Friday, June 19, 2015

Lesson 365: Cheer Lead Every Day!

Today is the 170th day of the year!
Now that's a reason to stand up and cheer!

Eloise is all about sharing good news
and celebrating accomplishments.
Here's a few high points of our week at the Lamp Post.

Sam and pals completed their first football camp!

They wouldn't smile upon my photo request.

They told me football players needed to look tough.

And tough these boys were
as they played most of the week in the mud.

It's been a soggy start to the summer here in northwestern PA.

Raindrops are sure interesting to photograph,

but the downpours that brought them washed away my bridge!

Pieces of it wound up downstream,
and I haven't fished them out yet.

Ellen is trying her hand at golf this year.

Unfortunately the courses are too soggy to play,
so she's set up camp in the front yard of the Lamp Post.

A big rah, rah, sis boom bah for Sam.
I actually framed one of his paintings.
I have several of the girls, but none of Sam's.
This fire breathing dragon done in watercolor has a new home in our garage.
Thanks for the inspiration, Jan Weber.

I could do a Russian Eagle split jump over how well the
2015 Lamp Post Summer Incentives are working!

No need for a long list of Summer Rules anymore.
My kids are trained.
Persistence pays off.
They are relatively neat,
keep after themselves,
and pitch in and help when there is a job to be done.
Sometimes they help without even being asked to.

I posted one rule and it is one that applies to everyone of the human nation:

Money incentives work the best in our house.
They all like cash and are good with money.

Sam gets 33 cents a serving for fruit and vegetables--
and trust me--
Mr. Picky works for every penny.

earns cash for laps on the park track--
either walking, 
or biking.

Ellen gets a penny a push up or sit up.
She thought she'd cash in the first week--
until she realized how sore she got!

Our favorite recipe to share is the simplest of concoctions,
you don't need to measure anything,
and it's healthy!

We make popcorn in our popper,

and shake some Frank's Red Hot on top!

Thank you Challenge Erie 6 Cooking Class!
Try it!

I sat back and ate some Red Hot Popcorn
 as I watched a comedy in my own yard.
Hubby chased Sam and the "tough" football players
around the Lamp Post with a pair of stockings on his head.

I don't think the boys will sleep well for a few days.

Nor will my husband after a team attack.

My favorite teams have been kicking some butt this summer,

Stay strong all summer long!

Keep climbing those hills!
Tracy Northern and I got his one done at 6 am!

Enjoy your weekend, Readers.
What better song to use for a photo display of my hill climbing group
than Cheerleader by Omi.

I love the song.
Everyone needs a cheerleader.


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