Saturday, January 7, 2012

Lesson 115: My Heroes Part 1

You get a two part blog post this weekend, Readers!  I thought about giving the following title to these tandem pieces:  It's Not What You Say, It's How You Say It.  Instead, I broke the post in two, one for Sam and one for My Girls.  Featured are two versions of Holding Out for a Hero, first made popular by Bonnie Tyler in the 80's.  It was from the first Footloose movie.  It's upbeat and sassy with a hint of angry, so that worked well for Sam's movie.  The same song was included in the remake, but it is so different you can hardly believe it's the same song.  I love that one too.  It's moody and broody and feels girlish so that one went to my ladies.  Make sure you scroll down to the post beyond this one to check out both songs and think about which is your preference.  That's what this blog is about after all.  It's purpose is nothing more than to give you something to think about.

...........or something to laugh about.  The photo movie above stars my little Hero, Sam along with some of his male cousins.  Sam has the quick temper of his Italian heritage, blended with a good dose of stubborn German.  The two have made for a lethal combination that I am trying very hard to shape into the positive.  Sam's fuse is about an inch long and is quick on the draw.  Rather than trying squelch and internal fire that seems more like the eternal flame, I've tried to teach him to use his quick fists for a purpose.  I tell him that he is my Hero.

Heroes in Mother Eloise's Handbook fight to protect the innocent, save the helpless, and lend a hand to the needy.  The good guys are never afraid to battle the bad guys and the good guys always win at The Lamp Post.  I tell Sam that he has to behave and learn and do well in school so that he can grow up to be a Police Officer, a Fire Fighter, or a Soldier.  Sam likes all of those ideas and as far as he knows, you need to earn straight A's, use good manners at all times, and keep your teeth brushed in order to be one.

I read to my children every night.  Sam has now advanced beyond Dr. Seuss and Curious George.  He's a bit, well, um.........bored with happy endings.  The kid craves action and adventure.  After we read at least one book for practice, he snuggles down under his covers and says, "Now tell me a REAL story Mom."  It makes me smile as I type this.  It's my favorite part of my day with him when I get to tell him a story.  I start one, usually with a brave, nameless hero, and Sam helps me fill in the action and adventure parts as we go along.  There are rules, however.  No one can be killed, but they can be captured and sent to jail.  Sam prefers tying up the bad guys in ropes for some reason.  Look what he recently did to poor Woody.  Before you all start thinking things, Sam told me Woody was captured by the bad guys and Sam was saving him with his plastic sword.  That is Ellen's paint splatter duct tape he used.  She was not pleased as she was trying to make a purse out of it and he curtailed her plans.

I've been brushing up on my stories of heroes from the Greek myths (thanks to one of my Clark School 6th graders), Gary Paulson's outdoor adventure stuff, and Bible stories so I have some material to draw from.  Sam's favorite he begs for every night is the story of David and Goliath.  And every single night when I am done telling him that one he asks me for a sling shot.  I'll announce it on this blog when I finally do let him have one, and you will hear the pounding of a For Sale Sign into the front yard of my parents, who happen to live next door.  Heck, that complete set of new windows are a few years old now, right?

Enjoy your movie and seeing my real life heroes.  Don't forget to read part 2 to check out the Heroines.

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