Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Lesson 275: Even the Babies Turn 40!

Happy Birthday, Kenyan!
My sister and one and only sibling turns 40 on December 18th.
She's the baby of my family on both my mother's side and father's side.
Welcome to the 4 decade club like the rest of us.  
It's fun!

My fun is kind of over with, though.
I can no longer put out these signs for her,
as I have for the last three years.

This one is from her last birthday.
I had the table at Ricardo's all decorated nicely.
Sheesh!   She didn't seem to appreciate all my creativity.
Everyone knows I suck at math and get easily confused.
I forgot she was only 39 at the time.

So to make up for my mistake last year (and in 2011, 2010, and 2009...)
I made her a little video about her favorite pastime:


She is so fast, that is why I tagged her with the nickname Kenyan.
It fits!  Eloise is good at nicknames.

When I was trying to find an image of the above phrase I also found these:

Now this would be an experience.....

This one made me think of Doc and my team.
Hmmmmmm...............the possibilities.

And this one is perfect:
A clown nosed Kenyan.
Kenyan LOVES clowns.

When Kenyan starts tuckering out during her big race in January,

she can picture clowns chasing her.  
Fear works.  Take it from Eloise---I run from zombies.

I hope you kick some Florida asphalt, Kenyan.
Show those Floridians how it's done.
You'll do well because Florida is basically full of the almost senile (retirees)
 and the almost drunk (college kids with a permanent buzz).
You'll kick some flamingo ass for sure.

I chose the song I Run to You, by one of Kenyan's favorite country bands, Lady Antebellum.  If you are a runner in one of the photos, or a cheerleader along the sidelines, thanks for supporting my sister.  It means a great deal to her.

Have a great day, Kenyan!

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