Friday, August 15, 2014

Lesson 316: The Long Haul

Happy weekend, Readers!
Today marks my 316th post.  
316 is a special number.
In Christianity they are referred to as,

Eloise had lots of special numbers this week.
This one,

and this.

I'll get to those in a minute.
First, Other News of the Week.

What did Eloise do with Lady Sybil, her one and only garden harvest.
I picked it!

After watching her ripen over the course of the week, I asked facebook friends for some advice.  What should I do?  Pick it and eat it, or let nature take its course (meaning ripen, fall from the vine, and become lunch for wildlife).  I got lots of responses and they were fun to watch roll in.  The overwhelming majority encouraged me to eat her for dinner.  I don't think many realized her size---unless they were hinting that Eloise had eaten one too many marshmallows this summer.

Several friends stated the same thing, but Marcy, my high school classmate who recently suffered the loss of her pet rabbit, answered the most succinctly.  

Marcy  Eat it or it wont fulfill its greatest purpose!

It reminded me that we all have a great purpose, destined to fulfill.  
Thanks, Marcy.

I also liked my friend and former co-worker, Kira's response.

Kira Eat it, then more may appear‼️‼️

I liked your response so much, Kira, that as I picked it, I scanned the plants looking for just one more blossom.  The leaves were bare.  By my observation, this should be my one and only tomato.  As much as I knew I planted it with the intention that it would be eaten, and more would accompany it, I still felt bad that the ride was over.  I like watching things grow and photographing them along the way.  It's probably why I enjoy children so much, and cry every single graduation night, year after year.

I am hoping your statement is true, Kira.  I said a prayer right there in my tiny little garden, that I would be able to witness more miracles this season.  I'll keep you posted on what happens.

Kenyan had her Pre-Erie Marathon 20-Mile Run last Sunday.
Watching Kenyan run is always an experience.
So much so, I wrote this book on the topic.

The marathoners did a great job exploring the world on a picture perfect Sunday.

All in our groups are believers in this:
run with friends = perfect start to any day

We all shared tales of the journey while cooling off in Lake Erie, flat as a mirror.

We had some snacks and drinks available at the destination point for the runners to enjoy.  One of the most popular dishes was a salsa recipe from friend and neighbor Peggy.  Eloise has received so many recipe requests that I will put it here on The Lamp Post.

This recipe appears in the new book I'm writing, Cookwizardry of a Peculiar People.  To give you a sample of what my book is going to be like, your cyber recipe card is posted below.  Read carefully.
Peggy Campbell
Southwest Salsa
Boil I cup sugar and 1/3 cup vegetable oil until dissolved.
Then add:
¾ cup cider vinegar
Let cool.
Pour over:
I can drained kidney beans
1 can drained corn
1 can drained black beans
1 cup finely chopped pepper
1 teaspoon of ground unicorn horn
1 cup finely chopped celery
1 cup small finely chopped onion
Add:  t teaspoon salad, 1 teaspoon water, ½ teaspoon pepper
Refrigerate at least six hours or overnight.
You can substitute any canned vegetables.  Add hot peppers if you like it spicy.

Serve with scoops.  Keeps well in refrigerator, gets better with age.  As do people, Peggy.  Thanks for the recipe!
Funny Pictures Of The Day – 75 Pics visit, the funnier pinterest

I ran the Mobile Hydration Station for Kenyan's Long Run, 
and stepped into my normal role of photo journalist.

Not wanting to miss out on the fun, on Monday morning when I awoke,
I knew it was time for My Turn.

I declared Monday, Forrest Gump Run Day, 
and headed to the Harbor Ridge Golf Course for an early morning start.

Every year I do a Forrest Gump Run Day when the mood strikes me.  If you are unfamiliar with the movie, here is the clip to help you along.

A few years ago, with only one 5K under my belt, I wound up at Freeport Beach--12 miles from the Lamp Post.  Another year I decided to do the same thing in the other direction and ran west.  That time I ran to Beach 1, which ended up being a perfect 13.1 on the nose from the Lamp Post driveway.

