Friday, October 18, 2013

Lesson 265: Sometimes You Need A Compass

Did you get LOST in a busy week, Readers?

Good news:  the weekend finally found us!
I didn't even need to use my cool new compass app to find it.

Here are some other things lost and found at the Lamp Post this week.

Found the perfect moon shot tonight on the way to the football game.

My team lost the game, but we found new royalty.

Eloise got this cool drink cozy for my dozen plus one years as a student.

Sam hunted down the Husky as always.  

He found some friends to play with.

Ellen brought a friend and convinced her to wear their tutus.  

Natalie wasn't in the mood for pictures tonight, but she did want her usual order of french fries.  When wove our way down through the crowd of kids, I was mobbed with "Mrs. Eloise!  Mrs. Eloise!  Hey, Mrs. Eloise!  Look at me, Mrs. Eloise!"  Natalie is not much for crowds.  Sam was tugging on my sleeve requesting a ring pop and a soda that he didn't need but I bought anyway.  When the concession clerk asked me what I needed, I said, "an order of french fries, a coffee with a splash of vodka, and a can of soda laced with Benedryl."  The parent volunteer laughed and said, "We're all out!"  Next time Eloise is not waiting for refreshments until the third quarter.  I'll be first in line.

We lost the daylight.  My team will be working out in the dark. 
We'll need a compass to find the outdoor locations....or we can just listen for Doc's bullhorn.

We lost some of the picturesque fall weather, too.
Once the rain begins in Erie, we start a long, wet ride.

Eloise can't let the weather stop her though.  I'm on a quest to win $3,000 in Dr. Krauza's 58 Day Challenge.  Here are two sweet and supportive family members reminding me of my pledge to refrain from sugar, bread, and dairy products.  No apple pie for Eloise.  And no sharing of my winnings with them either. 

I've got big plans what to do with the money when I win it all come the day before Thanksgiving.  Doc, I'd like it all in $1 bills.  I want to spread them out on my living room floor and roll around in them awhile.  I'll even let Ellen take my picture.  After that, I'll scoop them all up and bring it in to Terri at the bank to start up an Eloise Wellness Fund.  

Immediate family members wishing to draw from the account will have to apply for a wellness grant.  I plan on using my three grand to fund projects like 5K races for me and the girls, sports equipment, fees for club sports, new sneakers and sports attire, etc.  These types of activities can be a drain on the budget, and it would be nice to have some money set aside for health and wellness.  Hard work, plus the power of positive thinking.  I'm going to try to make it work for me to the tune of three thousand dollars.

My teammates were so proud of themselves for showing up to the rainy workout in the photo above.  I couldn't wait to post it on the facebook page.  I then realized my camera was lost.  I quickly found it---but it was in the front seat---in the vehicle my husband drove to bowling.  Eloise had to drive into Erie late at night, just to get the camera, so my friends could have that B rate photo for some motivation.

Because Sam and Natalie get a big cagey at night, I called Grandma over to watch the kids for 25 minutes while I was gone.  I came home to this:

I've been hollering at Sam for a month about throwing balls in the house (he knocks my pictures off of the walls).  He told me Grandma made up the game.  So much for Granny tucking in her grandchildren and reading them bedtime stories.

The trees are really losing their leaves with the wind and rain. 

I like to take photographs in the fall because there is so much color to play with.  I frequently take my camera into the woods behind my house to snap some shots.  

Eloise snapped some beauties lately.

I have to walk past my parents' house to get to my path.
They make sure I have sufficient flame orange on.
They say my hair color is too close to the coat of a deer.

Mr. Orengia, the HC version of Barney Fife Park Patrol, warned me that there have been coyotes spotted back in the woods.  There also have been reports of bear in the area.  Thanks, Mr. Orengia.  I'll be on the lookout. 

Wildlife in the woods reminds me of this ANNOYING song that is stuck in my head.
If you have kids and do not know this song and video, that splash of vodka you put in your coffee was too big of a glub. 

Kids are digging "the fox song,"  What Does The Fox Say?

If you want to see the most kid-favorite, annoying video ever in your life,
Kids will think you're cool, and Eloise will be happy not to be suffering alone.

I don't need a compass to draw me to the park pond.
It is where I seek my solace.
You've seen many photographs of the tree's reflection on the water.

