Friday, February 13, 2015

Lesson 346: Heart is a Drum

It's the weekend, Readers!
Don't you LOVE it?

Eloise has been busy drumming out my Christmas cards.
I'm redoing my address book in the process.
It's a sad Lamp Post fact that most individuals contained in my address book
are either dead or divorced.  
If you are one of the lucky ones, and are breathing and happily married,
you have moved so many times there are no spaces remaining
beneath your name.

It's fun to get a card in your mailbox on Valentine's Day!
Even a Christmas themed one.

I sent out cards to the people who sent them to me.
Every year I hang the Christmas cards and photos I receive all throughout my kitchen.
Seeing all of your smiling faces 
and reading your holiday messages 
brings cheer throughout the long winter. 

If you don't recognize the felt heart enclosed in the envelope,
you must be a newer blog reader.

The hearts were from the garland I used to decorate my 2014 LOVE Tree
in Harborcreek Community Park which borders the Lamp Post.

I saved the garland, 
figuring I could repurpose it.  

Eloise is spreading the love this year.
(They make great zipper pulls)

Eloise loves mail!

These surprises showed up this week.
A mug from Jennifer,

and Autism nail stickers from Bridget!

Thank you!

As the winter beats on,

I search for its beauty every day.

Because nearly everyone in my town is vitamin D deficient,
I try to get outside a few times a week to play.

My team went sledding on Saturday morning.

Part of staying strong is having a little fun.

The smiles on the participants faces afterward reflect happy
(and strong) 

Life is better when you are |\
I guess that is why the Good Lord gave me him.

Ellen and I took advantage of the heat wave last weekend,

and went for a trot.

I traded my headband for a fur lined hat yesterday,
as temps dropped to the single digits
and are predicted to stay low through the entire weekend.

It's still February, and I don't mind the snow that much yet,
so I can post upbeat photos like this one.

It won't be long until I start with these:

I'm all detoxed now, as I completed Doc's Detox for the second year in a row.
 I can go back to my Friday night beer, which I'll be uncapping in a few short minutes.
Six weeks a teetotaler, the event deserves a little ceremony.

Beer unlocks my mental cage, 
so you'll see some of my snarky beat reemerge again.
I got my eye on you, Kenyan.

Type in this word to a search engine sometime.

There are a million different ways to detox:

for three days,

a week,

three weeks.

You can detox from your smart phone, apparently,

and all technology for that matter.

If you don't receive your Christmas card, 
I guess you now know why.

How to Detox Negative People From Your Life | Oomphify | Online Lifestyle Magazine

My detox was offered by a local Erie chiropractor, Dr. Steven Krauza.
It was a free, six week program to follow,
designed to reset your body after six weeks of holiday eating.

Six weeks without sugar, dairy, caffeine, or alcohol,
seemed like it would be an eternity the first few days in.
After the withdrawal headache subsided,
the time went fast.

Your body knows what it needs to stay healthy.
You just have to tell your mind to shut up,
and let your body do its best work for you.

The soul always knows what to do to heal itself.  The challenge is to silence the mind. <3 More beautiful inspiration on Joy of Mom! <3

I work with children every day, and kids tell it to you straight.
I've been listening to their comments for the past month and a half.
I wrote down some of them in my lesson plan book:

"You look clean, Mrs. Eloise."
"You smell nice."
"Did you get blue contacts?  Your eyes are all sparkly!"
"Why are you so happy today?"
"You look like Cinderella."
"Your shirt looks like a Kleenex but you look nice in it."

Thank you, Questies.  
Your slightly twisted compliments were well received,
and due in large part, to Doc's Detox.

In need of a detox? Get your teatox on with 10% off using our discount code 'PINTEREST10' at

Thanks again, Doc, for the opportunity to reboot from the holiday splurges.
More programs similar to the detox will be offered throughout the year.
Contact Eloise if you are interested in participating.

What keeps our heart beating as the snow piles up in Erie?

We like to make jigsaw puzzles with Grandma.

This world map puzzle was a great one.
You can get it at Toys R Us for $15.

The puzzle pieces are in the shape of the states,

and countries.

Natalie is great a puzzles!

Grandma has also been teaching us to play Pinochle.
It's a HARD game to learn.
I use this AP to help me practice.

Rick is my partner,
and Jack is a jerk.
He keeps outbidding me.

Speaking of jerks.....

Kanye West look like he sucked a pickle over the album of the year recipient.

Beck won album of the year, and it took me by surprise.
"Who is Beck?" I asked aloud.

This guy.
He's a real artist, that's for sure.

I really like his song, Heart is a Drum.
He preformed it live on the Grammy Awards with Chris Martin from Coldplay.
The video is below.
I'm posting Beck's video instead of my own this week, as I am still collecting
Valentine photos, as well as photos from the weekend's predicted deep freeze.

Let me know what you think of the astronaut guys?
Or are those Ebola fighters?
Message me if you understand what they signify.

Kanye was rude, but Beck responded with class.
Beck's response is below.

This was a great message to Kanye from Whoopi Goldberg.
Well stated, Whoopi.
My heart beats for you.

Find the thing that makes your heart tick this weekend, 
and go do it,
unless, of course, it involves
illegal drugs,
and things that clog your arteries.

Healthy begins on the inside,
and works its way out.

Your heart is a drum.
Make sure it is playing you the right beat--
one that makes the world dance,
not fight.


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