This year I was looking for something to come close to the 20 miles my sister did the day before.  I didn't want to leave from my driveway because I already knew that distance.  Starting from the golf course changed things up.  Standing up there on that ridge, you can see the beautiful lake and the tip of Erie's Presque Isle.  I thought it would be cool to see if I could run out to the end of the peninsula in one shot.  The destination point I had in mind was the Perry Monument, which I estimated to be about 18 miles away.

I had my phone, my Mophie battery, $20, and a water bottle with me.
Most importantly I had the desire for a journey and a mind ready for the experience.

I had 8 missions left in Season 2 of my Zombies Run game.
I loaded those, and was eager to listen to the end of the story
of the Zombie Apocalypse, which plays in between songs on my playlist.
The more you run, the more missions you unlock.
The further you go, the more supplies you earn to build your base at Abel Township.

The horn sounded, MISSION COMPLETE, about 3 minutes before my family came to pick me up out on Beach 9 many hours later.  There was a traitor in the group, and the season ended on a great twist.  I am looking forward to beginning Zombies Run 3 this fall. 

I already ordered my shirt for completing Season 2.
I chose a blue one this time.

I was already planning to take my time with Season 3--not wanting the Zombie fun to end.
But Zombies Run is on top of things and is already developing the next great thing.

Look what they have in store next!
This is in Eloise's future for sure!

Announcing Zombies, Run! Glass Edition

Zombies, Run! is all about putting the player in an post-apocalyptic world with a gripping story and gameplay that motivates you to run faster, further, and more frequently than ever before. That motivation is why over 900,000 people, from beginner runners to expert marathoners, have bought the game and become Runner 5.
Lots of people ask us why we don’t include graphics or interaction while you’re running. The reason is simple: if you’re a jogger or runner, you know there’s nothing more annoying than having to dig out your phone, unlock it, and then try not to drip sweat on the screen. That’s why Zombies, Run! is an audio-first game: we don’t want to do anything that takes you away from your run or from our brilliant story, written by co-creator Naomi Alderman.
But that’s for the billions of smartphones in the world today. What about tomorrow’s technology?

To answer that question, we’ve been secretly developing a prototype version of Zombies, Run! for Google Glass, with the expert help of the people at Google.

What’s in ZR Glass Edition?

We’re bringing the core Zombies, Run! experience to Glass - an exciting, motivating experience that takes place in the real world. ZR Glass Edition includes the first three missions of Season 1 for free, and it comes with a beautiful new interface that’s precisely designed for Glass.
Players can easily monitor their pace, distance, and time at any moment, along with real-time visual information on events like chases and item pickups. No need to unlock your phone or wait until the next time/distance audio notification - all that information is available in your vision.
And of course, you can listen to your music at the same time - even streamed from Google Play Music.

ZR Glass Edition is an experimental first step for fitness games into a new world of heads-up displays and wearable devices, and we have plenty more ideas about where we can take players. We’re really excited to hear what you think of it!
I’d like to thank Babu Madhikarmi, our lead Android developer on this project, for his hard work and dedication, along with all of the lovely people who work on Zombies, Run! Babu will be at the Google I/O conference this week wearing the Zombies, Run! T-shirt - say hello if you spot him!
- Adrian Hon, CEO of Six to Start

The order of my journey appears in the video at the end of this blog post.  Here are a few of the photos with some captions about my travels.

I decided it would be fun to post photos to facebook along the way.
I posted a message before I left about my intentions, and many followed along that morning,
trying to guess my route.

Only 2 miles into my journey, I already had to pee.  I have the willies about peeing in the woods since my poison ivy experience earlier this summer, but nature called when no flush potty was in sight.  I had to take a pit stop at this Harborcreek location.  I hovered quite high on the edge of the treeline.  This made my aim a bit off, and I peed on my right sock.  I made nearly the entire journey in a wet sock, soaked in my own urine.

I stopped for breakfast in the garden of a local chiropractor, and helped myself
to this cucumber.  That stupid thing flopped in my backpack throughout the entire journey,
but it tasted great later that night, along side of the Whopper Junior I treated myself to.

