Saturday, September 22, 2012

Lesson 186: Hallelujah!


The exact dictionary definition of Hallelujah according to Mr. Online Webster is, an expression of rejoicing that means "God be praised!  What a perfect title for this weekend's post, as we have many things to thank God for here at the Lamp Post.

The most important event of the weekend is Ellen's 12th birthday.  She was born on September 22, 2000, at 11:11 at night.  She entered the world through pretty much a pain free labor for Mother Eloise (Hallelujah!).  Ellen held off her world debut, just as I had asked her to while she was still in utero.  Baby, I whispered to my swollen stomach, please hold on until the 22nd.  I have to make this appointment for your big sister.  She's having some behavior problems.  I am sure you've heard the constant screaming even through my skin. I REALLY need to make this appointment to get Natalie the help she needs.

 My baby, which later became known to us as Ellen, did exactly that:  she waited until the appointment with Pediatric Neurologist Dr. Joseph Barber was complete.  In the sixty minutes we were in Dr. Barber's office, he was able to determine that Natalie did indeed have autism.  This child has autism.  A simple four word sentence on a doctor's prescription pad was my ticket to services Natalie so desperately needed.  I thanked Dr. Barber for his time and expertise, and as I stood to shake his hand and collect Natalie and my belongings, my water broke right there in the doctor's office.  About 12 hours later we met Ellen Louise (Hallelujah!).

Nearly a dozen years later I made a deal with my daughter who had been begging me for her own blog.  Score advanced in writing on your PSSA Tests (that stands for the Pennsylvania State Examinations, Slovenians) and you can have your own blog, said Mother Eloise to daughter Ellen Louise.  This was an unlikely feat for a fifth grader.  I figured I would be able to put that off until 8th grade when the Pennsylvania students would be tested again in writing.  Eloise thought wrong.

Ellen did score advanced, partly from her own natural talent and partly from some very hard work (Hallelujah!).  She had excellent teachers, paid attention in class, listened to their constructive criticism, learned to seriously REVISE her work, and took test week very seriously.  It was like she was a prize fighter preparing for the championship match.  Ellen went to bed early every night and ate breakfast every morning--two things she ordinarily does not like to do.  It all paid off.  Ellen earned her advanced score and the right to her own blog, three years earlier than Mother Eloise expected her to.

Ellen has met most of her developmental milestones early, so why stop now?  She walked at 10 months old and was speaking in sentences at a little over a year.  All of her baby teeth were gone by Kindergarten, and she wrote her first "book" by the age of 3 1/2.  I guess becoming a blogger at age 12 just fits Ellen's pattern.

Ellen wrote her first post and the publication date is today, her 12th birthday, September 22, 2012.  The blog is titled Life Inside the Lamp Post and can be accessed at the following address:  It is under my own blogger account, so although the blog is public, I still can screen any comments that come in as well as monitor what she wants to post.  Check it out this weekend if you have time!

The above video is from this season's X factor TV Show.  The contestant is Jeffrey Gutt (pronounced Goot).  This is one I really want you to watch the whole way through.  Consider it your 7 minute homework for the weekend.

What I love so much about this 36 year old singer is not just his edgy rocker voice and his rendition of Hallelujah, but his love for his son.  It is so obvious that his little boy is truly what makes this guy's world go round.  I'm a sucker for this song, let alone someone tattooed up who is singing it.  The Lord himself must have liked it too because a loud clap of thunder could be heard during the judging segment.  Listen for it.  But the very best part is the end.  Watch the little boy.  As Simon would say, father and son had a "moment."  It is a moment that I will never forget.  What a great audition.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.  Jeff Gutt will be one contestant I will follow during this season of The X Factor.

Enjoy your weekend.  I hope you find your Hallelujah moment.  Look around.  They are everywhere.

Mother Eloise

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