Friday, January 10, 2014

Lesson 280: The Polar Vortex

Hello, Readers!

Ain't that the truth?
I hope you east coasters survived the arctic blast this week.
This is the blizzardy scene out the window of the Clark School library.
I get cold just looking at it.

Eloise and the Erieites are thawing out. 

We were just as the headline reads:

I got this snapshot of Natalie's thermometer, on what I thought would be our record low.
Erie actually fell to negative 9!

All area schools closed, so we found ourselves unexpectedly home on Tuesday.
I made them all go outside so they could feel what minus 3 degrees felt like.

Even the dog thought it was too cold.

With time on our hands, we all pitched in and helped Sam clean out his bedroom.

With his big weekend chore completed already, 
Sam is free to watch his daddy bowl in the Erie Times News Tournament on Saturday.
We have to switch gears from Little League season--
strikes are good things.

My lame husband, leveled flat just one month ago, healed quickly enough to be able to bowl thanks to Dr. Steven Krauza,  and this lovely chiropractic table.  It's been set up in my bedroom for three weeks.  It is going home this weekend, and I will miss it terribly.  It has made a spectacular laundry table,

waiting bench/time out bench,
(you can determine who claims each title by the faces in the picture)

practice surf board,

and a make-shift bobsled.

The Olympics are only a few weeks away, after all.

Eloise has her flags ready for the Winter Games Sochi 2014.

Here is a great advertisement I found this week.
Click the link below for a heart warmer.

My team is training for their kind of Olympics of the mud variety, come May.

Eloise was called in to take the team photo.  
Clicky even let me use his camera.  It was the highlight of my day.

I don't care how many of you climbed that snow pile in your skivvies
or who sat atop the throne,

this boy has claimed the title:

  Eloise hopes to join them all soon for some wintertime workout fun.  The colon cleanse intestinal virus that I had last week as still left me with tummy troubles.  My adventures outside--minimal.  My strength and stamina--next to none.  I'll heal up in time--I always do.

I've ingested LOTS of applesauce and tea this week.

I'm into tea right now, partially because I've been sick,
and also because I'm participating in Doc's Detox--no coffee until February 12th.

I found out you can send a way for a free trinket with each purchase of a box of tea.
I was really excited to see that the offerings were of the nautical variety,

because it was FISH WEEK at the Lamp Post!

Thunder and Goldie, Sam's Cherry Festival fish were a little nervous,

but we spared them.  After all, we're going for the Cherry Festival fish record.  
We've had them almost seven months!

So, Eloise?

To make Doc's Detox fun, Eloise decided to plan six THEME WEEKS.  Last week was FISH WEEK.  We (well.....THEY, as in hubby and the kids--I was still not too adventurous with food), had fish patties and fish and pasta, and crab legs, and shrimp.  We tried tilapia and cod and had lots and lots of salmon.  And believe it or not, for a solid week---they pretty much ate everything.  All except for Sam.  I made sure I served a side of mac and cheese with every meal and he was just fine.  They all were thankful to try something new.  I had little tastes of everything here and there and my concoctions were quite good.

What's up for this week? 


We kicked off the week with a Friday night dinner at El Canelo, the best Mexican restaurant in Erie.
I loved my meal.  We'll see what the intestines have to say about it in the morning.

During this cold, cold, cold week, we learned how to make these neat scarves.

They were a quick project--under 30 minutes to make.

The only tools you needed were your own arms!

Cousin Bonnie made one,

and Amy,

and Donna and her girls!

Here is the link for the video tutorial if you are interested in arm knitting.
If I figured it out, you can, too!

Eloise has been quiet and reflective this week, as I've been holed up in my house.
I've been thinking about how thankful I am for my children and their talents.

I really enjoy watching Ellen produce her artwork.

Natalie is continuing to bloom with her skills as well.

I was delighted to find this picture in her book bag.
(My mother's cat, dead now for seven months)

And Billy.
(Who the hell is Billy?)
Always a communication adventure.

And then there's Sam---my son of many talents--

so many to name, so little space,

so I'll just put up his latest creation.

I'm TOTALLY rethinking that magnetic Scrabble board I put up in the bathroom.

Enjoy the photo story for the week.  I set the pictures to Little Talks, by Alex & Sierra, winners of this year's X-Factor.  I chose the song because it talks about ships and shores and has a nautical feel to go with my fish week.  Also, Alex & Sierra are pescetarians---their diet only consists of fruits, vegetables, and fish.  Neat!

Stay warm, Friends!

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