of the grape vines now lying dormant through the long winter months.  Not a bad shot considering it was taken out the car window while we were in motion.

Take a few moments to reflect back on your year and the events that shaped you into who you are today.  When the clock strikes midnight, I hope you have a loved one by your side, some silver coins in your hand, and a rock in your pocket.  May they bring you love, peace, and joy in the new year.

Happy New Year, Readers!

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