Friday, September 5, 2014

Lesson 320: For Charlotte

Salutations, Readers!

I stole that greeting from Charlotte, my favorite spider.
She became my friend when I was in elementary school when I read

I've read it several times in my life--
in first grade by myself,
listened to it again when Mrs. Hill read it to me in third grade,
a third time in high school when I chose E. B. White for my author study,
again in college as part of my Children's Literature course,
and once again last weekend.

I fell in love with Fern, Wilbur, and Charlotte all over again.
This post is for you, Charlotte,
O Wise and Wonderful Spider.

It is pictures like these that still make me want a pig for a pet.

E. B. White had incredible talent.
He liked animals.
He retired on a farm.
What you like shows up all through your writing, 
sometimes in the most subtle of ways.

Author E. B. White with dachshund Minnie! (not Charlotte or Wilbur?)

I started thinking about spiders because I heard the Beast course
is littered with webs
(and leeches).

I hope my sister Kenyan doesn't see this post.
She's scared of spiders.
I'd hate to freak her out before the big event.
We are on opposing teams for the Barber Beast on the Bay on September 6th.

Kenyan should adopt the attitude of blog reader Pam
You cannot escape spiders,
so you simply have to change how you think about them.

Thank you for the inspiration!

I got this cool t-shirt in with my
Grover Cleveland LaFuria registration packet.
They had a slight problem with my photo ID,
but we worked around it.

Glad Ellen likes the shirt, 
because Lord knows,
she has nothing to wear.

I'm taking part in the 10 mile, obstacle course challenge because of this girl.

I happily will raise some money
(and a little hell)
for an agency that helped my family so much.

Because of the strong support I received at the Barber National Institute
when Natalie was young, she is now able to attend regular high school 
in a support classroom. 

She is included in a typical high school art class.
Natalie has Mr. Rocky again and I see they are using color this year.

I asked Natalie what these were she replied, "Baby."

Thank you, Mr. Rocky for being so patient and including Natalie in your classroom.
You are our Humble Hero.

Sam is all set to spectate and help Ellen take Natalie through the adapted course.
He's even got on his jersey he received as a gift from Philly Angie.

Lover Boy is adjusting well to school.
I found a note from a girl in his book bag this week.

She's an artistic little bugger.
Candy canes, walking canes, or shepherd's hooks?

Looks like the brave knight rescues damsels in distress.

Don Juan is a real schmoozer.

Now THAT was touching.

E.B. White would like that one, Vanessa.

It is true, E. B. White,

These words changed my world late this afternoon:

Free beer!

I went to the beer distributor after work to pick up a fresh, new case of #33's.
A sales rep for Labatt's was giving away samples of these:

Just popped the top on this at the start of this blog, 
and I'm thinking of funnier insults to sling at my mother and sister by the minute.
I think this has a higher alcohol content than Rolling Rock.

Answer me this, Readers:
Why does Labatt's have a Q on the cap?

As much as I love beer, 
I limit my consumption to only a couple on Friday nights when I write this blog.

I've been drinking primarily water since Memorial Day weekend.

Remember this?

click below for the article
Woman Who Took 10 Years Off Her Face by Drinking Water

Here is the before and after photos British woman who tried the experiment:

After four weeks: Sarah looks like a different woman

Because I am a slow poke by nature, 
I decided to try the experiment myself, which entailed drinking 3 liters of water per day.
She did it in just four weeks.  I took three months.
I started Memorial Day weekend and continued the experiment through Labor Day weekend.

Here are my before and after photos:

May 2014

Here's another.
Dang, I look tired!

September 2014

I certainly do feel better with drinking the water.
Because I followed these guidelines so long, 
3 liters of water a day has become a habit.

I feel great.  
I guess that is what matters the most.

I don't know,
can you see any difference?

I think it's the camera angle and the lighting, more than anything
than makes for improvement in the face.
My photographer friend, Matt Clicky Kleck has made me look like a super model--
that of which I am not.

My wrinkles and crinkles also appear dependent on the faces I make.
Here I am trying to take mean shots of myself to intimidate my sister.

Do I look intimidating?


A force to be reckoned with?

Jury is still out on that.

I do know I won't be wearing my hair like this.
I look like Alice in Wonderland on a beast hunt.

Speaking of hunts,
before I forget,
we at the Lamp Post are on the hunt for a new truck.
Old Blue is headed to the graveyard.
15 years old, 
he's had a good run.

The kids will miss the rides in the open bed down the farm roads.

Josie will miss it most of all.  She loved the spacious front seat.

Egad!  The cost of new, big trucks!
We're looking for used,
so if you have a recently deceased relative who had a truck
that needs to be sold,

Speaking of getting up in the morning,
I've got to do that.
I'm looking for a beast out on Presque Isle tomorrow morning.
I've got tocall it a night.

Don't worry about me, Readers.
I'll have my axe with the super powers that lie within it,
and my army of a team behind me.
There is no doubt we will find that beast and slay it.

Check the Lamp Post later this weekend for a Beast Recap, bonus blog post.

Natalie thanks you for all of the support.

This week Eloise accepted the Positivity Challenge from friend and neighbor Patti Myers.  The photos on this week's video are some I shot with that challenge in mind.  The song is Redeemed by Big Daddy Weave.

Thank you Becky for sharing this song with me.  It is the perfect song for those preparing for The Beast, and for those motivated to do something bigger than what they thought possible.  Shake off the chains that are binding you, holding you prisoner from the person you were meant to be.

I challenge the entire population of God's Green Earth to listen to this song, and to start thinking about every day happenings in a new light.  Make "positivity" an everyday word.  Modern spellchecker doesn't even recognize it, or Pete's sake!  Change that, and more over, change YOU.

I'll be back in a few days with a picture of the head of the beast.  He's mine, all mine, Kenyan.


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