I couldn't be more pleased to have a new tree to watch grow and flourish.
It was planted by one of my favorite students ever--Ray.
He planted a Liberty Tree for his Eagle Scout project.  
The tree sits behind the playground, at the east entrances to the woods.

Thanks, Ray, for giving me a whole new world of tree photo opportunities.
It has been an honor to be your teacher.

Eloise is not the only one who is drawn to trees and the photo opportunities they possess.  If you are in the mood to watch something really neat, click the link below.  It will take you to a story titled, How a Tree Helped Heal Me.  It is amazing what this man was able to photograph with his iPhone.  If you are in a rut and need some motivation, listen to Mark Hirsch's story.  It is very inspirational.

My husband lost these underwear, and he doesn't need a compass to find them.
I lit them on fire.
I warned him to throw them out or they were going to appear in blog world.
Men don't listen.
Just making good on my promise, Honey.
(Why do men keep ratty underwear?)

Natalie gets the art prize for the week with these sunny, happy people.

Sam gets the award for this tree.  
I asked who was standing beneath it and he said, "Dad."

I found these in Ellen's sketchbook.
She fiddles around with art in her down time.
Mother Eloise loves these, too.

Sam has been playing school in the evenings.  
He plays the role of the teacher and we all trade off being the student.
Ellen got a spelling test last night.
If there is ever a pictorial representation of a big sister-little brother relationship, it is this:

Eloise always encourages parents to read their child's library book with them each week.
Sam picks some real page turners. 

I loved this advice from WWE Wrestler, Randy Orton's parents.
They discouraged him from being a wrestler.  
"What good advice those parents gave Randy!" said Mother Eloise to her scrappy, WWE loving son.

Then I got to this part.

Speaking of page turners, November is fast approaching and Eloise is thinking about her third attempt to write a novel in a month.  For the past two years I've participated in the National Novel Writing Month contest.  It is a great on-line program that helps writers set goals and complete a 50,000 word novel during the month of November.

In 2011 I wrote The Key and got this cool journal.

Last year I wrote In Stride and earned this neat t-shirt.

My 2012 novel was my greatest feat.  I had shingles during the first half of the month.  Eloise had to write 40,000 words in two weeks to accomplish the goal I set out to do---and I made it.

So where are the books, Eloise? you ask.  They are coming your way soon--all free of charge.  I am going to make The Key available for you to read in the spring of 2014.  Holiday time is approaching, and people don't have as much time to read for pleasure.  I will let you know when and where you can access the book after the turn of the new year.

I am going to go for my goal this year as well.   It will be my third consecutive try at the contest and I like my threes.  Eloise can't quit now.  This year the book will not be a secret, and I am needing some help from my readers.

Eloise is working on a family cookbook/family history book.  It is a blend of all things that make up the culture of my house:  food, photos, and stories.  I may be contacting you for a special recipe of yours that I would like to include in my book.  Send it back to the Lamp Post so others can enjoy your special dish, too.

I tend to think cookbooks are boring.  I used to only buy ones that had photos in them---and then came pinterest.  I don't like reading lists of ingredients and procedural steps.  To make my cookbook fun, I am going to intersperse the recipes with some family history.  Eloise is a good story teller, and I'd like to put some of the best stories in print throughout the cookbook.  

Family and friends:  If you can think of a heartwarming, inspirational, informative, or funny story to include in my book, please send me your suggestion.  Cousins on my mother's side:  Yes, I am including the Red Crayon Story (from my 8 year old perspective).  Cousins on my father's side:  The Mr. Peanut cup will be included---and no, I DID NOT steal it upon Grandma O's passing.  In laws, I DID steal this lovely cup from the camp.  

Swiped it right out from under the noses of 50 Italians and no one even noticed.  How did Eloise accomplish such a sneaky feat?  Read my third book to find out.

Thank the Lord I found this great new song from Lady Antebellum.  It is called Compass and it has replaced the fox song in my brain.  It gets the bid for the picture video for the week.  Thank you Lady Antebellum for showing me the way.  

Enjoy the video below as well as the song.  

Goodnight Sweethearts.  Remember the words of Lady A:
Let your heart Sweetheart, be your compass when you're lost
And you should follow it wherever you may go.


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