Friday, October 10, 2014

Lesson 326: Discovery

Happy Columbus Day weekend, Readers!

It's time to discover the world through Eloise's lens.

By the way, that is not Christopher Columbus on my t-shirt.
That is Oliver Hazard Perry.
We'll be learning about him soon.
Consider that photo your teaser,
as well as your motivation to do a little of your own research.
Thank you Amy Smith for the shirt!

That Christopher Columbus--he was all about discovery.
What an enticing word discovery is!
I love the act of finding something new.

I love finding things.
That's probably why I love this channel so much.
Check out this Discovery Channel commercial:

Readers, if you are unfamiliar with the Great Lakes region,
check out this project, made by one of my former students.
He is in his twenties now, and used a drone to create this video of the neighboring town,
which happens to be the hometown of Mr. Lamp Post:
North East, PA 
Yes, two words.
And, yes North East is in northwestern Pennsylvania.

I really enjoy living next door to my parents.
They bring me all their Retired Old Fart magazines when they are done with them.
I can't wait to read them this weekend!

This one really has me intrigued.

Thank you, Hubble Space Telescope!

To find out what it discovered, PLEASE click the link below.
Don't miss this one.

I discovered a great blog post with photos of children from around the world.

Check out how some children have to get to school.

Click the link below:
How children get to school

My favorite was this brave, little trooper.
Look at the number on her shirt!
God bless her!

My workout group looked for incoming ships along Erie's Bayfront on Thursday evening.

Darkness is encroaching on our workout time,

but we don't care.

We carry on anyway--under the light of the fading sun,
or the light of a hundred lamp posts.

My group is just so darn encouraging,
I can't give them up every Tuesday and Thursday.

They've been helping with my Waist Management on my 58 Day challenge.
I'm 48 days in and feeling great!

My fabulous friends ran some big distances last weekend,
and a couple more are headed for more challenges in a couple of days.

Here is proof that wearing "the shirt" is a badge of honor.
The race shirts come with a smile of confidence.
Eloise encourages you to sign up for a race and train for it.
You will never regret the challenge.

This is how many more meals I have to eat over the next 49 days.

This was my breakfast plate this morning.

I had to take another snapshot of the area behind my kitchen table. 
Yes, it is an odd place for a wind chime, 
but I couldn't bear my new gift from Friend Bri 
to be outside weathering an Erie winter.

I'll move it to the back deck next spring.

Did you discover the canvas print of Sam on the rock, 
hanging on my wall?

It is one of my best captures of all time.
I named it Sunset Splash and have entered it in several photo contests.

I discovered last week that facebook has a message tab marked "Other."
These are messages from people who are not your official facebook friends.
I found a message from a contest judge, 
letting me know that this photo had been chosen as a cover finalist,for a cash prize!  
All I needed to do was verify the location of the shot.
The message was three weeks old by the time I discovered it.
The judge tried to find me, but Eloise Hawking was a mystery.
Drat!  Burned on the pen name.
My over used saying:  maybe next year....

Ellen discovered that she CAN do math, 

but needs to study and practice every, single night.

We always knew that our sweet Natalie loved to cook and bake.

We discovered this week that she can read a recipe all by herself!

We discovered that we had 46 pairs of "new" socks,

all created from the One Sock Bin.

I emptied it on the middle of the living room floor.
The only one who felt any shame over the event was the dog.

Sam discovered 1,000 ways to carve his pumpkin on the Pumpkin Light Night at Headwaters Park.

He also discovered that turning on his flashlight in the middle of the perfect shot,
made his mother very angry.

Sam has been into things that lock lately.
He loves this little cash box Ellen passed down to him.

Somehow, Sam managed to lock both keys inside of the box last week.

We picked that lock with everything from paperclips to hairpins and nothing would open the box.  "This is a job for Grandpa," Mother Eloise announced.  We passed the box along to Grandma one morning before school.  After a full day of lock picking, neither she nor Grandpa was able to open the lid.  Not wanting to be duped, they took the box to a locksmith.  I can only imagine the locksmith's expression when he finally opened the box to reveal this lovely set of handcuffs.  Who says the adventure has to end at 70 years old?

Natalie frequently goes shopping with her class.  
She came home last week with this diary.

 Sam was very interested in the lock and its tiny keys. 
He quickly showed his sister how to work the lock.
Soon, Sam wanted a diary of his own.
Try finding a diary with a lock and key that ISN'T pink.
Sam, the Do It Yourselfer by nature, just ended up making his own.

I found it hidden in his top dresser drawer---
mostly because he told me it was in there.

So Mother Eloise took a peek.
Big mistake.
Girls are soft.
What in the heck does that mean!?!?!?!

Beware Brenden.
Don't make an enemy out of Sam.
He'll write about you in his diary,
then his mother will take a picture of it and put it on the internet.

I am going to have a word with my son over this one!

I assure you, Sam is not an abused child.
He grabbed the wrong end of her hot curling iron.

And the greatest joy of all is that Sam more space to write future entries!

There is no photo video this week.
My iTunes account is screwed up ever since I did my last update.
Oh, how I despise Apple Updates!

I'll make next week's video,

extra good!

Discover something new this weekend, Readers!


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