Thursday, August 28, 2014

Lesson 318: Beauties & the Beasts Pep Rally Video

The Barber Beast on the Bay is 8 days away!

Captain Krazy and Sister Kenyan were promoting the event 
on Erie radio this morning.

Behaving as usual.

Below you will find a goodwill gesture from the Krazies to the Beauties:
a Pep Rally video for the Beauties team, 
from Yours Truly,

You've been training long, hard, and mostly in the nude,
therefore you deserve your special moment in the blogosphere, too.

With only a little over a week until Go Time, you
may want to put in some extra training sessions.

My team, the Krazies, still holds the advantage,
 but not because of our small army of participants--
because of this axe.
It holds superpowers within it,
and as the oldest daughter in our family,
it makes me the rightful heir.

Best wishes to you and your fancy and fast team. 

See you on the beach next Saturday!


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