Friday, January 3, 2014

Lesson 279: Doc's Detox

Happy New Year, Readers!

It's 2014!
Did you know twenty fourteen has 14 letters in it?

Where were you when the clock struck midnight?
With friends?
A rockin' party?
Fast asleep?

Sam was up.
Special thanks to my sister Kenyan for giving him that party horn.

So were Ellen,

and Natalie.

Hubby had to wake me up to witness the ball drop, as I slept nearly twenty hours that day.  Eloise was experiencing acute intestinal troubles.  The kind where you can't even tolerate one sip of water or a roll to a new uncomfortable position in your bed.  I was in such distress, the only logical conclusion I could come to, as to why I was so violently ill was that I had been poisoned.  Word to the hater---Eloise is tough.  I've survived, and emerged a few days later ready to roar in 2014.  

I'm even brave enough to post this picture of myself as they woke me up at midnight and slapped this tiara on my head.  Now that's brave!  

It's also a good reminder for me as to why I want to stay healthy.  It is NO FUN to be sick.  Everything suffers--your family, your social life, your home, your work.  You can't do anything but lie still and think about being sick, wishing you were well.  Who wants to do that?

That is one reason I am starting out the year with a good old fashioned detox.  Detoxes aren't new.  I've been reading about them for years in health books and magazines.  I've done several myself over the years, usually around this time of year.  I've just never done one in quite this manner--I'm detoxing my holiday indulgences with friends!

Eloise is participating in Doc's Detox.  It is Erie Chiropractor Dr. Steven Krauza's post holiday, wellness re-set.  You can find out more about it here:      CLICK HERE for words from Doc Himself!

You can also read a good, factual summary of the plan here:  CLICK HERE for Heather Cass's blog on detox

Heather, a friend and fellow fitness enthusiast, is participating in the detox with me.  We're abstaining from the big 3--sugar, caffeine, and alcohol for 42 days.  Sugar, caffeine, and alcohol are indulgences that Americans have come to depend on as necessities.  We don't NEED any of them.  We live in the land of abundance and limitless choices.  For the next six weeks, I'll be choosing wiser and more carefully what goes into my body.  

As for mine and Heather's blogs over the next six weeks---I cannot say how they may change.  We may become known as Erie's most beloved Bitchy and Boring Bloggers.  We can trade nicknames week to week depending how the withdrawals are going.  Admittedly, it's hard to write this blog without a bottle of Rolling Rock sitting next to me.  Instead of reaching for my green bottle, Eloise is reaching for this instead:

I booby trapped my coffee pot.  

I'm going green for the next six weeks!

Eloise has some major menu changes in store for the Lamp Post.  

I'm still not feeling well, and up until a couple of hours ago, I couldn't even think about food beyond some rice and chicken broth.  I'll discuss the ways I am going to make this time period fun for my whole family on next week's blog, when my tummy's better able to handle the topic.  Stay tuned.

My city made the news this week:

It isn't even a contest!

We got dumped with 12 more inches.

My photographer friend Clicky Matt Kleck snapped this photo today,
and posted it to facebook.

When the snowplows aren't enough.. 
break out the Cat Wheel loader to build a 20ft snow mountain! — at MKleck Photography.

We had a delayed start to school today due to frigid temperatures.

It was only 5 degrees this morning.

The ice on the glass,

sure is pretty!

It was so cold, Ellen was thankful for her new fleece.

When I asked Ellen how the new jacket was working out for her, she said,
"If Jesus Himself had a clothing line, this would be the top seller."

Here is a view of icicles, looking up.

Here's a view of icicles forming on one's beard.
Now that's cold!

Because this blog circulates the country,
from Angie in Philly,
to Tracy Southern in South Carolina,
to Stacey out in Arizona,
I must show you how tough we Erieites are!

Marathon training does not stop.

Nor do our workouts.

We have fun,

and celebrate the winter.

And are known to huddle for heat.

I cannot wait to join them again.  Maybe in a day or two.

Eloise missed her annual Year in Review blog post because I was too sick to write.  Don't despair!  I made one for you as a video slide show.  It appears at the bottom of this post, and hi-lights some of the best moments of my year.

If you don't know my family, or me personally, I put some other options for you on here as well.  

CLICK HERE for Top 75 Pictures of 2013 --These are INCREDIBLE.  Thanks, Melissa for alerting me to this link.  Enjoy!

CLICK HERE Google Zeitgeist --I really liked this one, too.  Take it from the former yearbook editor--this one is good.   HOMEWORK:  define the world zeitgeist, and use it in a sentence.

Scroll down for the video for the week.  BONUS HOMEWORK:  What does  Auld Lang Syne mean?

X0X0,  Eloise

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