Saturday, September 29, 2012

Lesson 187: What do I stand for?

We sure did have FUN last weekend during Ellen's 12th birthday celebration.  I kept telling the six kids we took to camp last Saturday that the party was a Hunger Games themed affair, and only one of them would be coming home alive.  I actually had Emily believing that the knife throwing competition began at midnight.  My money would have been on Sam if I was a betting girl.........

I'm not a betting girl though, but SHE is:

Yes, Ellen is going to be a Card Shark like her grandma.  She loves to play cards.  My mother is thrilled.  The card playing skills skipped a generation.  Neither me or my sister Kenyan are card players.  I suppose we could blame the kids and our busy lifestyles, but in truth, neither of us have the brain or the attention span that cards require.  My mom is sharp and so is Ellen.  I found these playing cards for her on the Ellen Show website.  Ellen will take you for your money someday, although she didn't win the big pot last weekend---Natalie did!

It was fall and we were down in the mountains, so there were lots of pretty things to appreciate.  

The fall colors,


and wild daises that bloomed in purple.  Spectacular!

Natalie got to have her iPod around the campfire, so she was happy.

The boys team won the Girl Talk Game!

And the kids got to spend Sunday at the Farmer's Inn, outside of Cook's Forest.

Sam's favorite part of the weekend was pestering the older kids.  They were all very patient.

He'd spy on them,

Spot them,


And start a rumble.

They were very good sports, and even played Candy Land with him.

Speaking of good sportsmanship, have you been following this story this week, Readers?  No, it does not involve this catch:

Nor the term "Replacement Refs":

Eloise is speaking of this guy:

His name is Aaron Greenberg and he has quite a story.  In his first at bat in the Major Leagues, the unthinkable happened.  This explains it in a nutshell.  Thank you Huffington Post:

Greenberg, a left-handed batter, went to the plate as a pinch-hitter to face the Marlins' Valerio De Los Santos with one out in the ninth inning of the Cubs-Marlins game. De Los Santos' first pitch sailed up and in, striking Greenberg in the back of the helmet, the force being such that the helmet flew off and the ball ricocheted up the third-base line.

Greenberg tumbled to the dirt, both hands holding the back of his head. He has often described that moment as feeling like "my head exploded." He awoke the next morning with symptoms of a concussion — unable to focus and feeling nauseous when seeing bright light.
After struggles in the minors the next season, the Cubs released him in June 2006. Greenberg had chances with other minor-league teams, but never made the majors again.
More than seven years later, the Miami Marlins are giving him a second chance.
The Marlins said Thursday that they have signed Greenberg to a one-day contract, effective Oct. 2, and will play him that day against the New York Mets. 

For all of you Readers who ever wanted a second chance at anything, tune in with me on October 2nd.  I have Post It Notes all over my house as reminders to watch.  I am rooting for the guy.  Everyone deserves a second chance.  May the odds be ever in your favor, Adam.

I wrestled with a song choice for Ellen's birthday pictures for a long time.  I wanted something to match the mood of her birthday as well has her youth.  I settled on the song Some Nights from the band FUN.  I thought the name of the band was quite appropriate to match the festivities of last weekend.  Boy did the kids have FUN.

It was Sam who actually helped me choose the song.  He rides along with me as I run errands after work, cart him back and forth to wrestling practice, and shuffle the girls here and there.  I played the song for him often and it was always his first request after we'd buckle up and fire up the van.  "Momma, can you play my favorite song?" Sam would inquire.  Then he asked me, "Momma, why do I love this song so much?"

"Because there are drums in it, Sam.  You really like drums."

I peeked in the rear view mirror to see Sam's dimpled smile.  "YEAH!  I LOVE DRUMS!  When are you getting me some?"

"Soon," I said.

NOTE TO MY MOTHER:  When you are reading this blog aloud to dad (because he refuses to use a computer), skip this part.  Let's just surprise him.  The drum set is coming next summer and I am setting it up in my garage, right next to his workshop.  It will be good for him....keep him young and happening.  

I'm so serious about it that I just bought Sam this shirt at a great on-line sale at Gymboree.

Every time he wears it, I am going to give you a little secret hand symbol to remind you of your upcoming treasure.  I'll hold my hands out in front of me and play air-drumsticks.  You'll know what I'm talking about.  It's always fun to have a secret symbol with someone, right?  

So Slovenians, our country will be tuned in to watching Adam Greenberg on October 2nd.  We'll argue over if he should have been given a second chance.  It will give us a break from last week's argument over the Green Bay vs. Seattle NFL game---was it a catch?  We argue over everything here in the United States, because we have the freedom to and that is a wonderful thing.  We're in store for a lot more voicing of opinions over the next 40 some days---it is time for our Presidential Election.

In the song by Fun, the lyric that repeats is What do I stand for?  I ask you this, Americans:  What do YOU stand for?    Here is your weekend homework:
  1. Think about the issues listed below---your own real and true thoughts.  
  2. Jot them down on paper if you need to keep them straight.   
  3. Then click on this link:  What do they stand for? (on your computer you may have to click and hi-light the the words What do they stand for? to bring up the link)--to see how the Obama and Romney camps match what YOU feel is best for our country.  
  4. Don't cheat and look at the link first.  Do YOUR OWN THINKING FIRST.  Rule number one for my Quest students, so the same applies my Lamp Posters.
  5. Issues to consider:
  • Unemployment
  • Social Security
  • Tax Reform
  • National Budget
  • Patient Protection Affordable Care Act
  • Same Sex Marriage
  • Climate Change
  • Marijuana
  • Stem Cell Research
  • Oil
  • National Defense
  • Afghanistan
  • China
  • Health care Reform
  • Immigration
  • Environment
What do you stand for?  Find out who most closely matches your views AND GET YOUR BUTT OUT THERE AND VOTE!  And in the language of the Hunger Games :  May the odds be ever in your favor.

Enjoy the video.  It will make you smile and remember what it is like to be 12 and hang for a weekend with your favorite people.  


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