Friday, October 4, 2013

Lesson 263: The Fog Has Lifted

It's was a foggy week at the Lamp Post.

I came down from of my terrible, horrible, no good very bad day, 
but walked into a fog for most of last week.
  Luckily for you, the light came back on and the fog lifted,
otherwise Eloise may have been postless this week.

I learned that when the fog lifts, things sometimes become crystal clear
 and the picture is beautiful.

Eloise has needy feeties.  
I beat them up pretty good with all the activity I do,

By the end of the day, Eloise's dogs are barking.  I'll do just about anything to relieve arthritic foot pain.  I even gave away my awesome shoes to Rockette and Junior.  
It was kind of like of regifting a pack of cigarettes.

When I'm not at school or working out, I wear these.  They are Vibrams.  They are easy on my feet, but according to two of my girlfriends they are not so easy on the eyes.  

I mentioned to my mom how I wished I had something cozy and comfy for my tootsies to wear around the house in the evenings.  Sometimes I just don't feel like putting on shoes when I'm home.  

Mom swoops in with the save again----I think.
These were delivered to the Lamp Post this week.

They are called Cozy Toes.  
My toes stay separated and toasty warm at the same time.
I got this cool pen as my "free gift."

Pens are good for bloggers who carry around notebooks.  It writes really well.
I noticed that it said "Easy Grip" on the side.
I wondered why, and then I opened the enclosed catalog.

I decided to do a little early Christmas shopping.
I'm getting these pants for Kenyan and all my sister in laws.
If you read this, Sisters, you can post on facebook your choice of color.
I'm betting Kenyan chooses Rhododendron.

This was sad.

This, disturbing (bottom, right).  I'm sticking with Cozy Toes.
I am probably going to get my dad those scissors.
Everyone needs a pair to cut through rope and linoleum.

Grandma's getting one of these because she's responsible for the catalog.

Depression hit when I saw the dentures.

But only for a moment, because then I saw these!
What an awesome idea!
I can't wait to aerate my yard in the springtime,
except I'm making my own.

I'm thinking of something like this,
Nike Air-e-ators.
Catchy, dontcha think?
Aerator Sandals

I'll invite my teammates over for a little leg workout.
I even have a hill in my front yard!
Saturdays in April, 7:00 am!

Sam got a workout last weekend!  The local YMCA had ran a Mini Mudder for the kids.  They did a really good job with the event.  

I always fear that something like this will fuel Sam's fighting spirit in a negative way.  To make sure that Sam kept his adrenaline in check, I said to him right before he ran the course, "Defend the Queendom, my brave knight!"  Sam, in his most charming fashion, looked me straight in the eyes and said, "I will protect you my Queen."  He reached out, took my hand, and kissed it.  Toughness to help protect and defend is the direction we want Sam to move in.  If he says something of this nature to you locals, help Queen Eloise out and play along.

He had a blast high kneeing it through tires, 

crawling through tunnels,

under nets, 

and through a school bus,

filled with balloons.

In the end, he threw himself into a pool filled with muddy water.

Pig Pen was in hog heaven.

and the girls got a kick out of watching it, too.

Ellen had her first babysitting job this week.  Four kids plus Sam and Natalie.

Ellen said that equaled 12.

I got this great shot of Natalie.  
She was watching the leaves blow in the wind.
Natalie loves that.  You can see the happiness on her face.

She comes home almost every day with a page full of People.
Thank you for all of your suggestions as to what to do with them.
Right now they are the screen savers for all of our swanky new phones.

Maybe you can help Eloise figure out these markings on the left.
They appear on almost every page.
What could they be?
Mrs. Rocky--help me out.  Ask your hubby about it.

Sam is quite the popular guy this year.
Everyone keeps giving him these bracelets.
Do anyone's kids come home sporting these on their wrists?
Warning--they do come apart in the washing machine.
It was a ten minute game of 5:00 am Pick Up.
Not fun.

This came home in his book bag this week.
Something like this used to strike a paralyzing fear through Eloise.

Not anymore!
That's a WOW!

One of the best ways to promote academics at home is to read your child's library book with him or her every week.  It gives you a lot of insight about your child.  What book did they choose?  How does the book choice reflect them?

Sam has picked some real winners in the past.  WWE books top his list.  He also prefers non fiction.  This week he couldn't wait to show me his book.  After a bad week, followed by a foggy week, I was hoping for an inspirational story to share with my son.  Instead, he brings home this.  I can hardly wait for the weekend.

Overall, it was a good week once the fog lifted.
The grape harvest has started and my whole town smells like a wine bottle was just uncorked.
I love the smell.  It smells like home.

Other good news of the week: 
The Noticer Returns by Andy Andrews came out this week.
I was so excited that I got up at 5:00 in the morning to purchase it on my Kindle.

Also, Tim McGraw released a new song, but it is a Christmas tune.  You will have to wait a little later in the season to hear it on The Lamp Post.  He also released Nashville as a single.  It is one of my very favorites off of his last album.  I am guessing we will see him perform it at the Country Music Awards.  If you like classic, old country, it is a tribute to the greats.

For this week's photos, I've chosen Katy Perry's Roar.  This is for all my girls who will turn out for the Her Times 5K on Saturday.  It also is an anthem for all my teammates trying to get healthy for the next 58   54 days (four days have gone by already).  No sugar for most of the work week?  I bet you are ready to roar!  Ride through it.  The worst is almost over.  Call Eloise if you get desperate for a Tootsie Roll.  I'll come and hold your hand and tell you a bedtime story.

Or we could make origami birds. 

Have a great weekend, Readers!

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