Monday, December 17, 2012

Lesson 201: Winter Snow

Enjoy this song of comfort, Readers.  It is one of my very favorites of the Christmas season.  The song is Winter Snow by Chris Tomlin & Audrey Assad.  It is a beautiful song about God's love.

Winter snow?  What's that?  It's what we Erieites are asking ourselves again this year.  We are going into a second Christmas season snowless.  People around here gripe about snow, but it sure is pretty at Christmastime. Snow is clean, fresh, and soft, just like a baby.

Remember the baby tonight folks, on this 351st day of the year.  His name is Jesus and was sent to save us.  He arrived just like the winter snow--
and slow, 
falling from the sky, 
in the night, 
to the earth below.


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