Friday, July 3, 2015

Lesson 367: Crushin' It

Happy birthday, America!
We've been crushin' it as a nation since we declared our independence 239 years ago.
Has it been that long already?
It seems like just yesterday....

Speaking of crushin' it--
Ellen's Junior Level Softball team won the district championship tonight.

They move on in the state playoffs.

Tourney recap and photo video appear at the end of this blog.
Go Huskies!
Thanks for such an exciting start to the holiday weekend.

We crushed June here at the Lamp Post
despite the less than desirable Erie weather.

The sun came out and the weekend looks to be a nice one.

That's headline news for an Erieite.

Less than a third of our days so far this year have been declared "clear."

Martin Thompson is the world's biggest party pooper.
If he's at your July 4th picnic, hit him with a water balloon.

We hit July running with a stop in nearby Conneaut Lake today.

Sam got to captain a boat.

Not just any boat either---

he powered the Party Barge.

After the mental anguish of Sam at the helm,
I needed some recovery time swinging in a hammock.

The hammock was attached to the branch of a really great tree.
It had this little hole at the base of the trunk.
As I relaxed, I imagined what would live inside.

A gnome?

A wood sprite?

A groundhog!

I don't think I've ever seen a cuter one.

Our moon has been crushing the skies this week.

On Wednesday she was pink!

The skies in general have been spectacular.

Even with the overcast sky,
the Fab Five headed out to Waldameer to see the expansion this week.

The new wave pool is all that it's hyped to be.
Really nice!

Some brave friends helped convince Sam he could do the water slides.

Despite Sam's new found bravery,
he still has a touch of his Momma's tummy.
This is Sam aboard the Music Express.

This is Sam right after his ride.
I know how you feel, Buddy.
The Tilt-A-Whirl got me, too.

We stuck to the fun mirrors for awhile until the churning settled down.
I suppose this is what Sam and I would look like crushed.

Having one hill to check off
isn't exactly crushing the challenge,
but there is much more summer to be had.

My team crushed the peninsula last weekend
as they endured for a cure.

Some ran,

some biked,

and some did a combo of both.

Dr. Krauza crushed his old record for a 24 hour bike ride.
309 miles in some really tough conditions.

Impressive stats,
but the best ones to read are these:

A team effort can really make a difference!
Good job, everyone.

Eloise's next challenges involve finding the 
Challenge Erie Scavenger Hunt locations,
and finishing all the hills on my map.

I gained some inspiration from my new favorite book Paper Towns.

The basis for this fictional story is very interesting.
It centers around the town of Agloe.

For your homework, find out it's significance on a map.

While you're at it, look up Lilian Virginia Mountweazel.

She is my hero.
A fountain designer and photographer of rural mailboxes?
Almost too good to be true.

Send me a report on Lilan Mountweazel
and I'll send you a prize in the mail.

Since some of you have an extra day off this weekend,
here's an opportunity for a little extra credit.
For an interesting read,
click the link below.

The Grey book isn't on my summer reading list.
I thought the first one was absurd.
I thought Ana was the dumbest book character ever to not live.
True this:

I highly recommend this week's issue of Time Magazine.
It's called The Answers Issue.
That's great because Eloise always has lots of questions.

It's set up in an easy to read format 
and answers a smattering of really good questions based on data.

My parents got a terrific bloom this week!

Sam found a use for Ellen's golf net.

He makes me pitch to him,
and I guess my pitches are a little wild.

Natalie had a good week.

She's easy to spot in her #1 Fan chair.

Grandma is usually nearby.
Here, she was asking the umpire if he was aware of the rules
after a particularly bad call.

After Wednesday's win, 
Ellen looked up from the huddle to find Grandma standing in the dugout.
"Hi," she excitedly says, extending her had to the coach.
"I'm Ellen's grandma and I'm her #1 fan!"

With wins on Wednesday and Friday,

and an upset on Thursday,

the girls experienced everything an athlete should.
For this Mother Eloise is very happy.

We play again next Wednesday.
Shine your sparkle and
buff up the cleats, Ladies.
We're playing to win.

Winning is great and all,
buy getting to play with the Soles's camera is the best ever.
Thank you for trusting me
(notice the body strap).

I was sure glad I held the Lamp Post Semi Annual Sock Sort.

We dumped them all in the driveway,
and suddenly the family who had "no socks,"
had hundreds of new pairs.

Glad I found more softball socks.
Looks like the need for them continues.

Girls, if you aren't over your win yet,
and want to relive the week a little longer,
the photo video this week is for you.
You crushed it!
I chose Brad Paisley's song Crushin It just for you!

Happy Fourth of July!

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