Saturday, January 7, 2012

Lesson 115: My Heroines Part 2

This weekend's blog post cannot be complete without giving some cybertime to my gals, Natalie and Ellen.  They are my heroines.  Tonight was the first Sparkles cheerleading event.  For those of you who are unfamiliar, the Sparkles are the girls who add some sparkle to the high school basketball cheerleading squad a few times a season.  Our high school includes girls who are physically or mentally challenged into some of the games.  The cheerleaders stay late on Monday nights to teach the Sparkles cheers and chants so they can participate in the fun, too.  The girls who bravely stand before the hometown crowd are as much my heroines as the girls who give their time and patience to include them.

Below you will see a picture of Ellen and Natalie at last year's Dance Show.  Ellen attends dance class with her sister to help her out during class and practices the routines with her at home.  Come show time in June, Ellen waits backstage with Natalie and performs with the group as the leader.  Without Ellen's patience and kindness, this would be very difficult for Natalie.  You can see some snapshots from tonight below.

But the very coolest part of this Part 2 post is the song.  Did you listen to it?  It is the same song as the first posting--just slowed way down and it's sung in that manner that leaves the listener desperate to find a hero, too.  This version is from the 2011 Footloose.  It is performed by Ella Mae Bowen and I really enjoy it.  I have both the newer and older versions on my iPod and it depends on my mood which I want to go out for a run with.  When I'm mad at the world, Bonnie Tyler's version from the 80's is it.  It's a little sassy and angry and I play that one if I have to run uphill.  When I'm moody and thinking of Tim McGraw on the way to Australia with his beautiful, skinny, talented, and rich wife, I play this one.  No one got me tickets to the Melbourne show for Christmas, even though they were at the top of my list.  Bummer.

Hold out for your hero, girls.  Even if you have to wait forever to find him, he'll be worth the wait.
Eloise---pictures below

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