Monday, September 8, 2014

Lesson 321: The Beast Within You

On September 6, 2014,
Eloise was on a hunt.
A hunt for the Beast on the Bay.

I found that Beast and captured it.

I even got a t-shirt out of the deal,

and this awesome medal/Rolling Rock bottle opener.

September 6th was a epic day in history.
It was the culmination of the highly anticipated event of
The Krauza's Krazies,
my Beast Team

The Beauties and The Beasts
my sister Kenyan's team.

It was an epic battle that split a family.
Grandma sided with baby sister Kenyan,
all because she passed down the family heirloom to me,
the eldest and wisest daughter--
the keeper of the family secret of supreme power and might--
the ancient battle axe.
(I mean the battle tool, not my mother).

I might have mentioned the battle a time or two on this blog.

The fight for the axe was supreme, 
yet the battle that ensued was far beyond family status.

The battle was really within YOU.

Where lies that beast to slay?
On the sand?
On a mountain?
In the water?
Deep in the dark woods?

None of the above.
The Beast
lies within YOU.

What motivates a person to take part in an event such as this?

Each participant has his own reason for signing up to conquer The Beast.
Each story is unique,
and several will be shared on this blog in the future.

What is MY story?
I sought The Beast for them.

The people who find the challenges of everyday life,
an everyday occurrence.

I did this for the brave,

those who soldier on with steadfast strength,

through life's challenges,

sometimes without nary a murmur of complaint.

I climbed the mountain for them.

And for her.

The Barber Beast on the Bay is the pride of Erie.


No matter your choice,
become a part of something larger than YOU.

In the end, I found my Beast,
with my brave and honorable knights by my side.

....and I let him go.

I didn't want the fun to be over.  
Eloise wants another crack at him next year.

You joining me?
Give Eloise a holler,
and I'll connect you to the people to help you prepare for your quest.

Eloise and family would like to extend a special than you to the following people:

Maureen Barber-Carey (left)
and John Barber (right).
And also to Gertrude, the founder of the institute,
God Rest her Soul,
(image depicted in the portrait in the center).

Eloise thanks you.
Erie thanks you.

Thanks to my dear friend and fellow visionary, Dr. Krazy himself,
Dr. Steven Krauza, Erie chiropractor.
And my Little Brother, genetics removed,
Erie photographer extraordinaire,
Krauza Krazie on Injured Reserve,
Matt Clicky Kleck, for lending me your photos.

And last but not least, to the Krauza Krazie's sponsor,
Fireball Whiskey.

You are right, Fireball,
Life is just too short to play it cool.

Enjoy the photos from the Barber Beast on the Bay,
set to Pitbull's new song,
appropriately titled

More stories on Friday,


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Maureen said...

A great blog! I am linking to it on my blog post today on the adaptive course. Congratulations to all who Beat the Beast!