Friday, December 21, 2012

Lesson 202: Silent Night

It's Christmas vacation for Eloise!

Sam brought home a sparkly nosed Rudolph, with hand antlers today.

...and an elf hat complete with pointy ears.

Eloise would like to extend a personal thank you to the person who purchased the Silly Putty and Flarp he got as his Kindergarten Christmas exchange gift.

Flarp came out of Sam's hair okay, but it took a bit longer go get out of mine.

As unhappy as I was for what is now known as The Flarp Incident at the Lamp Post, 
I was not as unhappy as this person.

This is Kenyan, Slovenians.  She's my one and only sibling and she turned 39 on December 18th.
Math has always been a bit of a challenge for Eloise.  I guess I lost count of the years.
Whoops!  My mistake.
Kenyan says I am not invited on the limo ride she has planned for next year.
She'll forget in twelve months time. 

Ellen did a great job in her Christmas dance show this past week.

Natalie is all excited for the holiday, too.  

Sometimes it is difficult for Natalie to make and hold eye contact.  
In the moments when she does connect, it's as if she can see into your soul.

Our souls are still shaken over the tragedy in Connecticut a week ago.  It has felt as though this week has been one long night.  Fitting that I would be writing this blog post on the night of the winter solstice, which is the longest night of the year.  It is also the night that ends the ancient Mayan calendar.  What we have learned this week is that with any ending, comes a new beginning.  Starting tomorrow, every day we gain a little more daylight.  

It is my hope that we can all do this:  bring ourselves 

It's going to take some work.  Some loving.  Some praying.  Some believing.  But we can do it.  I have faith.

On this long, dark night, absorb the silence.  In your quietest moment, please pray for those who are hurting.  May they wake tomorrow as we all will be, inching ourselves back toward the light a little at a time.

Peace to you and yours tonight,

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Bonnie said...

Enjoy the days of elf ears and flarp while you can-- they pass too quickly. Take my word for it, you WILL miss these times more than words can say.