Saturday, July 12, 2014

Lesson 310: The Land of Stories

Weekend greetings, Readers!

Welcome to the Lamp Post,
the Land of Stories.

(Thanks for the book 4th grade Abigail!)

Speaking of stories, I just finished this set.
Very good for Princess Wannabe's with an American twist.

I had a book hangover for a day or two, until
Student Abigail rescued me with a fairy tale read.
Back story on Snow White?
Written by one of the Glee actors?
That sure was a remedy for the Book Blues.

Eloise didn't want to tip the scales too far with children & teen fiction,
so I downloaded this on my Kindle.

Holy.  Cow.
It's a must read.
And if you don't read----
(Louie cheers!)

For the movie trailer CLICK HERE

Angelina Jolie is directing the film which tells the story of Louis Zamperini.

Mr. Zamperini was an Olympic distance runner,
and POW survivor in WW2.  

The past tense is used in the prior sentence as Mr. Zamperini passed away
a little over a week ago on July 2, 2014 at the age of 97.

Here is a synopsis of his life as it appeared in the New York Times.

Rest in peace, Louis.
Because of you, we are free.

Perhaps you'll give one of my book suggestions a whirl.
Maybe my suggestions don't strike your fancy.

In either case, you may like this site sent to me by Cousin Bonnie.


No story is ever as good as your story, however.
We all write our own day after day.

Eloise has often thought of starting a business called Tell Me A Story.

I'd invite you to the Lamp Post.
There we'd sit, side by side on moderately uncomfortable lawn chairs,
having drinks while poking sticks in a campfire.  

There, over the quiet background drone of my favorite tunes,
you'd tell me YOUR story, and let your life unfold.
I'd write it up for you with a sprinkle of Eloise Spice,
and Wa-la!
Your story is recorded for all time.

All stories come from experiences.
In the end, it's always better to know what you DID
rather than what you HAD.

Tony and Taffy Micheli Family: Experiences, Not Things: The WHY and HOW Behind my Vacation Hobby--love this quote and my sister's awesome tips in this post

Summer 2014 Part One has been chock full of those rich experiences.
Eloise will be full of stories for years to come.

From the unusual

to the unexpected.

From the gratifying,

to the mortifying.

From the hardy hellos,

to the long goodbyes.

The past weeks have been fun,

and I'm looking forward to even more of it
Summer 2014 Part Two.
Stay tuned.

I'll be tuned in more ways than one if I plan on surviving it.

For starters, I have to find my Challenge Erie hidden blue stakes.

Dr. Krauza, Erie Chiropractor, hid 10 blue stakes around our community for participants
to find.

He gave us a set of clues to follow in May,
and plenty of teaser photos on the Challenge Erie facebook page.


I've found a few, and narrowed the location of my hunts to several others.
Blue Stake Location #8 has me stumped.
Erieites, can you help me?

Here are the clues:
  • A popular location from 8 a.m. on the first Saturday after April 11, to midnight, Labor Day (but mostly in April and May due to colder water temperatures).
  • This isn't Braves or Huskies territory, however if you were a member of the largest cat species, you'd be among those who love you at this location.
  • Kenny Rogers knew when to hold 'em and knew when to fold 'em, but did he ever bluff?
  • Entry to this location has you driving your car down a winding road.
  • Once in the parking lot of this location, park near the restrooms and look for the trail to the right.
  • Come to a T in the path.
  • Turn towards the lake.
  • Continue down a steep hill to find the stake

I'll also be training for The Barber Beast on the Bay.
That is always fun.

...or not.

My Team Captain, Steve Krauza has challenged
Kenyan, my speedy fast sister and her team of beautiful runners to
something so long ago.....
I can't even remember now what the challenge was.

All I know is that the smack talking continues.

You may be playing nice with our team rivalries, but I haven't forgotten the kidnapping and all the unpleasantries you subjected me to while in captivity. I'm still going to beat you at the Erie well as bury you in the sand so you can't finish the Beast. — drinking Whiskey.
LikeLike · 

Lord, help me.

So, with my only sibling and my good friend going at it, I should have plenty to keep me busy for the second half of the summer.  Between keeping tabs on Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum, and all of the happenings here at the Lamp Post, I will be a busy gal.  

I was secretly hoping that my parents would behave.  You know, act like the old, retired farts that they are and just stay out of my hair.

Daydream interrupted.

Ain't happening I guess.

I found this sign at their cottage when I went to visit them this evening.

Thank God it was a bit chilly tonight.


Time to toss back a greenie or two and forget I even wrote the end of this post.

I'm heading out to build a fire and pull up a couple of moderately uncomfortable lawn chairs.  Who is coming to sit with me and let ME talk?  And when you do my write up, make a spectacular ending to my story. Just make sure my hair isn't a mess and that I am skinny, of course.

Enjoy this week's photo video set to Phillip Phillips's song Raging Fire.


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