Friday, February 20, 2015

Lesson 347: Fast Train to Frigid

It's COLD, Readers!
Sit back, 
put on your fur hat,
and chill out at the Lamp Post for a few minutes.

You're bound to warm up.
We radiate light from the Lamp Post.

Erie, Pennsylvania heard the whistle of the Siberian Express this week
as it rolled through my town.
Eloise likes to call it the Fast Train to Frigid.

We hit a new record at the Lamp Post.
I've been residing on this plot of land for all but three years of my life.
Monday, the temperatures dipped as low as I've ever experienced.

On Thursday evening, we watched temperatures quickly plummet again.

Going down,



Early Friday morning,
the Lamp Post earned the silver medal for frosty mornings.

The very low temperatures,
along with the wind chill,
delayed and closed schools in the Erie area much of this week.
Parents were urged to bundle up their children,
and limit outdoor exposure.
Grandma waits for the bus with Sam in the mornings.
They had a snow fight.

At least the driveway was cleared out.
Valentine's Day afternoon it was a bit of a mess.

(I'm the one with the red hat).
(Kenyan is my little sister).

It's always interesting living next door to your kin.

It was too cold and slippery to go anywhere,
so Eloise celebrated the day of LOVE at home.

The socks are Alpaca ATHLETIC socks.
They are pure heaven on the feet.
I got the warm winter Alpaca socks for Christmas and gave them my highest rating.
For Valentine's Day Hubby surprised me with this version,
and they did not disappoint.

I'm just glad he gave them to me BEFORE my sister showed up.

The back half of the winter leaves me feeling like this doe.

But the good news is this:

Soon the ice will make way for the buds.

And from now until then,

Keep your tongue off of frozen poles.

The kids are starting to get a little cagey.
Natalie is restless.

I'm taking her to the movies tomorrow, 
which is one of her favorite things to do.
The movie won't be American Sniper, though.
I see the army is taking a look at her.
This came home in her book bag.

I told Sam it is just too cold to go outside and play in his igloo.

My son has my gift for 

I told him that his ploys for sympathy are wasted on Teacher/Mothers.
We have steely-strong wills when pitted against whiny children.

So, instead, Sam stays inside and pesters his sisters relentlessly.
Finally, I gave Ellen the green light to attack back, full force.

She did take it a bit too far,
so I made her clean the fireplace.

CindereEllen shovels the ashes.

Even the dog has gone a bit stir crazy.
Every time I take her out to pee,
she runs to a snowbank and plunges her head into it.

Animals are tough.

Birds never cease to amaze me.

We sprinkle some easy to find treats for them in the yard.

Spreading love pushes back Snow Miser's touch.

Mom and Dad found a way to repurpose their heart.

Tracy Southern tagged her dog Lola with some love, too.

My hearts have become everything zipper pulls to key chains.
Thank you for sharing the love.

More love arrived at the Lamp Post, 
but this didn't come in on the Siberian Express--
it came on a mail truck.

It's my new favorite thing.

Eloise loves mail!
If I wasn't a teacher, 
and my dream job of NBC Weather Anchor didn't come to pass,
I would choose to work for the Postal Service.

I love having something fun show up in my mailbox.
Birchbox does just that!

Simply put,
Birchbox is a package that arrives monthly,
which contains samples of new beauty products.
There are boxes for men, too.

The company has got this idea just right--
right down to the appropriate SHIP TO:  line

The girls and I really look forward to receiving the monthly surprises.
The company encourages you to use the samples received,
then talk about them.

Our February box had lots of fun goodies.
This mascara had a lot of clever marketing,

but it really wasn't anything extraordinary.
(Sorry Roller Lash!  Probably not worth the $24).

This shampoo was great.
I am looking forward to this becoming available.

Ellen loved the Hello perfume, too.
It smelled like spring.

Spring is still a little out of reach.
Looking for an end of winter read?

This is a perfect one to read during the Lenten season.
It was in my wellness package from Coach Jennifer Taylor.

This is a book I recommend purchasing.

The book reminds you that heavenly joys,
are right in front of you on earth.

We are studying Charlotte's Web in school.
Ann Voskamp's book, in an adult way, 
reminds me of the favorite story of my childhood.

E.B. White. I always loved this book and the auther of it when I was little, I still do!

E.B. White had a way with words,
in his stories,

Charlotte's web was my favorite book when I was little--a wonderful, fun story about unlikely, miraculous friendship.

and when giving interviews.


Eloise urges her readers to use this time of the year--
from late winter prior to the bursts of spring--
to make your life rich.

No griping!

Little Birds Nest Message in a Bottle with Charlotte's Web Quote. $19.00, via Etsy.

I know it seems like Hell has, in fact,
frozen over.

hey -- hell froze over i think someone owes me a pony

You are confusing it with Niagara Falls.
They HAVE frozen and
both the USA and Canada have taken the opportunity to create an amazing light display.

Only 80 miles from the Lamp Post, 
Eloise has half a mind to drive up there and see it for myself--
but I'm just to darn snug here to make that journey.

The rest of the photos are set to Ed Sheeran's song, Thinking Out Loud.  It is one of my current favorites and it played all day long at the Lamp Post on Valentine's Day.  I am sorry Ed didn't pick up a Grammy a couple of weeks ago.  Warm yourself with this song.  It's a good one.

Hang in there, Readers!  The the Fast Train to Frigid will run out of steam soon.


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