I knew the cucumber wouldn't have quite enough fuel for me,
so I fueled up at this popular Fuel Stop.
I drank 3 Gatorades, 2 full bottles of water,
and ate strawberries, blueberries, and almonds along the way when I felt the need.

I had some specific points I wanted to run to, and this was one of them.
I could see this big book every time I drove down East Lake Road.
It sits in a cemetery, and from the car, I could never read what was on the pages.

Now I know.

When I came across the points of interest, 
I would stop,
and take a photograph.

I stopped at the Blasco Library to wash up in the bathroom.
While in there, I checked out the section on running books.
I liked this one.

I found more books at the neat little Book Share in Frontier Park.
I passed on the Algebra 2 book and took this Reader's Digest instead because it was the lightest.
Quiz results will be posted next week.

I went into the Sheraton Hotel on the Bayfront to run across the walkway,
but I couldn't find the walkway.  I got lost in the hotel instead, which was quite an experience.

I got lost again in lower Erie, in the old stately homes below Sixth Street.
I snapped this photo of this really pretty house.  About 15 minutes I stopped to take a photo of another house I liked, and realized it was the same house!  I had run myself in a complete circle.

I wound up here, a place I'd never been, 
and finally had to ask for help from the Erie Sewer Authority to find my way to the peninsula.
"New around here?" asked the helpful gentleman.
"Kind of," I white lied, with downcast eyes.

When I got to Sara's, the popular food stop at the base of the peninsula,  I called my family.  I told them that I wanted to reach the Perry Monument, and they should leave within the hour to come and get me.  I'd keep running until they reached me, and if they passed me, they were to wait for me at the Perry Monument.

Eloise is not much of a cartographer, and I am worse at figuring out mathematical story problems (If two trains are leaving the depot heading in opposite directions traveling at a high rate of speed...........).  I did not take into account Erie Summer Traffic and my husband'd Old Man Speed Driving.  A looooonnnnngggg time later, they finally found me, way out past Beach 9.

My feet were hot and tired, so I immediately removed my shoes and started stretching.

I handed my phone to Louie and Ellen so they could add up my miles found on my Zombies Run log.
I had no idea how far I had gone.
I knew I'd been out there awhile, so I had hoped that I at least made the 20 mile, milestone.

I was completely shocked when my distance read this:

It was then I reached my first real dilemma.  
Should I stop there, where my journey naturally ended?
Should I keep moving to make the official 26.2?

I was so torn that I actually posted this question to facebook, seeking advice.

I didn't have time to check though, because my family decided for me.
They got in the van and drove away--with my shoes and all,
parking the car down the beach a bit so that I could officially run a marathon distance.
They dropped Sam off to wait and run in the last .3 with me.

"Let's race!" Sam exclaimed.

I trotted in the last bit, barefoot on the sand, along side of the roadway.

I let out a long sigh, and murmured, "26.2-----wow!"
"Nope," corrected my husband.  
I moved the car down so you could outrun your sister for once in your life."


Love quote art print , emotional saying , room decor wall hanging, I love you, Mothers day wall decor, love birds, nursery art print. $15.00, via Etsy.

After hugs from my family, we piled in the car.
Next destination:  orange-vanilla twists at Sara's.

I smiled at my accomplishment, but for a tiny second felt sad that my friends were not there to experience it with me.  Lots were following on facebook, but a cyber high five just isn't the same as a real one.

"You're quiet," said my hubby.
"Just wishing my friends were here," I said.

Less than a minute after that, as we pulled into the Sara's parking lot,
I looked out the window to see this crew--
two of my friends and their children, enjoying some ice cream after a day on the beach.

Thank you, Lord!
Real hugs from real friends is just what I needed to make my day perfect.

Your parting words for today are shown best in this photograph I snapped of Dan Cass this week.

Whether it's running a great distance or just getting started,
attacking the basement that has been long overdue for organization,
picking up the phone to make that call to an old friend you've been meaning to get in touch with--
take that first step today!
The journey will not be as long or as hard as you anticipated.

Enjoy the journey,

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I cannot believe the runner you've turned into, way to go! Now I'm waiting to read about the marathon race you sign up for! Love reading your blog and keeping up on the family!
Kathy L