Friday, October 3, 2014

Lesson 325: Embrace the Fall

Happy weekend, Readers!
Eloise isn't turning her back on you this week.
I just had to show you my braid.
Daughter Ellen Louise did me up fancy
and I had to show it off.

Fall arrived in all of it's splendor.
We enjoyed a warm week of bursting beauty.

We spent last weekend at the family camp, a two hour drive downstate.

Nature sure is pretty this time of year!

Not quite as pretty as these girls, 

but pretty just the same.

Then the October rains moved in.

You just gotta love Erie!
The charted daily highs and lows look like the zig zag line of a heart monitor. 

Cold and rainy one day,

clear and warm the next.

When you can't control it, embrace it!

October is a month for great skies though,
and my Canon SX50 captures them quite well.

(Darn that light pole!)

We looked for a rainbow this week with all that raining and sunning 
happening around my workout group.

None appeared, so Eloise captured the vibrancy of my group instead.

I'm doing quite well on my 58 Day Challenge Wellness Program.
Friday after school is my favorite time of the week.
I stuck to my one plate rule.
Here was my dinner plate tonight.

I've been attending workouts despite a sore foot.
Eloise has encountered her first stress fracture!
I'm a little bummed, but I go to my workouts in spite of the crack.
Maybe because the people I workout with are a little half cracked themselves.
The smiles and laughter they bring me
are good for the soul and promote healing.

I have to hang up my running shoes for at least another month.
Instead of moping, I hit the bike.

The kids and Louie have been riding with me,
and I've actually found it a refreshing change of pace.

(Natalie's throwback Schwinn!!)

Ellen's $20 buck find!

I even got hubby's rump to take a few bumps.

Sam desperately needs a new bike.
He looks like he's riding a clown bike, it's so small for him.
My boy grows like a weed, and come spring, 
I'm sure he'll be out of whatever bike I would buy for him now. 

Instead of bike riding, he's been making Major League Baseball puppets. 
I saw him throw one of the Pirates against the wall.
Darn Giants.

No color adjustment needed on your screen over this next photo.
The Erie Times was tinted pink for Breast Cancer Awareness Month.
Eloise thought this was way cool. 

I found this great website this week--Life Hacks.  

Here is a little about the author, Keith Bradford taken from the Amazon website.

About the Author

Keith Bradford is the sole owner and webmaster of Bradford Media, which publishes,, and many other blogs/sites. Since its launch at the beginning of 2013, Bradford Media has gained a collective readership of more than 200,000, and continues to grow each and every day. He lives just north of Toronto, Canada in a small suburban town called Aurora, and loves hockey, making music, and reading comic books.
He has a book coming out November 18th.

I love his wisdom,

and simple genius.

Yahoo for his helpful hints,

and smart advice.

Some stuff I am just going to have to try,

or at least mark on the calendar for next year.

Poohey on Keith for stealing my idea.
We play this game at the Lamp Post all of the time!

Remind me to add in Rocky and Fangs from The Key when I sell the movie rights.

I guess the five day Positivity Challenge just wasn't quite long enough.
We'll have to watch posts for nearly a month!

Nothing negative about that, though!

No negativity from this girl, this weekend!

My peeps are running some big runs this weekend, and I need to send them all the positive energy I can.  Best of luck Wine Glass Runners.  Wine sure ain't no beer, but do me proud just the same.

Eloise's advice to you:  Pile up your playlists with your favorite tunes.  Music has a powerful influence on your body.  Check out this video from Asap Thought.  The youtube video is titled Can Music Save Your Life?

For something even more interesting, look at the length of the video--3:33.
How neat!

Rehabilitate your mind with some tunes this weekend.
Eloise has been enjoying Tim McGraw's new album, Sundown Heaventown.
This week's photos are set to City Lights, one of my favorites on the disc.

Here are the lights along the lake of my favorite city.

Enjoy the weekend and embrace the fall.  (I mean the season, Runner Friends--not you at the end of the big, long race).


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