Friday, June 5, 2015

Lesson 363: Heart's a-Flutter

Happy summer, Readers.
Although the official doesn't reach us until later in June,
Summer has arrived!
School is out
and hearts are a-flutter here at the Lamp Post!

Summer 2015 is starting out on a positive note.  

Ellen Louise and Team started out 
their first evening of summer vacation with a big win.

Maintaining focus when the game turns tense is the sign of great team play.

Thanks Old Station One for making Natalie your honorary teammate.

She will wear #9 with pride,
and be the loudest fan in the stands.

Soon we will hear the fluttering of brand new wings!
My baby birds hatched!

They respond to the sound of our voices!

Nice job, Momma.

Special birthday wishes go out to my Momma!
Cheers to 7 decades of love,




and kindness.

Now that you're in your seventies,
maybe you'll start behaving.


Beautiful flowers are in bloom everywhere.

Flower photo of the week goes to my friend Wendy Chwatty.
She took this with her phone camera!

Hearts have been a-flutter over the Cleveland Cavaliers,
but not a-flutter enough to keep Sam awake to see the end of the game.

My teacher friends and I are anxiously awaiting the return
to our newly renovated school building,
and told the principal we've had our fill 
of packing and unpacking boxes.

The sneak peek was Selfie-Stick worthy.

Eloise's fluttering heart was broken with a couple tough losses this week.

Even when you give it your all,

sometimes the game still gets away from you.

It's the lessons you take with you about the loss
that are the most important.

Heck with the fluttering heart,
I got a cooking lesson that got my taste buds leaping with joy.

Eloise is looking forward to making these tasty breakfast bites.

I'm going to get a real charge out of sneaking spinach into their chocolate shakes,

and black beans into their brownies.

My heart's a-flutter just thinking about breaking the news to my trio
that the dessert was healthy.
I'll have my camera aimed and ready to capture the moment.

Eloise and Company are going to tackle 11 local hills this summer.
The heart may not be a-flutter, 
but it will surely be pumping.

I'm no Katniss when it comes to bravery,
but I try to stay after myself and
not allow my limiting fears to creep back in.

Eloise is going to try out the Adventure Course at Peek-n-Peak,
part of my Challenge Erie 6 Wellness Package.

I'm not 100% fully on board,
but truthfully, I haven't had time to be afraid.
I'm going to follow the wisdom of the swoosh--
Just Do It, Eloise.

That's exactly what I told Sam when he was waiting to do his
Mini Mudder at the local YMCA.

Sam said to me,
"I didn't have time to think of being afraid until just now."

Mother Eloise so knows the feeling.

I found him some buddies
and gave him a pat on the back and a few high fives

and sent him on his way.

Once Sam got through the first few high hurdles,
he was OK.

He needed lots of encouragement to get over a few of them,

but a helpful hand 

and an encouraging word

can be just what you need

to get you through.

Check back next week for Summer Rules 2015.
Hubby and the kids get the first weekend off,
then the rules go into full effect on Monday.

Enjoy the start of June.
It's a beauty.

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